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Real Girlfriends 1

Studio: Other » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 3/4/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The DVD:

Real Girlfriends #1 isn't your standard adult DVD.  It's from a small production company and features two real girlfriends - not some actresses paid to pretend to be girlfriends.  The movie isn't really a movie with a plot and story, but rather, just some hot and heavy action between the two girls.  A novel idea, but can it pay off?  Read on...


Main Feature:

There aren't any chapter stops (an odd occlusion), but I'll try and break the video down into manageable pieces.

Part 1 (00:00 - 03:25): The video starts with your standard interview process.  We learn that Gen is 18 and Daisy is 18 as well - what a surprise.  They met through school three years ago and started to explore their sexual feelings.  They talk about Gen making the first move and since Daisy seemed to like it, they continued to explore each other.  The interview is pretty cheesy, but seems genuine.  While I have my doubts about them actually being girlfriends, they are both fresh, new faces and I've got no problem with them exploring each other on camera.  They eventually start talking to each other - which again is pretty cheesy and eventually, they hug and start groping each other.

Part 2 (03:26 - 14:14):  The two girls kiss and rub each other for a while and start stripping down to their underwear.  Eventually the bra comes off (Daisy wasn't wearing one) and they lick and suck each other boobs' and kiss a bit more.  Throughout this part, the chatter between the two continues, which is a nice change from the standard porn music we're all used to.  Both ladies are pretty cute and have nice perky tits which is a big plus here.  After a while, they both take off their skirts and are left with just their underwear on.  They kiss some more, suck on tits and they finally move "down there."  Daisy fingers Gen for a while and then Gen returns the favor until eventually Gen goes down on Daisy.

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Part 3 (14:15 - 19:14): Gen continues her fingering of Daisy with a bit of licking thrown in from time to time, but the action is pretty tame here.  The chatter between the two continues throughout the scene as Gen keeps eating Daisy out and Daisy moans with delight.  After some tame licking and petting, Gen decides it's time to make their way over to the bed.

Part 4 (19:15 - 30:51): The two make their way to the bed (they were previously on a couch) where the continue with the touching of each others breasts.  Finally the panties come all the way off Daisy as Gen works her magic.  Daisy touches herself during this time and moans while Gen licks her clit.  There are a few close up shots of Gen licking Daisy, but the camera is quite unsteady for the whole scene.  Also, the lighting isn't the best, as when Gen is licking Daisy, her head casts a shadow that isn't impossible to see through, but does obscure what we should be seeing.  After 6 minutes of licking, Gen breaks out a vibrator and stimulates Daisy further.  This continues for another 4 minutes until they switch spots (kinda).

Part 5 (30:52 - 42:15):  This scene starts with Gen getting up on the bed and positioning her pussy over Daisy's mouth.  Daisy eats her out for quite a while, and although Gen's moans are a turn on, you really can't see what's going on "down there" as Daisy obscures all the action.  It's a nice scene, but there just aren't any close-up shots of the real action.  After Daisy breaks out a vibrator (about five and a half minutes in), we're able to see a bit more as Gen continues her moans.  Daisy continues to lick and use the vibrator and brings Gen to an orgasm, concluding the video - after a short little interview at the end.

Special Features:  The only special feature is a preview for Real Girlfriends #2.  The preview is four minutes long and features just one of the girls, posing and talking to the camera.


The video is presented in 1.33:1, standard television ratio and was recorded with what would probably be a digital camcorder.  It's obvious that the movie was all done with a handheld as the camera constantly moves and there is never a steady shot.  It's not a huge problem, as the focus is on the girls the whole time, but with just one camera, and just one angle, I'm sure there were views that could have been added for greater effect.


The major downside of this DVD is the sound.  All I could manage was audio from the left speaker, and the whole time, that audio had an echo of sorts as it was not professionally recorded.  A pretty pitiful presentation here.


I really wasn't sure what to expect from this DVD.  The DVD itself looks pretty boring and the menus are quite plain - there aren't even any scenes to select - you just have to fast forward to the scene you want.  The movie itself was a nice surprise.  The girls were both fresh and had pretty nice bodies - and while not supermodels, they were cute and achieved the level of beauty you would expect from a film like this.  They both seemed genuinely interested in each other - although I'm not convinced they were real girlfriends - and the action between the two, while not extremely hard core - no penetration - is quite erotic.  Some scene selections would have been nice and audio presented in at least stereo can not be overlooked.  The flaws, though, are solely in the technical aspects, as the two girls performed well for the full 45 minutes.

Addendum: After consulting AdultDVDEmpire.com - I found that the two girls have done multiple other videos throughout their career - Daisy dating back a couple of years - so obviously not 18 like they claimed. While this was disappointing, as they appeared to be on camera for the first time, I doubted the situation, and my suspicions were confirmed. Nonetheless, it's still an entertaining video and recommended.


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