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Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 7/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 39 minutes

Cast: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, Keisha Grey, Alexis Monroe, Kimmy Granger, and Chloe Carter

Directed by: Johnny and Kissa Sins

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Gonzo, POV, Squirting

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: In less than a year, porn power-couple Johnny and Kissa Sins have risen in the ranks in order to provide their dedicated fanbase with some of the rawest but most professionally done sex on camera. Their style is the equivalent of exceedingly polished amateur pornography, and it's the predictable style of choice, yet again, in the third round of their "Sex Tour," now culminating with four new faces this time around.

Scene 1: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey and Kissa Sins are a match made in heaven, as we come to see how many similarities they have with one another over the course of this lengthy, fifty minute opener that kicks off the third round of the Sins' Sex Tour. "You look like me but the pretty version," Kissa tells Keisha as they kiss and caress one another, showing a twinge of insecurity. The fact, however, is that both women are dynamic and beautiful, something Keisha immediately brings to light as the two coddle one another.

No matter how much porn-surfing you do on a daily basis, I guarantee you've never seen a video open with two women naked, snuggling on a bed, kissing one another while one tells the other that the source of her eyebrow magic was through the other one's Twitter. Moments like these are why the "Sins Life Sex Tour" installments have been so immensely successful, but more on that later.

Keisha finds a weak-spot in Kissa we see, by licking her toes while fingering her at the same time. Keisha's ability to be multifaceted in the knick of time comes in handy as Kissa proceeds to go down on Keisha's ass like a lion. She's wild and untamed so much that Johnny must come to "rescue" the girls. Shortly after Johnny dives in, Kissa and Keisha seem incapable of keeping composure due to their prolific laughing, another element that shows this very natural shooting style that embraces casual and discards the contrivances we've come to expect.

The spirit is never lost with these two girls, and Kissa's level of energy and comfort recalls the scenes with her and Adriana Chechik from previous installments and how well those two ladies work together. Certain quirks make this scene memorable, such as Kissa giving Johnny a blowjob while licking and sucking Keisha's foot and toes, in addition to the two girls stacking their asses atop one another to flaunt as Johnny takes turns helping himself.

The more the two have sex, the more Johnny comes to notice aforementioned similarities in busts, butts, and even vaginas in the ladies. The two maintain their giggly composure as they chant "we got the cum!" following Johnny's orgasm, and the two lie on the bed basking in sexual exhaustion while praising their matching qualities. I can only hope Keisha turns up for the fourth round. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Alexis Monroe

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Johnny and Kissa's next plaything for the day is 26-year-old, Michigan-born Alexis Monroe, a platinum blonde who dons matching tall, transparent pumps with Kissa, and, also like the disc's matriarch, the same uncompromising desire to screw. Alexis can suck Johnny and eat Kissa simultaneously, which makes her perfect for this disc and a great person that can keep up with the energy of these consanguineous workaholics.

The camera turns on both Johnny and Alexis from Kissa's perspective, as the two work together to perform a tantalizing cunnilingus on Kissa at least until Johnny decides it's time to entire Alexis and have her smother Kissa with her pussy. Kissa returns the latter favor while throwing her hips into it, grinding her booty along her friends face and chest and Johnny works his magic. Kissa's newly nipple-piercing-clad breasts bounce and sway as she fucks Johnny while Alexis watches, her eyes glazed as she's mesmerized by the work of her new best friend.

Johnny does something he rarely does without warning and that's kick up the intensity resulting in Kissa keeping pace but noticeably getting emotional, something that will prove to occur again as time goes on. Another real perk of the Sins is that they are obviously so sexually comfortable with one another after all this time, well-versed on what one another likes in the bedroom and how to reciprocate when one does what the other enjoys (Kissa's love for rimjobbing is usually complimented by Johnny's love for orgasmic missionary sex) and the two never miss a beat on reading signals and getting into desired positions.

Alex guides Johnny into Kissa during doggy, where Kissa's "Sinner" tattoo on her booty is ever-prominent and has scarcely been more fitting in the moment. With that, Johnny finishes on Kissa's butt and Alexis licks it all up, ending with the two girls shaking their legs in the air to celebrate International Women's Day. There has also scarcely been a more appropriate scene-closer in porn this year. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Kimmy Granger

The two constants of Sins Life: Sex Tour has been that it gives the viewer natural, unscripted sex shot gonzo-style as well as the locations being various hotel rooms across the continental United States. However, as the second half of Round 3 kicks off, take note that, for the first time, the setting has changed from a neat executive suite to a mini-van parked on top of a parking garage. The audio sounds a bit more muffled due to the confined setting, but the sex and videography is nonetheless crystal clear and enticing as the Sins welcome Kimmy Granger, a young, sexually gifted woman who takes both on a ride despite the car remaining stationary.

Kissa graciously allows Kimmy to metaphorically take the wheel here, being the primary one sucking and fucking Johnny throughout the scene. The two start off together, however, with a spit-heavy blowjob that has Kimmy indulging enough to make Johnny surprised at her technique and the vice-grip she has on his balls the entire time. Kimmy is even given the okay to thrust her hips repeatedly and rather intensely over Johnny's penis, showing that she is nothing but a lean amount of sexual prowess and giddy charisma.

Johnny slides in Kimmy with great force while she's on the floor of the van as well, switching over to bang Kissa while she eats Kimmy eventually. During this time, the windows of the van predictably steam up, and unpredictably, the three stop sex so Kissa can appropriately write "Sins" on the window with her finger. Towards the end, Kimmy enjoys making out with Kissa, as well as with her nipple-piercings, which find a way, once again, to steal the show with minimal effort.

The scene closes with a blink-and-you-miss-it creampie for a scene that features a great starlet but a style and videography that should be used sparingly and when in a bind moreso than consistently. It's like the MOFOs series "Stranded Teens," which often has sex taking place inside vehicles. It's good for, what I call, "rainy day porn" but too much of it produces a wave of monotony sometimes as thick as the sweat on Kissa's brow in a hot car. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, and Chloe Carter

Believe it or not, Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 3 concludes with a knockout punch of a scene, with a starlet that demands to be brought back for Round 4 and quite possibly Round 5. You don't get a much more perfect outfit on a much more alluring figure than you do with Chloe Carter in this closer. Looking like a cross between Aria Alexander and Marley Brinx and boasting an all black fishnet set with underwear carefully pulled to the side to expose her behind and clit, Chloe stands out as her tattoos also accentuate her pearly white skin.

Chloe gets the floor first by blowing Johnny, with Kissa chiming in to make a terrific and unstoppable team. She strokes while Kissa sucks, while moving on to adorably curling herself into the bedsheets as Johnny enters her from the back and tightly gripping her cheeks in the process. Chloe lets out whimpers as her red toenails and tatted hands clench the bed in both pain and pleasure, but her face can't wipe that ear-to-ear smile no matter how hard Johnny thrusts.

Kissa falls in love with eating Chloe as she throws her legs apart later on, and does her signature finger-in-butt move as Chloe rides her man. Kissa herself even returns to her emotional and orgasmic state in the home-stretch as she's hammered into ecstasy as Johnny moves to jackhammer her in missionary. The scene's enough for one to break into a sweat, notwithstanding having just witnessed two previous hours of heat.

Things begin to wrap up with Chloe straddling Kissa to both soothe and arouse her after Johnny goes hard until he's ready again to reenter Kissa while on her back as she squeezes Chloe's ass red. For his final move, Johnny holds Chloe close for one last energetic romp and cums right on her crotch inviting Kissa to slurp up the contents. Don't be surprised if even the hardest Sins fan can't make it through this forty-minute finale in one sitting, as both Kissa and Chloe make it difficult by simply giving it their all before the credits roll. 4.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

By now, Johnny and Kissa Sins have a formula for Sins Life: Sex Tour, and it's a formula that, like even the DVD volumes of larger porn studios that are well into their twentieth and thirtieth volumes, is still going strong and impressing considerably. "Round 3" delivers more of the action that has become a trademark to the series, and Johnny and Kissa are both immensely charismatic and effective performers all around.

The caveat, however, with this installment being about twenty to twenty-five minutes shorter than the previous rounds is that it seems the behind-the-scenes footage and the "cleanup" sequences between the couple and the respective performer are omitted, perhaps in efforts to get people checking out the Sins' new and must-watch Youtube channel. The downside, however, is that dropping in on Kissa with Keisha Grey or the two with Alexis Monroe doesn't feel as warm as it was when Adriana Chechik or Katrina Jade paid the two a visit.

But give this tireless couple a break for the amazing run they've had and continue to have. The emotional rawness of the sex on display in this series is unmatched for mainstream porn, and the chemistry and intimacy is unlike anything I've personally seen before. Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 3 keeps consistent while continuing the opportunities and potential for this series to further take off and dazzle.

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