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Sin-A-Matic #3

Studio: Other » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 10/8/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

sin-a-matic 3


Genre: Compilation

Director: Jon Dough

Cast: Tia Bella, Katie Gold, Kelli Cage, 'lil Ass, Obsession, Baby Girl, Chastity, Meka, Tyler, Alyssa Love, Dee, Alice, Bobbi Bliss, T.T. Boy, Mr. Marcus, Derrick Lane, Rob, Dave Hardman, AJ, Vince Vouyeur, Jon Dough.

Length: 2hrs 41min

Disc: Double Sided. Feature & "Dark Room" on side A, Interactive Room & Previews on side B.

Extras: "Dark Room" [basically stills of the actors/action] on side A & "Interactive" rooms along with trailers for other Raw flicks on side B.

Audio/Video Quality: The video was 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality was inconsistent [depending on the setting where the scene was shot]. Three scenes suffered from bad lighting, though one was adequate. Two other scenes were shot outdoors, while the last was shot in a well lit [thank god!] video store. The audio was a crisp sound stereo mix.

Here's a breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One: While out looking for "a black guy", Alyssa Love & a friend hook up with Mr. Marcus. They end up following him to a hotel room for "some fun" and, after some oral sex, he proceeds to vaginally & anally penetrate them before a simutaneous double facial. Truthfully, the females had somewhat attractive faces, but other parts of their bodies looked as if they weren't maintained [think "razor burn"] which resulted in a fairly unengaging scene [which bad lighting didn't help].

Scene Two: Dee, a sexy Latina, attracts the attention of two short order cooks while dancing and drinking wine. As an appetizer, she serves up a double helping of oral sex before moving on to the main course of vaginal & anal sex. For dessert? A double facial. A VAST improvement over the first scene [though it suffers from low lighting that is merely adequate].

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Scene Three: Jon's sexy ex-girlfriend, Kelli Cage [with double nipple piercings], visits to pick up her chairs. Before she does, they decide to give the furniture one last workout. After some oral, some vaginal & a facial, he kicks her out and throws one of the chairs in the pool. On her way out, Kelli decides to leave him with a few choice words. He grabs a nearby garden hose and proceeds to hose her down. I'm guessing her white see-thru t-shirt is what motivates him to apologize and invite her back onto the property for...what i'm assuming [since the scene ends here] is another go-around. It also features the first [and only] appearance by a condom.

Scene Four: We return to the restaurant where Katie Gold & two brunettes take on the bartender and waiter. Oral sex [both M/F and F/F] takes place before vaginal sex. There's a brief pause in the action as the blonde goes behind the bar to make herself a drink before resuming the festivities. The scene begins to wind up with some anal sex and a brief double penetration of one of the brunettes. The grand finale consists of a triple facial followed by [what looks like] a Midori and Jack Daniels chaser. The overabundance of shadows due to bad lighting and unappealing females would've resulted in a big 'ol SKIP IT from me [if I didn't have to review it :)].

Scene Five: This next scene features Tia Bella. She is [IMO] one of the HOTTEST females to have ever graced the porn industry. Which is why i'm still trying to figure out why her co-worker at the video store has a semi-flaccid erection for the majority of the scene. Lemme tell ya, if Tia ever asked me "Can I suck on your dick?", i'd be hard by the time the word "Can" left her lips. But I digress. Anyway, that's how the scene starts. Once "Flaccid Boy" gives his permission, she proceeds to give her lips a workout while using her fingers to give her other lips a workout. Eventually, she stands up and leans over the counter letting "Mr. Limp" continue where she left off before engaging in some doggy-style action. While this is going on, Jon walks in. He says he has some late tapes he needs to return. "Joe Flaccid" tells him they're busy, and Jon agrees to come back. But, as he's about to leave, Tia says it's okay to stay. [I guess directing DOES have its perks.] Once Jon locks the door, he steps behind the counter and Tia begins an oral workout on him while "Senor Flaccid" is still behind her trying to maintain the illusion that he's DOING something to her. Eventually, Jon switches places and after Tia gives "limpbizkit" a few more seconds of "mercy oral", he disappears [thankfully!] leaving Jon to finish up with Tia alone.

So, to sum this scene up -- Tia Bella + black pumps + odd camera angles + a WELL lit videostore = the BEST scene on the disc.

Scene Six: In the final scene, five ebony babes [including 'lil Ass, Obsession, Baby Girl, Chastity & Meka] plus Latina Dee, are in a limo stripping down and comparing pinkness. Eventually, they realize that the limo has stopped moving. Dee gets out [completely nude], and heads up front to find T.T. Boy fumbling around with his stick shift. She gets in the passenger side and decides to polish it for him. After a few minutes of this, they get out of the car and he takes her for a test drive [doggystyle] against the front of the car. Curiosity gets the best of the other girls, and they head up front to join T.T. & Dee. He takes turns with each of the girls, both against the car and on its hood. Eventually, the action gets back to the front seat where T.T. sticks it in second [wink, wink] on three of the girls and then begins the final lap with Dee before heading back to the front of the car where the action climaxes...rather weakly.

Summary: There's a 'lil bit of everything here. Even though three scenes suffer from low/terrible lighting & two of those star [IMO] some unattractive performers, the remaining scenes MORE than make up for it -- Not to mention the plethora of extra features on the B side. Resulting in a Recommendation.

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