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Fetish Garden, The

Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 11/18/03

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Fetish Garden

Director: Jose M. Ponce

Date of Production: 07/2003

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes on Cover, 1 hour 15 minutes actual

Genre: Vignette

Cast: Claudia Claire, Cristina Bella, Stacy Silver, Bibian Norai, Malena Conde, Miercoles, Robby Blake, Andrea Morati, Ramon Nomar, Lucas Foz

Video/Audio: The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen color. The colors are very rich and look fantastic. The lighting is dark in some of the scenes for atmosphere, but only has a problem with shadows blocking images here and there. The audio is presented in stereo and has a lot over overdubbing and narration. The music tends to be a little too loud in the mix.

Extras: Making of, Interviews, Trailers, Backstage Photobook, Movie Photobook, Cast Info, Production notes

Review: The Fetish Garden is the top tier of this fetish world and is an area you can only go to after you have learned to please others and enjoy your own body among other requirements. This dvd shows the steps involved into becoming a part of the Fetish Garden. The cast is comprised of real fetishists and the girls of Private both of whom sometimes share scenes with each other. Each of the scenes are "introduced" by the head mistress or a woman that has achieved a place in the garden itself.

Scene 1: Malena Conde, several dicks
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
After panning through a bar the camera comes to Malena, who is in latex and being groped by a man as she is lying on a table. We hear her thoughts as narration and cum begins to fall on her face. The crowd in the bar is now watching as several men jerk off on to Malena's face to form a mini bukkake. Not the hottest scene in the world, but it definitely sets the mood for the rest of the movie.

Scene 2: Stacy Silver, Masked man
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

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Stacy appears swinging in a sex swing. She is dressed in red and black fetish gear with her tits showing through the large holes in the chest of her outfit. Narration of her mistress giving her to a masked man for his pleasure plays as the scene progresses . Stacy starts things off by giving the man head while the mistress watches. The mistress begins her narration on how she likes to see complete submission as Stacy is back in the swing having her pussy fucked from behind. They use the swing in a couple of different positions before the masked man pulls out and cums on her ass. I absolutely hate those damn masks, but I love Stacy's outfit and the use of the swing. The sex was nice and Stacy appeared to have a smile sneak across her face a time or two during the scene. I really liked this scene despite the mask, it definitely generated more heat than the bukkake.

Scene 3: Malena Conde, Bibian Norai, ?
Acts Included: Oral, ?,?,?
Bibian and Malena walk into a room dressed in some very hot green latex outfits. In the room is a naked man that is strapped to bed. The girls tease him with their feet allowing him to suck on their toes every once in a while. They free the man from his straps and begin sucking his dick. The scene ends mid head bob by Bibian. This is surely a QC mess up and would explain why the actual running time is much shorter than the printed time. In the photos located in the movie photobook they show vaginal for both girls and anal for Bibian, but alas we do not get to see it in the movie itself. This is a major disappointment.

Scene 4: Cristina Bella, Claudia Claire, Malena Conde, Miercoles
Acts Included: Oral
Claudia and Miercoles are paired together while Malena and Cristina work on each other. The setting is a dungeon type of environment and the girls take turns eating and fingering each other on the sex furniture in the room before ending the scene with some very hot kissing between Claudia and Miercoles. Unfortunately, the two couples never join each other to have fun as one big group. This scene does have some very sexy images to look at , but tends to run on a little long. I think this would have been much better if the scenes were broken apart so you have two shorter scenes that focus on one of the couples at a time. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit during this one.

Scene 5: Cristina Bella, Claudia Claire, ?, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Cristina and Claudia are being punished by the mistress and must have sex with men as part of their punishment. (How bad do I have to be to be able to have sex with two gorgeous women?!) Both girls lick their way up their partners body until they reach the cocks that they promptly begin giving some very good head to. Miercoles from the previous scene is here but is strapped to the wall and just watches and there is a girl in a cage that has to watch as well. After their blowjobs, the guys bend over their "slaves" in opposite direction and bang the girls shaven pussies doggy style. Cristina uses the cage that one of the watchers is in to lean on while getting fucked. Both girls look fantastic as they ride reverse cowgirl. they have sex in a few different positions before each guy comes on each girls face to end out the scene. This is a great scene both women seem very into it and look absolutely gorgeous.

Scene 6: Stacy Silver, ?, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, DP, Facial
Stacy comes back to try the final test, to completely give up her body to pleasure. She only has on a purple latex cape and looks good in it damn it! (Think this might be left over from those comics I used to read when I was younger?:) ) Three hooded men are in the room waiting for her. She approaches one and sucks his prick before hopping on it and riding reverse cowgirl. The scene changes to Stacy now sucking the other two men in the room. After a very nice blow job, Stacy gets dp'ed by the two guys for quite a while before all three me cover her face with jizz. Another good one for Stacy. Great way to end this DVD.

Overall Thoughts: I normally don't like to do a scene breakdown for something I recommend to skip, but this one could be a lot higher if the third scene wasn't messed up, which explains the odd star rating with the final rating. I checked the dvd two more times in other players to make sure it wasn't the player before I chose the rating I've chosen. I really hope that I got a bad copy and others will not be like this, but I can't recommend something based on a defective disc. The video itself I thought was put together very well and the scene that is missing looked very promising in the photos. This could have easily been rated Recommended or higher if it wasn't for the mess up. Until I see this has been fixed I can only rate it Skip It.

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