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Studio: Other » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 12/9/02

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Liza Harper explores the excitement of the sexual underground in Lilith, a new foreign feature from director Ovidie, the young woman who also brought us Orgy In Black (Orgie En Noir).

The original soundtrack to this movie is (I believe) in French, so the first thing viewers will want to do is head into the setup menu and switch the language to English. Don't worry, the translation on this one is pretty good, and not as corny as some of the translations you'll find on other adult titles that were filmed overseas.

The film opens with Liza in bed with her boyfriend, who quickly does some missionary action with her, and then rolls over on the bed when he's finished. Unsatisfied, Liza heads off to the bathtub for some solo masturbation, and to fantasize about what she wishes her man would really do to her.

The next day, Liza is having lunch with her girlfriend (played by blonde-haired Nomi) and discussing her relationship problems with her. Nomi suggests (as any good girlfriend would…at least in the world of porn) that the two spend the evening at a swingers' club.

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That...as they say in show business...is where the fun begins, as Liza finds herself at first repulsed and then slowly drawn to the more deviant sexual activities that she discovers at the club. While Nomi is off talking to some guy she has met, Liza heads down into the basement of the establishment, where she sees some kinky bondage activity that she can't quite look away from.

Returning upstairs, Liza gets hit on by a Lex Luthor lookalike (in other words, he's a bald guy!) who gives Liza his number. Liza doesn't seem particularly attracted to the guy when they talk in the club, but sure enough, she winds up calling him the next day and finds herself at his apartment - where the two get involved in a messy food orgy that will either sexually arouse you or make you run to the kitchen for some snacks!

When Liza's boyfriend comes home from work later in the week, he finds out that she has not only quit her job, but she's been making out with Nomi as well! Liza and Nomi's bisexuality is kind of a shock, since there has been no hint of attraction between them up until this point of the film. Liza's boyfriend storms out in disgust, but finds himself returning (as any of us would!) to watch the two women get it on with each other.

But Liza's sexual exploration doesn't stop there, as she wonders how much men would pay her for sex...and soon becomes a high-priced hooker! I don't know the exchange rate for whatever currency is being used in this movie, but the first guy Liza prostitutes herself to winds up paying $13,000 for her services! That seems a little pricey, doesn't it...or am I just cheap?!

Anyway, if you're looking for a happy ending where Liza finally finds the right guy and settles down, you're in for a bit of a disappointment. At the end of the film, she still seems to be as sexually active as ever, while her prudish boyfriend is the one who has settled down and has a family of his own.

While this is far from the best foreign adult movie I've seen, it's a quite watchable one, especially if you're a fan of Liza Harper, who looks a bit like Friends actress Courtney Cox. Most of the other women in the film are quite attractive as well, and the DVD's video and audio quality is well-done, although the dubbed soundtrack is probably not quite as sharp as the original track.

The bonus features include a behind the scenes segment and trailer for this film, plus a behind the scenes segment and trailer for Ovidie's other directorial effort, Orgy In Black. The only problem is that all of these are in French, and there's no language option to hear them in English! Other bonuses include a photo gallery and bios for Liza, Nomi and Ovidie.

But despite the language barrier, Lilith is a solid foreign production and worth a look. You may not want to add it to your permanent collection, but it provides enough entertainment for an evening's worth of porn watching fun.

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