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Under Contract: Sky

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/15/03

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Genre: Compilation

Director: various

Cast: Sky, Blair Chandler, Krystal Steal, Alex Taylor, Devon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Kobe Tai, Raylene, Taylor Hayes, Buck Legends, Tyce Bune, Devin Wolf, Ian Daniels, Randy Spears, Dillion Day

Length: 114 Minutes

Date of Production: various

Extras: Behind the Scenes, 3 Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, Previews

Audio/Video: The film is presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. However since this is a compilation disk, the quality varies from scene to scene. In all of the scenes the picture is slightly grainy/blocky. The lighting in some of the scenes is really poor, it's dark and hard to tell what's going on. The audio was decent. In some of the scenes I had no complaints, but others it was just horrible.

DVD Mechanics: This title is opened with annoying phone sex ads and other Vivid ads.

Body of Review: Sky (also known as Sky Lopez) is a well-known as an adult performer. Vivid brings us Sky in another installment in the Under Contract... series. This feature is a compilation of various scenes from her career that range from 1999 to 2003. Sky is an extremely beautiful girl. She has a wonderful body and generally performs exceptionally well in her scenes.

If you'll notice in the following section there is a scene by scene breakdown, which includes the actresses, original film it is from, year of production, a brief description, and scene rating. I've also included the color of her hair in the scene by scene break down, as it changes frequently. I personally prefer her as a blonde.

Scene 1: Sky, Buck Legends
Scene from Blonde Jokes (2003)
In this scene Sky is wearing a blouse and fishnet stockings. She's in a classroom setting and performing a strip tease for a small group of students. Suddenly everyone is gone, but Buck. Sky and Buck engage in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with a facial.

Sky looked really great in this scene. Her hair was blonde and at shoulder length. She looked absolutely sexy in the fishnet stockings. Sky had a wonderful (but short) strip tease. Being she was practically naked to begin with, nonetheless, it was good. Her oral segment was also energetic and exciting. Buck gave her a good rogering during their sex scene. It was pretty hot.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 2: Sky, Tyce Bune
Scene from Debbie Does Iowa (2001)
This scene opens up with Sky bathing herself in a big wooden tub. Tyce comes out with his eyes averted away from Sky; he informs her she has a phone call. She has apparently been invited to cheer for the big leagues. Currently she's out in Iowa cheering for a small college. She calls him dad, more of a title; he's not actually her dad in this film, nor in real life. The two engage in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with the money shot on Sky's ass.

On its own Debbie Does Iowa is a pretty good title. This scene is not my favorite from the film, but it is definitely up there. This scene was pretty warm. In this scene Sky had dirty blonde hair and looked amazing.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 3: Sky, Blair Chandler, Devin Wolf
Scene from Debbie Does New Orleans (2001)
This scene starts with Sky, Blair, and Devin at a strip club. They're watching some girl strip. The three are getting aroused and they engage in sexual relations. Sky goes down on Devin, while Devin rubs and touches Blair. The scene then magically changes to an outdoor setting. The two girls take on Devin in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with the money shot on Blair's ass.

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Both Sky and Blair are dressed as cheerleaders in this scene. Their skirts eventually come off, but they leave their tops on. Sky has a dirty blonde hair in this feature and looks amazing as usual. Blair is a red haired gal with decent sized breasts. She's not as good looking as Sky, but she's not bad looking either.

During the outdoor activities of this scene the background music was used to replace any other kind of sound. I.e. we did not hear the girls moan at all. This wasn't a really good scene. It was more or less okay.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 4: Sky, Ian Daniels
Scene from Downloaded (????)
This scene begins right away with the action. Sky and Ian engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a very small facial. In this scene Sky has jet black hair. She looks pretty good. I didn't care much for the angle used for part of the oral scene, plus Ian's hand seemed to be in the way part of the time. Nonetheless it was a decent scene. The sex was fairly warm.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 5: Sky, Krystal Steal
Scene from Dumb Blonde (2003)
The girls are running around outdoors pretending to chase each other. They end up on a bench rubbing, sucking, licking, and touching one another. The scene consists of standard girl/girl action with no toys. The scene ends abruptly when the door bell rings and the girls run off to greet the milk man. Lucky guy.

Sky had darker hair in this scene. She looked great. Krystal Steal is a very beautiful blonde. She's got a fantastic body and large breasts. Seeing the two girls naked together was pretty nice. However the scene just lacked any punch. It could have been exciting, but it just wasn't.

The sound quality wasn't great in this scene. While you could hear Sky and Krystal moaning, it just wasn't very clear. The sound quality was just bad.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 6: Sky, Krystal Steal, Buck Legends
Scene from Dumb Blonde (2003)
Wow two scenes from the same feature? With the same two girls? This could be exciting as we get to see Sky and Krystal take on Buck. In this scene the two girls engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial.

The girls both looked amazing in scene, as they did in the other scene from this same title. The scene was pretty hot. The oral scene was amazing and the sex was just plain good. The girls had chemistry together and with Buck. Again like the other scene in this film, I wasn't happy with the audio quality. It just was poor. Nonetheless it was still a pretty hot scene.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 7: Sky, Randy Spears
Scene from Heaven's Revenge (2003)
Sky has dark hair in this scene. She looks pretty good in this scene. She's wearing a two piece red bikini. She takes on Randy Spears in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Sky jerking off Randy. It was a very short scene. Her top never came off, which would have made the scene that much better. It was overall decent, not great by any standards.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 8: Sky, Dillion Day
Scene from Sex At Six (2001)
Dillion is driving a car, while Sky unzips his pants. The car then stops and Sky gives Dillion a blow job. Sky then jerks off Dillion and he unloads into the air. By the laws of physics it ends up on himself. The scene was pretty dark, not a great picture, it was okay. The camera restrictions from the driver's seat of a car produced poor angles of the action. The scene was decent.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 9: Sky, Ian Daniels
Scene from To Catch a Cheat (1999)
In this scene Sky has dirty blonde hair. Sky is wearing a pink two piece that she can easily move for quick access. In this scene she and Ian are outside engaging in sexual relations. Little do they know that Chloe is photographing them. I am assuming Sky is cheating with Ian on someone or visa versa. They engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial.

The lighting was pretty bad, being the scene was outside and it was dark outside. The sound quality wasn't great, as sometimes the sounds were drowned out by the background music. Sky's oral segment was pretty good. The sex was fairly active and energetic. It was a fairly warm scene, but the audio/visual issues ruined it.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 10: Sky, Alex Taylor, Devon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Kobe Tai, Raylene, Taylor Hayes
Scene from Where The Boys Aren't 13 (2001)
Here we find eight girls outside drinking white wine. They discuss playing naked twister. Yet there is not twister game board present, but they decide to play anyways. The girls all strip off their clothing and conduct a large girl/girl scene. The girls are all great looking. Some of them get food smeared on their bodies. They also used whipped cream from a can. By the end the girls were all pretty dirty.

It was a little too much to handle, as there was so much going on. There was no central focus. Simply just too hard to tell what was going on. The picture was pretty dark, as it was outside and night time. The sound quality wasn't great. One moment it would be barely audible and then a scream which seemed too be way too loud. The scene wasn't really hot at all.
Rating: 5/10

Bonus Scene 1: Crystal Carter, Randy Spears Scene from Heart of Darkness (????)
Randy is at a bar reminiscing an encounter with Crystal. Crystal is a decent looking gal with large breasts. They engage in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with a facial. It was a decent scene, not that great, pretty dark picture.
Rating: 5/10

Bonus Scene 2: Zana, Steven St. Croix Scene from Jenna Loves Kobe (2001)
Zana is big breasted blonde girl. She's got a decent looking face and a wonderful body. She takes on Steven in oral and straight sex. The background music was annoying as usual, but seemed to be louder than Zana. She was less than audible through this scene. It was an okay scene.
Rating: 6/10

Bonus Scene 3: Alex Foxe, Chris Cannon Scene from Savanna Scores (2003)
Chris is drawing a nude portrait of Alexe. She suggests that something much more fun, sex! The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Alexe jerking off Chris. Alexe is a fairly cute red headed girl. She's a bit pale for my tastes. She has large breasts, nice legs, and a good body. The scene wasn't anything special.
Rating: 5/10

Concluding Words: I found this feature to be pretty decent when compared to other compilation titles I've seen. Sky is truly an amazing looking gal. Her performance is without a doubt very good. However, I felt there was a major flaw with this title. The audio and video issues I encountered dramatically lowered my impressions. This is the main reason why I tend to stay away from compilations.

With that aside the title was definitely decent. I am a fan of Sky, but really I just wasn't overly impressed with this title. Some of the scenes were good, but most were just okay. So unless you are a big fan of Sky you might want to just rent this title. It is worth a look.

Also I just wanted to add that Sky is a relatively plastic looking girl and so are all the other girls who join her. So if you prefer that natural look, you should definitely stay away from this title. If you don't mind the plastic look (like myself) then the title will server its purpose.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

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