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Hollywood Orgies: Kobe Tai

Studio: Vivid » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 2/7/03

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The DVD:

Hollywood Orgies featuring Kobe Tai is just what the title states (although they may not actually be in Hollywood).  A compilation disc from Vivid DVD, featuring various orgy scenes from their titles has one thing in common throughout - Kobe Tai - an absolutely amazing woman - looks, sex appeal, and the great breasts (though not natural, they're not too big and look great) - she's got it all.  She's definitely the highlight of this compilation disc, as there's no plot or order to these scenes.  Read on for an in-depth look at each scene.


Scene Selection:  This particular compilation DVD features ten different scenes featuring Chelsea.  They are broken up into two scene selection screens (5 each).  Each screen has a small little preview of the action in the scene and, similar to other compilation discs, you can't tell where they want you to start, but it doesn't really matter since there is no real order to the scenes.

Main Feature:  There's no storyline to follow, so I'll just try and describe and/or rate each scene as it is presented.  The disc features 10 scenes in all.  The first scene starts features two guys and three girls.  The two guys each receive blow jobs and then proceed to each fuck a girl while one of the recipients eats out the other girl involved.  There's some great positions here with Kobe (did I mention I love her) along with some great angles and overall, is a very hot scene - at just under 9 minutes long.  Scene two jumps right into the action again as we see Kobe giving oral to a guy while the same blonde from scene one is eaten out by a long-haired dude.  The guy on Kobe is a bit old, which doesn't really do it for me, but she always looks good, so the scene isn't a complete loss.  The two couples go at it for a while until we culminate with two cum shots in each girl's mouth (about 12 minutes through the scene).  The scene then continues as both the girls work on each other in what is easily the best 1/3rd of this scene.  The first five minutes of scene three feature Kobe and a guy doing some general foreplay until two other women join in on the fun.  While being given a blowjob, the guy proceeds to eat another girl out and eventually the foursome proceeds to fuck.  The lighting is much better in this scene than the previous two and it looks great.  At 20 minutes long, this scene is quite nice, as there's some lesbian action as well when just one girl is being pleasured by the guy.

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The fourth scene features four girls in some really odd outfits (including Janine and Kobe) who proceed to pleasure each other for a full nine minutes.  Utilizing toys and various other gadgets, the four have quite a time as did I.  A great scene (once they get out of the outfits) with some great action.  The fifth scene looks like some cheap talk show about to have the first televised "pussy tasting contest."  Kobe is put up on an apparatus, stripped of her pants and panties and eaten out by various people.  It's up to Kobe to determine whether it's a guy or a gal eating her out.  That goes on for about 4 minutes and is pretty boring - but once they all strip down to nothing and proceed to pleasure each other, the scene gets much better.  The scene features three girls and a guy, but there's no sex with the guy as it's just the girls left to fend for themselves with large foreign objects.  The fifth scene once again just jumps into the action as Kobe is fucked by two guys.  Another girl eventually joins in with another guy off to the side, but the main focus here is Kobe with the two men.  When we're focused on them, the action is pretty good, but nothing great.  Next scene please...

After the first six scenes, you are returned to the scene selection menu for some odd reason where you can choose from the next set of four scenes.  The seventh scene (first of the next set) features Kobe and a guy in a van with some nice fake thunder and lightning outside.  She blows the guy for a minute and he cums, only to have another guy immediately fucking her 5 seconds later (where he comes from, we don't know).  After just a minute, he comes on her back and we switch to Kobe with another guy.  He fucks her for a minute, and cums in her mouth.  Three minutes, three guys, that's it.  Scene eight is a bit more mysterious with three girls coming down a long set of stairs, doing some weird movements, and then proceeding to pleasure one guy (of course, they pleasure each other as well).  The scene features some good lesbian action, but not too much other action worth mentioning.

The ninth scene has two couples going at it right off the bat.  After a few minutes of blow jobs, they switch places and the guys work on the girls (some nice camera angles there).  They then proceed to fuck as couples, finishing it off with a couple cum shots.  Nothing special - not really an orgy either as it's just two separate couples working on each other.  The tenth and last scene comes from one of the Where the Boy's Aren't films (I can't quite place it numerically) and features seven - yes SEVEN - fine Vivid women.  This is a great scene at over 14 minutes long (if you can't tell, I'm quite partial to the lesbian scenes) and features all the Vivid girls you'd expect - Janine, Brianna, and of course, Kobe!  A great finish to this wonderful DVD.

Bonus Rooms:  The "bonus rooms" are just quick scenes from two other Vivid DVDs.  Think of it as a preview room - not enough substance to be of any interest, but there is some good action that is worth a look.

Multi Angle Mania:  The multi angle mania comes from "Super Suckers" and features a girl giving a blow job to some random guy from four different angles.  It's kind of in the form of a "virtual" DVD as we never see the guy and it's from his perspective on a couple of the angles.

On The Set With Vivid:  This scene from "Hard Evidence" features a little bit of behind-the-scenes action and shows the decidedly low-tech way they do special effects in the films.  After some special effects filming, they do actually do some behind-the-scenes look at actual porn action.  It's interesting to see all the work that goes into one scene, but it's nothing too spectacular.

Photo Gallery:  This section features various photos from various Vivid DVDs - nothing too special here - the photos aren't even from the DVD itself.

Previews:  Features previews for "Jumping Track," "Girl Next Door," "Haunted," and "Thrills."  Just some trailers.  There's a little bit of action here worthy of note, but the scenes are just spliced together and you don't get that much.

Phone Sex:  In case you needed someone to talk to after viewing the DVD, Vivid generously gives you some 1-900 numbers to call.

The Web:  Another quick little ad - but this time instead of phone sex, they're trying to get you to sign up for their website.


Well, not much to say about the video, is there?  Presented in your standard television ratio (1.33:1), with obvious deterioration on the older clips, you can't really say anything of substance.  The newer recordings looked noticeably better than the older, but, really...who's watching video quality with Kobe Tai on screen?


The sound is presented in 2.0.  No surround.  Nothing special.


Wow.  Kobe Tai is amazing.  This is by far the best compilation disc I've seen, as every scene has multiple things going on, so there's really something for everyone.  Whenever Kobe takes the spotlight, she glows and exudes a sexiness equaled by few.  A great disc with some great selections.  The lesbian action quotient is high and Kobe delights throughout.  A must-own for any Kobe fan, or any fan of orgies - this disc has plenty.


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