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Girl of My Dreams

Studio: Vivid » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/13/03

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The Movie
Two words: production value.

Everyone knows what makes a good adult film. Start with several hot couples, add even hotter sex, and you've got the winning combination. After watching Girl of My Dreams you'll know the ingredients necessary to make good porn turn bad.

The production quality of this one would make even Ed Wood cringe. You've got squeaky beds, men coughing off screen, dizzying camera angles, and so many sexual position changes it's hard to keep up with the action. Our personal favorite (if you can call a production problem a "favorite") comes during the last scene. During close-ups, Faith Adams's companion is shirtless, but when the camera pulls back, he's got on a T-shirt. Two seconds later, it's off again. Then from a different camera angle, it's magically back on. That's just unacceptable, even in adult films.

Sadly, these issues make it easier to laugh at any particular scene than to get turned on by it. Which is too bad because Dreams has some really hot sex. Both of Savanna Samson's scenes could've been great if it weren't for the 20 plus camera angle changes and the constant position rearranging. It's hard to enjoy the few amazing moments, no matter how hot, when her moans are masked by a creaky old bed.

Sure, this one has some technical problems, but let's be honest, you can't really go wrong watching the likes of Savanna, Faith, Wendy Divine, and Brittany Skye. You'd be hard pressed to find a guy who wouldn't enjoy watching them get naughty, even if the rapid-fire, multiple camera angles make you nauseous. If you or your DVD watching partner are prone to the giggles, however, this one isn't for you.

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And hard-core enthusiasts be warned. The sex in Dreams is pretty tame, and there isn't any anal or girl-on-girl action to be seen in the feature. Just straight, plain-and-simple sex in this one.

The video and sound of Dreams is no better or worse than most of the other adult DVDs on the market...it's your standard 4:3 video, 2.0 sound. Although the multiple angles option is a nice touch, there's really no need with so many camera angles already being used to the fullest. There's also a behind-the-scenes featurette that runs at 17 not-so-exciting minutes.

This DVD does have some nice Vivid Girl Extras that many viewers will enjoy just as much if not more than the feature. In fact, this section may save viewers from feeling utter disappointment. Five scenes in all, they feature an all girl threesome, a girl-on-girl love fest, a straight couple, group sex, and one that falls just short of an all out orgy. Considering just the sex, these five scenes are the best on the disc and should not be missed.

She Said…
…Well, it's difficult to know where to start reviewing a DVD that has so much potential, yet so much disappointment. Girl of My Dreams, starring the lusty Savanna Samson from NYC's Scores Strip Club, has a decent story line, okay actors, and creative camera work. What it doesn't have is any production value whatsoever. The kinky scene with Savanna mounting her on-screen boyfriend in oh-so-many positions, for example, is interrupted not only by a horribly distracting squeaky bed but also by a few "accidentally" spliced frames of an upcoming sex scene. The mistake is more annoying than anything else, but it's not the only time it happens. The DVD is rampant with poor acting—not that Oscar winning dialogue is necessary for an adult film to be worthwhile, but mild believability would be nice. The film also lacks background noise and music where it should have it, and during one scene you can even hear someone coughing off camera. Strange.

The film doesn't offer anything new in the way of adult entertainment. If you've seen even one adult movie, you've seen everything in this film. There is no anal sex, no sex toy, no lesbian scene, and no threesome, although you can find some of this in the extras section. Most of the people who "star" in Dreams are attractive and certainly fun to watch, but the biggest let down is that it takes way too long for any of them to begin thoroughly enjoying themselves. Moans and groans seem phony and boring for the better part of most scenes and camera angles, although pleasing, change too quickly. If there's one saving grace, it's that for guys who lust after Brittany Spears, this DVD might be the closest they'll ever come to a sexual interlude with the young hottie—Samson resembles Spears to a point that is almost frightening. Wanna indulge in the rock star fantasy? Dreams could do the trick. If not, skip this one. There are much better adult films out there.

He Said…
…Wow, good sex isn't the only thing that matters in adult film. Who knew? Although Girl of My Dreams has plenty of great sex, the production efforts do make it difficult to enjoy. Luckily, the extras are worth the price of admission on this one. Four of the five extra scenes are bound to please a bulk of the viewing audience. In one, Faith Adams teach her co-worker the finer points of using sex toys, and, well, let's just say that men around the globe would love to work in that office. Too bad a few extra scenes aren't going to make this one scamper up the sales chart, but they certainly make Dreams worth a few of your rental dollars.

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