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Calendar Girl

Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 5/20/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


He said
Calendar Girl is a film that suffers from the "could've beens." It could've been a great couple's film if the music didn't intrude on the action. The sex could've been erotic if it weren't for the poor dubbing. And let's face it, even for an adult film, the story could've been better, too.

Typically, a good story in an adult film is one that gets the action from sex scene A to sex scene B. But when watching with a partner, particularly if it's with someone who doesn't watch adult films that often, the stakes are a bit higher. The problem with the Calendar Girl storyline (a photographer's hunt for the perfect calendar girl) is that it's too simple and pretty outlandish. The implausibility of certain scenes is laughable, a reaction most couples don't want when expecting eroticism. I'm not asking for character development, but is it too much to ask for a story that heightens expectations for the coming scene? With just a little build up between scenes, the already great sex could've been that much better.

She said
Calendar Girl has all the ingredients of a superb adult film for couples. Yet with so much going for it, it nearly failed on many levels. Stars and starlets with toned physiques, hot MMF and FFM sex, and a decent premise are eventually ruined by the storyline (or lack thereof), awkwardly dubbed and downright distracting audio, and strange music selections (rap and adult films don't mix).


He said
The sex in Calendar Girl is top notch, it's the way it's presented that hampers the enjoyment. The girls are from all over the globe, and they're hot. Watching Julia Taylor and Alissa make out before moving to the bed to caress, kiss, lick, and fondle one another is an amazing sight. They truly seem to be enjoying themselves and they get even more excited when the male photographer joins the fun. And they're not the only ones who have fun. Cynthia, who looks remarkably like Sarah Michelle Gellar in most shots, seems to love her work, and viewers will definitely take notice.

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Just look at the cast list and you'll know Calendar Girl is loaded with sex. This film features seven scenes that include: missionary, oral, sixty-nine, anal, and one instance of DP. There's an MMF scene, an FFM scene, and another with two couples in the same room.

Yes, the sex is hot, but unfortunately, it's ruined, at least slightly, by two things: the editing and the music. Director Antonio Adamo chose to use slow motion and numerous cuts to change the pace of the action. This is too bad; instead of a linear sex scene in which the sex gets hotter and hotter, the passion is interrupted too often, thus ruining the flow. As for the music, it is simply the wrong music (harsh sounding rap plays over the first scene) played too loudly.

She said
The sex scenes in this feature are both good and bad. While the actors all look like they're having a great time (and hey, let's be honest, not one is hard to look at), the sex scenes don't flow. Instead of letting the sex escalate on its own, the camera often blinks to show the actors suddenly in different positions. I'd rather watch the fun transitions than feel like the cameraman yelled, "stop rolling," just to reposition the actors in the next hot position.

Also, where's the dialogue? Seeing is one thing, but hearing is certainly another. I wanted to hear these people going at it real time, not listen to a dubbed over track that sounded like a girl with a microphone inside an echo tunnel. I understand the need to bridge the language barrier, but even with a quality dub, I would have rather not understood a single word as long as it meant I could hear the groans of passion coming from the actual people on screen, not someone in a sound booth.

That being said, the sex in Calendar Girl is still a total turn-on. The men are hot; there's not a beer belly or mullet in the entire film. And the women are extremely attractive, too. Any tattoos, piercings, fake nails or boob jobs are so subtle you'll likely miss them. What you definitely won't miss, however, are their taught bodies and go-for-it attitudes. In other words, the sex makes up for nearly all of the films other problems.


Private presents Calendar Girl in full frame with 2.0 surround sound. The music on this disc sounds great, but the dubbing is terrible. It sounds as if the voices were recorded in a small tin box. The video is surprisingly clean and very sharp, with vivid colors and solid detail. As with all Private Gold disc, subtitles and various language tracks are also available.


Although the Calendar Girl DVD is not loaded with extra features, there are a couple worth your attention. The nearly ten minute extra scene features Eva and Alissa having more than enough fun on the casting couch. This scene is definately hot enough to be included in the feature, so its exclusion is a bit of a mystery. The other nice feature is the making of featurette. It's not necessarily informative or overly fun, but going behind the scenes is always a bit enlightening.

Also on tap are several trailers, a photo gallery, production notes, and a brief profile on each actress.


He said
With the great sex in this one, I'd have no problem recommending this to a single guy. But the film has too many problems that simply ruin the sex for me to be able to make the same recommendation to a couple. Save the money for something that will surely please.

She said
Even though I have several gripes about this film, I'd still recommend it to couples looking for a DVD they can enjoy together. Although the music is intrusive and I didn't like the lack of dialogue during the sex scenes, the quality of the film is impressive. Everyone looks great and is fun to watch. The lighting, camera work, makeup, and sets are all professional, which makes me want to recommend this DVD despite its shortcomings. I wouldn't say Calendar Girl is the best introduction to adult entertainment, but it still makes the cut.


Claudia Jamsson
Julia Taylor
Marie Anne

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