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Hollywood Orgies: Nikki Dial

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 11/1/03

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Hollywood Orgies Starring Nikki Dial

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review. 

Length: approx 2hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One ["Sex 2" featuring Nikki Dial, Christy Canyon, Crystal Wilder & Mike Horner]: Wow. That Mike Horner sure is a lucky guy...but for some reason, the scene quickly shifts from the three girls ganging up on Mike to Mike doing Nikki on the couch while Crystal's licking Christy who's leaning against the wall. Well, eventually Christy & Nikki switch places until the scene ends with a 3 on 1 blow/handjob [!]. This scene wouldn't be bad if it didn't seem so HEAVILY edited. Oh...and if it didn't end with Mike shooting while saying "I love sex". I think we know Mike. I think we know.

Scene Two ["Annonymous" featuring Nikki Dial, Tiffany Mynx & Steve Drake]: We begin this scene with Nikki & Tiff dressed in sexy lingerie and dancing for Steve. I guess they work up a sweat, since Nikki takes off her pink lingerie and Tiff quenches her thirst between Nikki's legs. It's only a matter of time before Tiff is riding Nikki's tongue while Ms. Dial is stimulating herself with a vibrator. Steve finally gets up and gives Tiff something to chew on. This goes on for a little bit, until Nikki takes over for Tiff [while Tiff's taking in the action while manually stimulating herself]. Eventually, Steve gets Nikki from behind while her face is buried between Tiff's legs. The scene ends with a Tiffany facial. I was kinda disappointed that Tiff wasn't penetrated, but nonetheless, this was a hot scene. Both Tiffany & Nikki have tight, sexy bodies and they brought the heat.

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Scene Three ["Chatterbox" featuring Kiwi, Bree Brooks, Nikko Night & Brian Surewood]: So...Kiwi & Bree are go-go dancing on a stretcher in a hospital morgue. Then, almost if by MAGIC, they're NAKED. Both girls had pretty good bodies & were moderately attractive. Nikko & Brian? They look like bums the director caught digging through the dumpster before filming this scene. I understand that you're not supposed to take the male performers into account [unless you swing that way], but seeing "vagrant"-looking actors having sex with fairly attractive females is really a turn off. After both girls get naked, the guys lie back on stretchers and the girls give them both head [changing partners every-so-often]. Then, it's the girls are lying back on the stretchers while the guys hit them missionary style. They also change partners every-so-often. The guys take turns anally penetrating Bree and then finish up with a double facial. NOT a good scene.

Not to mention...NO Nikki. Perhaps they confused her with NikkO...? [Don't see how that's possible though...]

Scene Four ["Surprise" featuring Nikki Dial, Kaitlyn Ashley & Tom Byron]: Kaitlyn's weird. I've seen her in flicks where she's DAMN hot. Then i've seen some flicks where she looks good, but her silicone looks...well, too silicony. In this scene, it'd be the latter. Well, we begin with Nikki & Kaitlyn getting a feel for one another -- both with their hands AND tongues while Tom looks on. It's not long before Tom's burying his tongue in Kaitlyn who's on her knees working over Nikki. After a few minutes of this, Tom slides inside Kaitlyn [still on her knees]. We then cut and Tom is now doing Nikki missionary while Kaitlyn is keeping Nik's tongue busy. This goes on for the majority of the scene -- which ends with Tom shooting on Nikki.

Scene Five ["Designer Bodies" featuring Nikki Dial, Stephanie DuValle, Dick Nasty & Shawn Ricks]: Shawn's tasting Stephanie while Dick is fondling Nikki. Then both guys decide to double team Stephanie [I'm still trying to figure out why...Nikki's looking ALL KINDS of hot while she's stimulating herself...]. After a couple of minutes, the guys decide to hit Nikki instead. Some time later, they split up. Shawn gets a lil head from Nikki, while Step's gettin' some from Dick. Then the penetrating resumes. This wasn't too engaging of a scene. Nikki attempted to bring the heat, but I wasn't feeling it.

Scene Six ["House On Chasey Lain" featuring Krista Maze, Bridgette Monroe, Marc Wallice & Tom Byron]: Well, Krista isn't that appealing and I admire Bridgette for her NATURAL breasts [at least in THIS flick], but the beginning of this scene wasn't that hot. Only after both girls are penetrated does the scene heat up. Tom Byron looking like Jesus doesn't help either...

Scene Seven ["Bonnie And Clyde" featuring Nikki Dial, Francesca, Nick East & Micky Ray]: This was a HOT scene. Both Nikki & Francesca looked very hot. It began with the girls working each other over before turning their attention to the boys.  The ONLY thing negative I could think of saying about this scene is...the sex wasn't long enough. Not the oral...the penetrating kind.

Scene Eight ["Innervision" featuring Kira Kener, Charmane, Jason McCain & Nick Manning]: Let me get this outta the way. Kira is HOT...while Charmane is NOT. Well, lemme rephrase that...Charmane has a nice body, but I don't find her face too attractive. ANYways...after some extended oral sex [both by the guys AND Charmane], we finally get down to business with a missionary penetrating of both ladies. Eventually, both ladies get it from behind with a double shot to Charmane's chest while Kira watches and stimulates herself. HOT scene.

Scene Nine ["Kink" featuring Janine, Corrine Williams, Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane & Randy Spears]: Show of hands...How many think Janine will actually be penetrated with a real working male penis in this scene...?

Put 'em down already! You know damn well it ain't gonna happen.

So...Janine, Racquel & Derrick [who's on a leash] walk down the stairs to find Corrine riding Randy's chin.

Ya see, Randy's wearing this chin-strapping-on dildo.
ANYways....while Corrine's riding Randy, Janine, Racquel & Derrick settle down on a loveseat where Racquel spreads wide for Janine. Corrine gets off of Randy's chin-dildo and decides to get a taste of the real thing. Eventually all the oral sex ends and Corrine rides Derrick [with a little encouragement from Racquel]. Then the oral begins again -- this time with the ladies. After a little of this, Janine & Corrine keep themselves busy with each other while Racquel is double teamed. The scene ends with Racquel getting both gentlemen off. 

To sum up: Racquel's still rockin' them tanlines, Corrine can handle a chin-dildo pretty good & Janine was good set dressing. All in all, a HOT scene.

Scene Ten ["Out Of the Blue 2" featuring Nikki Dial, Kelly O'Dell & Randi Jones]: ...And we end with a lesbian scene. Except for Nikki, the other two chicks really weren't that appealing. This scene would rate a skip it.

Bonus Room:
Scene One ["Hot Orchid" featuring Kate Frost & Tyce Bune]
Scene Two ["Pretty" featuring Delfynn & Dillion Day]
Scene Three ["Shoe Store" featuring April & Evan Stone]

Behind the Scenes of Hot Orchid

Summary: When I used to work at a video store, there'd be some porn flicks that would have a girl on the cover that would only be featured for a "blink-and-you-miss-her" cameo or would only have a brief sex scene. I'm glad to see that this policy is still being practiced. [Sarcasm, kiddies] Out of the ten scenes, only six have Nikki in 'em. Two out of the remaining four "Nikki-less" scenes are hot enough to pull it off, but i'm sure Nikki's done enough work for Vivid to fill a compilation or two. It doesn't make sense to me why she's only in six scenes. Guess that's just the completest in me. 

However, if you know this going in, this disc rates a Rent It.

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