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When Vivid Girls Go Latin

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 11/1/03

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

When Vivid Girls Go Latin

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review. 

Length: approx 1hr 30min

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

As i've stated in other reviews, I think Latinas bring the heat. Back in the old days, there were only a couple scattered here and there [Vanessa del Rio comes to mind]...and some actresses were mistakenly classified as "Latin" even though they weren't. Vivid has put together this compilation featuring their hottest Latin actresses. Let's hope it's as good as it should be..

Here's a breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One ["Girl World With Cassidey" featuring Adriana Sage & Cassidey]: Bummer. We begin with a girl/girl scene. Not the way i'd choose to start a disc. Fortunately, The girls are Cassidey [very sexy face] and Adriana Sage [very sexy period.] Unfortunately, I think the director just discovered there was a special effects button on the camera. There are some obtrusive cuts & a couple of weird effects [think "Star Wipe" on "the Simpsons"]. The action between the girls is pretty good...unfortunately, the amateurish camera "tricks" distracts. And it's not even like the director is trying to be artsy for the sake of being artsy...it seems like he discovered the buttons right before he started shooting the scene and was like a little kid with a new toy. He should've waited until the scene was over..

Scene Two ["Hansel & Gretel" featuring Dayton, Meriesa & Eric Masterson]: The scene begins with Eric giving his tongue a workout between Dayton's legs. She's dressed as "Gretel". Meriesa joins the fun. She takes over for Eric while he shifts the focus of his attention to Meriesa. This goes on for a lil too long until Eric finally hits Dayton from behind. That doesn't last long as the scene abruptly cuts to Meriesa on her back with her legs spread getting drilled by Eric. This goes on for a while until Eric climaxes on Meriesa's back.

Scene Three ["Inside Sex 2" featuring Dayton, Ian Daniels]: NOTE to Vivid -- Dayton is NOT hispanic. No matter how she does her makeup, she's NOT hispanic. Having said that, I will say she does look a little better [compared to the scene above]. Other than that, I really wanted to skip this scene [since it has no place on this disc], but in the interest of this review, I didn't. 

-- sponsored by --

ANYways...the action takes place in the back of a parked white limo. Ian is between Dayton's legs for some time before he take off her thong for some missionary. The action switches as Ian sits on the seat while Dayton straddles him for a lil ride. Remarkably, her hair is magically pulled back in a bun with the switching of the scenes. For the next position [doogy] her hair is once again down. [FIRE the continuity editor] This scene is mercifully short and culminates with a facial by Ian.

So far...so bad.

Scene Four ["Night Play" featuring Felecia, Jenteal & Dyanna Lauren]: As we begin, Dyanna is being double teamed by Felecia & Jenteal. They're doing this in what looks to be the middle of an art gallery. [People are standing around watching..] This goes on for a while until Dyanna goes down to get a taste of Jenteal while Felecia puts on a strap-on and mounts Dyanna with it. This goes on for a little bit...it's also how the scene ends. There was some minor heat generated, but the scene was way too short.

Scene Five ["Sex In the 2nd Realm" featuring Raylene & Voodoo]: So we begin this scene with Raylene in a hot tub. There's a voiceover babbling something or other while she starts fondling her silicone. "Voodoo" [???] walks in [pants open and member hanging out] and says "I got something for you." How original.. He moves to the edge of the hot tub and Raylene attacks it like there's no tomorrow. Cue some more of the annoying voiceover. While her head's still bobbing, she pauses for a second and asks him "Are you going to cum?" He says "Yeah" and she spits him out and says "Too bad". DENIED. The scene then cuts to Raylene on her back and "Voodoo" sliding inside of her. Sigh. More voiceover. Now...let me say this...I think Raylene is HOT. VERY hot. But for the love of PETE someone put a cork [or something else that ends with the letter "k"] in her mouth. I have not heard moaning THIS annoying since Teri Weigel. And THAT'S bad. Half the time it sounded like she was being strangled. This was a hot scene...

...with the volume OFF. 

My advice? Hit the mute button, turn the volume down or tune it out . Between the annoying voiceover [which i'm sure might make sense if one were to watch the movie from the beginning] and her VOICE, this is DEFINITELY a scene for the hard of hearing. 

Scene Six ["Sex Sells" featuring Devon & Felecia]: Devon & Felecia. Devon looking sexy in pink, Felecia wearing some sexy lingerie. The scene begins with Felecia working on Devon. Devon's moaning was dangerously close to Raylene's. And her mounds of silicone weren't too attractive either. So, Felecia busts out with the dildo and exchanges her tongue with it for a little while. The scene then switches, and we see Devon working over Felecia with a big white vibrator. This scene goes on for a bit until it ends with a 69. 

Scene Seven ["Shape Of Sin" featuring Lola & Cheyenne Silver]: Another girl/girl scene. I'm starting to stare at the clock on my VCR when this scene starts. But, these two girls are HOT & NATURAL. They both bring the heat, but I was a bit more impressed with Lola. However,  it's a shame we're seven scenes into this disc before we hit a scene I could wholeheartedly [with no conditions] recommend.

Scene Eight ["Unprotected Sex" featuring Briana Banks & Ann Marie]: Amazing. Besides this being yet ANOTHER girl/girl scene, this happens to be the SECOND on the disc that has a hearty recommendation from me. The ONLY unfortunate thing about it is...the only person that really gets "done" is Briana. Not that that's THAT unfortunate. It's just that the scene could've been a tad longer...and with the abrupt way it ends, it looks like it might've been.

Scene Nine ["Where the Boys Aren't 11" featuring Tia Bella & Jenteal]: This is an abbreviated scene from one of the Tia Bella collections. We join the action as Jenteal is already handcuffed and Tia begins stripping down. As I said in that review, what follows is your standard girl/girl stuff. Dyanna Lauren is watching, but doesn't get involved. Pretty standard scene. There was some heat, but I wasn't feeling it.

Scene Ten ["So I Married A Porn Star" featuring Mercedez, Natasha Dolling, Jesse V, Tony Tedeschi & Mario Rossi]: Evidently, Vivid has saved the best for last. It begins with Natasha & Jesse preparing to double team Tony on a sofa. The camera then cuts away to Mario & [a Latina that's new to me] Mercedez. 

Let me tell you this....Mercedez is HOT. 

Did I emphasize that right? H - O - T

[One cold shower later...]

So....Mercedez starts working over Mario with a set of lips that could suck whatever periodical elements off a bumper. While this is happening, Natasha is riding Tony's tongue and Jesse is giving her lips a workout. The scene then cuts again to Mario sliding into Mercedez who's laying back on a glass table. [She has fantastic eyes] But then....she starts moaning. Her vocal ability is reminiscent of Raylene's, but [believe it or not] I am able to TOTALLY ignore it. We cut again to Jesse who is now riding Tony. The scene keeps going back and forth between the action...and surprisingly, both scenes generate major HEAT [can't say "both couples" since Tony's getting double teamed...poor guy]. 

Oh...and did I mention that Mercedez is HOT? 

Bonus Room:
Scene One ["Cake" featuring Brittney Skye & Dale Dabone]
Scene Two ["Liquid Sex" featuring Tanya Danielle & Jezebelle Bond]
Scene Three ["Watch Me" featuring Taya, Shauna Banks & Steve French]

There's a Behind the Scenes feature, but it doesn't say what movie they're behind the scenes of...

Summary: This disc was a MAJOR disappointment. Besides the overabundance of lesbian scenes, some scenes where the edits mess up the flow and one scene that outright does NOT have a Latin performer...this was a disappointing disc from beginning to close to the end. Only with scene TEN did I feel this disc really delivered. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this disc. My advice? Spend your $$$ on "So I Married A Porn Star". I haven't seen the entire flick, but if its got more scenes like the one that's on here, it will BURY this disc.

With a heavy heart, I say Skip It.

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