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And the Winner Is... Christy Canyon

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 10/29/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

And the Winner Is...Christy Canyon

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review. 

Length: approx 2hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Christy Canyon is one of the finest 'ol school Porn stars. She has two things going for her. NO, not THOSE two things...Well, actually, I counted them as one unit. But, the other thing is her ability to bring the heat to a sex scene. Besides being one of the few porn stars to actually have NATURAL boobs, she has the thighs, ass & face that complement the package.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One ["Comeback" featuring Asia Carrera & Steven St. Croix]: The first scene has Christy & Asia engaging in brief girl/girl action. Then, out of nowhere, Steven appears and Asia give him some oral while she has Christy is poking around between her legs. After a while, Steven gets behind Christy for some doggystyle action while she continues licking down Asia. As he's grinding away, Steven smacks Christy's ass a couple times. I guess the last smack really hurt, because right after he does it, she reaches behind and smacks HIS ass. Both she and Asia laugh. It was a funny unscripted moment. The scene ends with a weak climax after a few minutes of missionary with Christy. Other than Christy's tongue, nothing else penetrates Asia. This was a pretty good scene. Short though.

Scene Two ["Domination Nation" featuring Krista Maze & Alex Sanders]: We begin this scene with Christy & Krista struggling with a chained up Alex. Eventually they put a small plastic box with a bug in it on his right forearm. Then they begin taking turns tasting Alex. They lay him down on the floor and continue tonguing him down. He begins to struggle and tries to get away. [Is he CRAZY!?!?] . After a little stimulation with her breasts, Christy gets on top and rides for a bit. Krista briefly watches, then leaves them alone. Alex gets Christy on a nearby bed for some missionary and some more doggy. The scene ends with Alex performing a standing climax after some more missionary and Christy riding. This was a pretty good scene [ignoring the distracting overpowering music at the very beginning]. We're on a roll kiddies.

-- sponsored by --

Scene Three ["Night Breed" featuring Steven St. Croix]: Another scene with Steven. It starts with an AWFUL lot of kissing. Christy doesn't get nude until almost TWO MINUTES into the scene. Eventually, after what seems like FOREVER, they get down to business. Or rather, Christy goes down and gets to business. A couple minutes of slurping later, Steven rips off her panties and returns the favor. For a WHILE. FINALLY Christy gets up and bends over so Steven can do her from behind. After a brief ONE MINUTE of this, they switch to missionary position. This lasts for a few minutes until he climaxes. Now, don't get me wrong, I like foreplay as much as the next guy [and depending on whom i'm with, maybe a LOT more], but this scene dragggggggggggggggggged on forever. TOO much foreplay, not enough PENETRATION. [why do I feel like female DVD Talkers across the country reading this just clicked the "X" on the upper right hand corner of the browser?] Oh well. Sorry ladies. Let's hope the next scene is better.

Scene Four ["Sex 2" featuring Nikki Dial, Crystal Wilder & Mike Horner]: Wow. That Mike Horner sure is a lucky guy...but for some reason, the scene quickly shifts from the three girls ganging up on Mike to Mike doing Nikki on the couch while Crystal's licking Christy who's leaning against the wall. Perhaps we could take some of the excess foreplay from the scene before this and put it in here? Well, eventually Christy & Nikki switch places until the scene ends with a 3 on 1 blowjob [!]. This scene wouldn't be bad if it didn't seem so HEAVILY edited. Oh...and if it didn't end with Mike shooting while saying "I love sex".

I think we know Mike...I think we know.

Damn, so far we're batting 2-2.

Scene Five ["Sex Asylum 4" featuring Christian Parker]: Ok. So far, so good -- Christy has black garters on and is wearing a nurse's uniform. INSTANT heat in my book. Christy begins the scene with some oral. Which isn't a bad way to start. Unfortunately, there's a FADE and when we resume, she's switched positions. She still has her mouth full, she's just in a perfect position for a 69. After some of that, the panties come off and it's ON. Christy makes Christian lean back and she straddles him for some fun. Then we get a little doggy until she switches for some missionary right before Christian shoots for her chest. This scene generated MAJOR heat. However, like the scene above, it seemed edited. But it was still hot nonetheless.

Scene Six ["Sex Secrets Of A Mistress" featuring Mark Davis]: So Mark and Christy are in a peach coloured room with peach & white sheets. They're both naked on the bed. Mark lays her on her back and begins giving his tongue a workout. It's his turn, this time HE'S on his back and Christy returns the favor. We then get an aerial shot of Christy laying on her back [legs spread] while Mark is between her legs. This was a very COOL angle and really caught the action [not only that, but Christy has tanlines]. The camera makes it back to terra firma safely and they switch positions with Christy riding this time. The scene ends with a shot to Christy's chest after a couple minutes of doggy. This was a HOT scene.

Scene Seven ["the Show" featuring Steven St. Croix, Tony Tedeschi & Vince Vouyer]: So, apparently, Steven is a talk show host and Christy is the guest. The action begins right away with Steven putting his crotch in Christy's face. Tony, who's been sitting on the other end of the couch being McMahon to Steven's Carson, gets in on the action. The next shot has Christy almost nude [she still has her red bra on] while Tony's licking between her legs and she's occupying her mouth with Steven. Then Vince joins the fun. Christy starts working on him, while Tony's doing her doggystyle. During a variety of different positions, the three guys are able to pull off multiple orgasms shooting on various parts of Christy's body. I should note that while all this is happening, Christy is wearing some sexy strappy high heels. This scene was HOT [DESPITE the canned applause that plays during parts of the scene..].

Scene Eight ["Where the Boys Aren't 6" featuring Julia Ann, Amber Lynn & Janine]: Whoa. Four HIGHLY attractive females: a reconstructed Amber Lynn, Julia Ann, Christy and Janine [huh? she's doing a LESBIAN scene?? Imagine that.] start out on top of a pool table. There, they take turns working out their tongues on one another. Then, some strap-ons come into play. I can't for the life of me figure out why Janine will take a strap-on on film, but won't do a guy. Well, at least it's the "Sexy" Janine. Not the "Short Butch Haircut With More Tattoos Than A Harley Davidson Biker" Janine.

The attractive females + the strap-ons + [dare I say it?] tanlines make this a hot scene.

Scene Nine ["Where the Boys Aren't 7" featuring Julia Ann & Dyanna Lauren]: Let's see...Christy's wearing black lingerie & Julia's wearing red. Should be instant heat, right? Well, it starts out slow. For some reason, Dyanna just didn't do it for me in this scene [but she did for JULIA]. I have to say...the interaction between Julia & Christy on the desk was hot. And it didn't hurt that Dyanna was vocally motivating either..It ends with Christy busting out the strap-on and working her magic on Julia. That's what helped make this scene a hotter than warm one.

Scene Ten ["Where the Boys Aren't 9" featuring Nikki Tyler, Alexis Christian & Jenteal]: Ok. So they're all dolled up in a classic car. The camerawork on this scene made me want to skip this one. A disappointing way to end the disc.

Bonus Room:
Scene One ["the Bitch" featuring Asia Carrera & Vince Vouyer]:
Scene Two ["Comix" featuring Krista Maze & Steven St. Croix]:
Scene Three ["Sexual Misbehavior" featuring Chloe & Lee Stone]:

Behind the Scenes of Sexual Misbehavior

Summary: So...out of the 10 scenes on the disc, i'd feel comfortable recommending six of 'em. There could've been more, but the choppy editing and bad camerawork is what did the others in.

This gets a Recommendation.

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