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Grrl Power! 13

Studio: Other » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 4/1/03

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The DVD:

Grrl Power 13 doesn't really bring anything new to the DVD arena (obvious with the #13 in the title).  It features 5 girls in different scenes using their "grrl power" to get what they want.  The plots are stupid, but you shouldn't really care about plots when watching porn.  Overall, the DVD is neither good nor bad.  Read on for an in-depth review of each scene.


Scene Selection:  The DVD is broken up into five main chapters - the scene selection screen has quick little previews of each scene along with their titles.  After you select one of the main chapters (relating to a storyline), you are presented with a sub-menu so you can select a specific spot from that chapter (e.g. The Plot, Tease, Oral Sex, In-N-Out, and Cum Shot).

Main Feature:  Since the DVD is broken into 5 easy chapters, I'll review each one separately.  The first is Malorie Marx.  Malorie is a cheerleader with way too much make-up on who wants to be an honor student.  She figures out that to get an honor student bumper sticker, she'll have to fuck the principal.  After confronting her principal, he says her grades aren't good enough, but with a blowjob and fuck, the sticker is all hers.  After a quick cheer, she proceeds to strip down to nothing and of course, turns the principal (without principles) on.  She masturbates for the principal for a while and he then enters the scene wearing only his tie.  He gives her some oral sex, she returns the favor, and they then fuck each other.  Malorie features nice, natural tits and a shaved pussy and without the massive amounts of make-up, might actually be attractive.  They fuck in some different positions and then he cums on face and presents her with an honor roll sticker from "Tuna Town High" plastered across her ass.

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Alexis Malone: After seeing the movie Blue Crush, Alexis has decided to drop out of school and start surfing (smart one, eh?).  But she can't afford a surfboard - most likely since she has no job because she has no education.  So, to get her surfboard, she figures she can just fuck one out of the surf shop salesman.  In an absurdly ridiculous set, the salesman puts up his "Closed" sign as Alexis gets naked.  Alexis also has some nice natural breasts and a small landing strip taking the salesman to the promised land.  Alexis gets right to the action and starts giving the guy a blowjob and he promptly returns the favor.  After some licking, he switches to doggy style and a few other positions before cumming on her face and breasts.  One surfboard, coming right up.

Deyzjha-Nay:  Deyzjha's campus is filled with vampires and the administration expects the students to kill them off.  But Deyzjha doesn't want to break a nail, so she figures that "grrl power" can kill the vampires.  Deyzjha, one of the worst actresses I've ever seen, takes off her clothes thinking it'll kill the vampire.  The vampire fingers her hairy pussy for a while before she switches to giving him head.  After that, they fuck for a while, and he cums on her face.  After they're done fucking, the vampire goes to take a nap and Deyzjha offs him with a gun...nice work.

Honey:  In another example of make-up gone bad, Honey figures that to make some nice cash, she'll go seduce the man next door and steal his first edition Spiderman comic, worth $27,000 - a comic book he was reading without any sort of protection.  I'm sure that's how they handle $27k comic books.  Honey tries to seduce the comic book guy by taking off her clothes and fondling herself for a while.  She too has natural, perky tits - this time with piercings - and a landing strip above her also-pierced pussy.  Without much hesitation, comic book guy takes off his clothes and Honey gives him head.  He then gives her oral sex and they then fuck for a bit.  They utilize multiple positions until he finally cums on her face and lends her his comic book.

Hunter Young:  Dressed in a nice school girl outfit, Hunter wants to get past her foreign language requirement because "the whole world speaks English now."   Apparently, anyone who doesn't speak English, "is probably a terrorist who should be sent to a camp in Cuba."  Despite her racist tendencies, she figures she can get past the requirement by fucking her Spanish teacher.  Easily the hottest of the five on the DVD, Honey is pretty flat, but the natural look works for her.  After stripping, the teacher sucks on her feet for a while before moving up the legs to the pussy.  He licks her and quickly undresses so she can give him a blowjob.  After they're done, they fuck on the desk for a while before switching to the chair where they try multiple positions.  He then comes in her mouth, which she swallows and he also passes her in Spanish as long as she always comes to class.

Bloopers:  Features the "actors" and "actresses" screwing up lines - what...they're not real actors??  This goes on for about 6 minutes.

Slide Show:  Has some pictures from the movie that flash by as a slide show - pretty unspectacular.

Sneak Previews:  Has quick previews for 6 different films: 5 Guy Cream Pie, Specs Appeal 8, Kelly Kickass, Sweatin' It 3, Barefoot Confidential 20, and Chica Boom 15.  Each preview is about a minute and a quarter long and features some good action, but nothing substantial.

Live Sex:  Features an ad for a 1-900 number with some action going on in the background.  This is the same one that you have to watch when you put the DVD in.  Luckily you can fast forward at the beginning of the disc, but here, there's really no point.

Web Site:  Some girls here promote their website - buy videos, live streaming, etc.


The video isn't anything special - presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio.  There are few flaws, and the presentation is generally high quality.


The sound is presented in 2.0.  No surround.


Grrl Power 13 has its ups and downs.  There's some good scenes, but nothing too spectacular.  Overall, the DVD is just mediocre.  Nothing stands out positively, but also, nothing detracts significantly.  If you like natural girls that appear to be pretty young, there's some nice scenes here, but the acting is horrible and some of the shots are poorly composed.  I'm mixed on this one.


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