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Teacher Fucks Teens 2

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/15/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, MILF, Teachers, Threesomes

Director: unknown


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Cast: Brandi Love®, Ariella Ferrera, Karla Kush, Scarlet Red, Aspen Ora, Hollie Mack, Ashley Sinclair

Length: 1 hour 43 minutes

Date of Release: June 6, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Not great. It's mostly POV footage which leads to shaky cam syndrome and handling noise audible. There are a few points where either there was a quick jump edit, or the disc is flawed. Scene 4 would not play in any of my machines.

Overview: Four scenes are setup where a teacher has relations with students. It's fairly run-of-the-mill as far as plot setups and staging. Nubiles brought together some good talent for this disc but none of the scenes contain that spark that brings them to life. Maybe Karla and Scarlet's scene contains it, but since I couldn't get it to play, I don't know.

Scene 1: Ashley Sinclair "Goodbye Graduation"

Ashley's students have finally graduated and she wants to give her favorite student a special present, herself. Back in her office, the Bambi-eyed blonde strips down to her bra and panties revealing her incredible body. Kneeling between the desk and a couch, she bobs for a bit and then finishes removing her clothing before more POV head takes place.

Ashley Sinclair

She props herself on the desk for some penile penetration. Staring into the lens, she does a bit of dirty banter. The camera goes from a whole body shot to closeups of her face and body parts which border on nauseating during pans and tilts. Flipping over, she gets her banged from behind, her dirty talk sounding too thought out and staged. Moving to the couch, she bounces on the boner high and hard, faster and faster. Again, the POV is fairly distracting. Her long, blonde, locks whip the small of her back as she rides the rod, bouncing and grinding. She begs for his load inside of her and it gets delivered. As she stands up, a massive load gushes out of her which she gladly cleans up with her tongue.

Scene 2: Ariella Ferrera, Aspen Ora, Johnny "Mischievous Mentor"

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A group of students is hanging out gossiping about the slutty Spanish teacher that's at the party, watching a beer pong game. She saunters over and tells them a tale of how the house became haunted, "supposably". Nothing like a language teacher that mispronounces words. Intrigued, the group heads up to the room where the screams are said to be heard. An inaudible noise is pointed out by Ariella and most of the group scuttles off to safer environs. Aspen and an off-camera guy are the only ones left with the teacher, who starts to put the moves on the two. She goads the platonic couple to explore their sexual sides with each other. As Johnny feels up his friend, Ariella helps Aspen out of her dress.

Ariella & Aspen

The ladies start to strip down and it sounds as if the action downstairs has added some blender drinks to the beers. Both ladies are sporting hard nipples and they decide to make his cock as hard as their nips. Our two starlets share some cock sucking time and Ariella helps to position Aspen in a position for penetration. Aspen sucks on Miss Ferrera's big boobs as she gets banged and then sucks all of her juices off Johnny before he takes a turn in the teacher's box. Teacher is much more active than the student was, slapping her ass down on Johnny's cock as Aspen sits on her face. Johnny decides he wants to fuck his longtime friend in doggie and she positions herself for it. Aspen's tiny ass bounces back into him as she sucks on her teacher's boobs some more. Ariella opts to ride him, her love triangle centered in frame; her ass slapping down onto his thighs as she leans backward. Aspen rubs her new lady friend as the romp continues and then takes her turn riding the pony. Her lower back dermal piercings shine as she slides up and down working his load up. When he's ready, the girls spend some time wriggling into position for his pop to their faces, which they share with a kiss.

Scene 3: Hollie Mack, Brandi Love®, Johnny "Teacher Gets Caught"

The busty teacher, Brandi Love®, is enjoying break time with a muscular guy's cock in her mouth as Hollie peeks in through the door. The door squeaks and Hollie's caught. Taking Hollie's cell phone away, Miss Love has her strip down and start up where she left off. Hollie looks like a puppy in trouble as Brandi films her so that she keeps her mouth shut. Handing the camera over to Johnny, Miss Love strips down so she can join in on the fun. Soon, Johnny has four big eyes staring up at him from his cock. Brandi's not done with her blackmail plot yet, she has the naughty student bend over the desk and Johnny gets to licking. The licking turns to dicking, Hollie's hair and face getting washed out from the sunlight streaming through the blinds.

Brabdi & Hollie

Brandi gets her pretty face right next to the pumping action and drizzles spit down Hollie's ass crack as the pumping gets more intense. Hollie's seemingly lost her puppy-in-trouble attitude and whimpers with enjoyment as her banging continues. Brandi wants a turn too, and hops on the desk, Hollie watching from behind her. Johnny gives her the goods and then is joined by Hollie for some slit licking before pounding back in. The camera gets passed around to feature different viewpoints as the suck and fuck fest gets more fevered. Lying on the couch, Johnny gets bounced on by both ladies as they squat over him balancing themselves with the aid of the desk. Hollie finally cracks a smile as Brandi rides and she watches intently and her smile grows as she gets bent over the desk for Johnny's jamming. Brandi stands on the couch to capture some overhead footage, hands the camera to Johnny and drops to her knees to jerk him onto her tits. Hollie quickly joins her on the floor to clean her off with her tongue.

Scene 4: Karla Kush, Scarlet Red "Truth or Dare"

Scarlet & Karla
Sadly, I have no idea about scene 4. I tried it in multiple players and I could not get it to play continuously. The disc appears to be perfectly fine, no dirt, oil, or scratches. Sometimes, that's just how it goes. After a lot of jumping around to direct points on my computer, I was able to grab a couple of screenshots...but that doesn't really help when you are trying to review a scene!

Final Thoughts: Brandi Love® and Hollie Mack get the cover of this disc, and that's understandable. However, the scene fell flat for me due to the look on Hollie's face for most of it. Yes, I understand she was supposed to look like she was in trouble - but it just seemed as if that look went on far too long. The camera passing around also is something I'm not fond of.

Overall, the look of the film as a whole is just not up to par with what this company is capable of. The footage has a lot of camera movement in it, there were moments that seemed to jump forward in time 12-15 frames, the sets were completely uninspired. Add all that together with technical difficulties like I experienced and I just can't get behind this one. Skip It. IF you really like POV stuff and one of these girls then you can watch it on demand.

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