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Naughty Nymphs

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/15/02

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Naughty Nymphs

Venus Video/Leisure Time/Video Exclusives

Genre: Hacked Up Crap, All Sex

Director: Ron Jeremy (AKA: Bill Blackman)

Cast: Brittany Stryker, Billy Dee, Scott Irish, Savannah, Tony Montana, Tanya Foxx, Nikki Knight, Gail Force, Frank James, Jesse Eastern, Dan T. Mann
Note: Savannah's scene appeared to use a body double for the penetration scene. Peter North was edited out of this version of the movie.

Length: 64.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1991 (remake), 1987 (original)

Extra's: a list of movies with no trailers, spam for phone sex

Audio/Video Quality: Both were really bad. The movie obviously had a very bad source tape, poor mastering and was originally lame to begin with especially with all the poor focusing going on. It had lots of grain, video noise, and the colors were faded along with all the dropouts you'd expect from a very bad, highly used videotape. As if that weren't enough, most of the movie has a small horizontal, sparkly line running across it that shows someone at the company didn't adjust the tracking on the tape master when mastering the dvd. The music and vocals were bad enough to make me reach for the remote several times. Mute never looked so good.

Body of Review: This dvd is a highly edited version of a poorly made movie from the 80's. A single scene of Savannah's was added in the early 90's and the movie was advertised as a Savannah movie to cash in on her fans. Needless to say, when the original length of a movie is either 75 or 95 minutes and the "new, improved" version is under 65 minutes, you can't expect much. Such is the case here.

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The original movie dealt with a group of women playing the game Truth or Dare. The scenes would revolve around either the truth about a past event or a dare to do something new. Almost all of that footage was edited out, along with a Peter/Brittany scene. Several of the scenes appeared to start midway through as well which should make you especially cautious given the high likelihood that Savannah appeared to never have intercourse here (body double used). If your sole reason for buying this one is Savannah, look elsewhere.

The poor looking movie has 6 scenes and has nothing special other than a weak looking DP in one scene. Here's a general breakdown of the lame scenes: (note that no credits are given and the names are educated guesses)

Scene One: Brittany took on Billy and Scott in a tame scene. It had a DP but you won't care since it was so mechanical.

Scene Two: In this obviously made later scene, Savannah and Tony(?) licked each other a bit. When any insertion was done, the camera showed only a close-up. Observant viewers will notice that the public hair looked different when this occured as did the color tone. I'll let you figure out how stupid this action was.

Scene Three: Tanya and Nikki had a 69 on a beat up old couch while their female friends watched. Yawn.

Scene Four: Gail took on Frank and Jesse here. They seemed to start the action already in progress and I found little to recommend.

Scene Five: Nikki and Scott went at it. If they had any fun, it was not evident. I never knew how bad a porno could be until I saw this one.

Scene Six: Tanya and Gail screwed Dan(?). The best thing I can say about this scene is that it was only boring.

Summary: If you've made it this far into the review, you must be thinking "Wow, maybe this one is so bad, it's good." Nothing could be further from the truth. It's so bad because it's editing would make Vivid look like champions of movie restoration procedures, technical qualities that would make Pleasure's reddish colors look mainstream, and Ed Powers look like Steven Spielberg. Venus started releasing a number of Savannah's old movies onto dvd and with the low cost approach, probably figured they'd sucker people into buying them sight unseen.

I can't even bring myself to blame Ron from his poor directing here since the whole production was edited heavily long after he screwed up the original movie. It appeared as though every benefit of dvd was turned on it's head by Venus/Leisure Time. Perhaps they don't like the format and their goal is to convince people to throw away their dvd players and go back to tape, I don't know.

If there had been a single reason for watching this one-even as a free rental-I'd let you know. Savannah fans will be pissed off when they find she didn't have "real" sex here. I have to know if anyone can come up with a reason to buy this crap after reading this review. Please let me know. I can imagine that Savannah is rolling over in her grave with this company releasing all this stuff over again in such a poor fashion. I hope whatever happened to her spirit, it is unaware of these dvd's now being released.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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