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3 Into Kira

Studio: Vivid » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/25/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The DVD:

3 Into Kira isn't what the title suggests at all - in fact, the only thing that makes sense is that this movie is about Kira.  Basically, it features Kira Kener in 10 different scenes from throughout her career.  Just another compilation disc from Vivid.  Without any storyline, or cohesive plot structure, the film (if you could call it that) just jumps from scene to scene, each featuring the beautiful Kira.  The "3 into" only comes into play as most feature Kira in a threesome, rather than three guys "in" Kira.  Read on for in-depth scene analysis.


Scene Selection:  The ten scenes are broken up into two different scene selection screen - all with animated previews, though they are too small to really tell what you're selecting.  Also, you can't tell in which order they go by the selection screen itself - although since they can be viewed out of order, it's no real loss.

Main Feature:  Since the disc is just a compilation of Kira scenes from various Vivid DVDs, there isn't any plot to discuss, so I'll do my best just to describe what happens in each of the 10 various scenes.  Scene 1 features Kira (post-breast enhancement) as a nurse of some sort who is trying to treat a patient, but gets nowhere.  Her focus quickly shifts to two of the doctors also in the clinic and they engage in a threesome.  Your standard action takes place - including anal with a quick chest shot by one of the guys at the end.  Scene one is approximately 18 minutes long.  Scene two dramatically shifts gears as we're not outside with Kira and two guys.  One of them is the same from Scene 1, but the main difference here is seeing Kira pre-enhancement.  She's got gorgeous natural breasts, and after just seeing her with large implants, the difference between the two is quite stark.  She looks great in scene two, whereas in scene one, she didn't stand out and looked like nothing more than your standard porn star.  The second scene, at ten minutes long, isn't too different from the first otherwise and features her sucking one while taking the other culminating with them both cumming on her afterwards.

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Scene three shifts the threesome idea a bit with two girls to the one guy.  Here again, we see Kira pre-implants as she begins by eating out the other girl and they both take turns on each other with a vibrator.  The guy then steps in and proceeds to give them both a go finally cumming on both their asses at the end.  Scene three is 11 minutes long.  Scene 4 shifts back to Kira with two guys and the same stuff that occurred in scenes one and two takes place once again.  The scene is 15 minutes long and doesn't feature anything too special except for a couple brief deep-throating attempts and both the guys ejaculating on her face.  Scene 5 I recognized from "Where the Boys Aren't #14" and lasts for 15 minutes.  Basically just girl-on-girl action with licking and that's about it.  Still not a bad scene though.

Scene six at 13 minutes long features Kira with another girl and a guy.  Again, similar to the first scene with 2 girls and a guy, it basically involves all the standard three way action - girl licking girl while being fucked by guy, girl sucking guy while guy eats out girl, etc.  Nothing too special, culminating with a cum shot to the mouths of both the girls with no swallowing occurring.  Scene seven is a bit kinky with domination gear on all three (two girls, one guy).  It starts with one girl doing the other with a prosthetic penis until the guy finally joins in the action.  At thirteen minutes long, this is one of the best scenes on the DVD.  It's got some great camera angles, a few close-ups and action all over the place.  The audio is a bit odd for the scene, but it all works in the end.

Scene eight is only eight minutes long, but it looks old-school and this classic looks works quite nicely.  Both girls take turns being fucked by the guy and the natural, girl-next-door look each girl puts out is a great addition to this scene.  That's two great scenes in a row.  Looks like they saved the best for last.  Scene nine is six minutes long and again features two girls with one guy.  There's not really much happening here in this short scene.  Next...  Scene ten is twelve minutes long and breaks from tradition featuring two guys and two girls, again, like most of the other scenes, there's really nothing special about this scene.  A disappointing way to end the disc.

Multi Angle Mania:  This feature appears to just be an extra feature thrown on this disc to showcase some other sort of discs by Vivid.  It features a single girl giving a blowjob to a guy with four different angles.  Not surprisingly, it's not Kira here, but just some random girl.  Nothing too special really.

Vivid Girl on Girl:  This feature has two different scenes - one from Where the Boys Aren't #6" and one from "Secretary".  Together they are about 26 minutes long and feature lesbian action.  A ploy I would take it to have viewers go out and buy the DVDs featured.

Previews:  Features previews for two movies: "Hansel and Gretl" and "Secretary."  Both previews are just compilations from each movie and doesn't feature any substantial sustained action - just short clip after short clip.

On The Set:  This ten minute featurette goes behind the scenes on the set as they show some of the work that goes into the scene beforehand and some of the stuff that just goes on behind the scenes with the boom mic and such.  Its an interesting look, but doesn't really pertain much to this DVD as the scene is from a completely different movie.

Photo Gallery:  Features the standard photos.  Skip.

Sexy Talk:  Features an advertisement for a 1-900 number.  Next.

The Web:  Another quick little ad - but this time instead of phone sex, they're trying to get you to sign up for their website.


The video is nothing special, presented in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio.  The video isn't bad at all in the newer scenes, but in the older scenes, you can definitely tell that the film is getting aged.  There's grain and visible imperfections.  But on the whole, the video isn't all that bad, and if you're really looking at the video quality, this DVD isn't for you - this is for fans of Kira.


The sound is presented in 2.0.  No surround.  Nothing special.


Featuring 10 different scenes, this is a nice disc with some good three-way action.  Some of the scenes are lackluster, while others are wonderful.  The film isn't geared towards everyone, but if you like Kira or compilations, Vivid has done a nice job here.  It would have been nice to have multiple angles for the main scenes and/or surround sound, but you just gotta take what you can get and this DVD isn't half bad.


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