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Hot Showers 8

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/22/03

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: All Girl

Director: Clive McClean

Cast: Koko, Austin, Ann Marie, Britney Alexander, Nyomi Marcela, Ginger Li, Angela, Ramona Luv, Ashley Long, Veronica Lace

Length: 82 Minutes

Date of Production: October 23, 2002

Extras: Photo Gallery, 5 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Footage, Trailers, Director Profile and Interview

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality was slightly hindered by low lighting in some scenes. The audio was presented in stereo. The sound quality was fairly good, but it had its drawbacks. Specifically the background music was sporadic within the scenes. It would be going, then stop, and then come back on. It was annoying to say the least. The background music, when present, drowned out the girl's verbal responses.

DVD Mechanics: Excellent DVD Navigation Menu System. There is a chapter (really scenes) menu. Within each chapter (scene) there are distinct segments that can include Intro, Fingering, Oral Sex 1, Oral Sex 2, Dildo 1, Dildo 2, etc. Essentially you can pick your favorite scene and jump to the action you want to see.

Body of Review: Director Clive McClean brings you the eighth installment of the Hot Showers series. Each title within this series revolves around a single concept, girl on girl action with lots of water. Girls get wet (externally and internally of course) by means of a bathing device, a shower, bathtub, pullet spray facet, etc.

In this feature we are presented with ten different girls, who all are relatively young looking. We watch the girls clean themselves (and each other), get wet, and get off in a variety of settings that range from a community showering facility, to a unique designed shower, and a bathtub. Here is a scene by scene break down.

Scene 1 - Ebony & Ivory: Koko, Austin
Austin is a petite blonde haired girl with small breasts. Similarly but not, Koko is a dark haired gal with small breasts. Both girls are decent looking with a young appeal.

This scene opens with Austin entering a community showering facility. Koko happens to walk by the very exposed and opened window and she talks to Austin and joins her in the shower. The girls then start soaping each other down with their hands and a sponge. Then the music stops.

Austin says "Hey guess what I'm doing right now."
Koko replies "What, what are you doing right now?"
Austin innocently responds "I'm taking a pee."
Koko pretending to be shocked says "You're joking!"
Austin shyly replies "No I'm serious."
Koko responds with an unconvincing "Oh great."

The scene continues without the background music and the girls engage in girl/girl action under the shower. Soon they stop showering and dry each other off. They proceed to pleasure each other and eventually Austin uses a big blue toy on Koko.

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The scene was mildly warm. The girls weren't that hot in my opinion, their scene together just seemed slow and dismal. I however did enjoy the opening of the scene, watching the water trickle down various body parts of Austin. That was hot, but the love making was not. Should I be a poet? You know it. Okay I'll stop.

I included a portion of the dialogue from this because I found it funny. It was an interesting interlude and not something I personally enjoy. You can't really tell she's peeing, there's so much water trickling down her body. Nevertheless, it's not my thing, but it was humorous.
Rating: 4/10

Scene 2 - Cirque Du Femme: Ann Marie, Britney Alexander
Ann Marie is a petite dark haired girl. She's cute with small breasts. She looks absolutely sexy dressed in a yellow poke-a-dotted shirt with just a bikini. Britney is another petite gal with dirty blonde hair. Surprisingly she has small breasts as well, a cute face, and an okay body. She also has some accent I can't identify.

This scene opens with Ann convincing Britney to take a shower with her. Britney acts shy, but Ann gets her in. The girls soap each other down. They get out of the shower and have oral sex, use toys, etc.

The showering in this scene was rather short. Ann Marie covered in water as it poured down her curves was exciting. I was disappointed. Britney was getting very annoying with her "Oh yeah." She seemed to be over doing her scene. I enjoy part of the scene, but overall it wasn't that great.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 3 - Orient Express: Nyomi Marcela, Ginger Li
Nyomi Marcela, sister of the lovely Jade Marcela. Nyomi is absolutely gorgeous, her long dark hair, slim firm body, perky breasts, and tan skin give her a sexy exotic look. Ginger is an Asian gal who probably doesn't see the sun much. She's fairly pale with a shapely figure. She's definitely attractive with decent sized breasts and beautiful dark hair.

We start this scene with Ginger getting in a large bathtub. Nyomi shows up and asks her what she's doing, since they were supposed to go out with some guys. Ginger says she doesn't want to, she wants to stay here. Nyomi strips and jumps in the bathtub. There's no actually shower in this scene, they use a pullout spray facet to water down each other. The girls use their hands, mouths, and a blue dildo to pleasure each other.

Ginger repeatedly sucks on her own toes. I found this more disturbing than exciting. What say you? I really like Nyomi Marcela (and her sister) but this scene just lacked any real strong heat or excitement.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 4 - Uncle Tom's Cabin: Angela, Ramona Luv
Angela is a blonde with a slight accent. She has decent sized breasts, an okay face, and a nice body. Her counterpart of this scene Ramona has dark hair, very small breasts, a nice body, and an attractive face.

This scene takes place in a bathtub. Not a large one like the previous scene, but a small standard generic white bathtub. Anyways Angela enters the cabin dressed tells Ramona she's waiting for her to get out. Guess what? They decide to share the bath time. Angela gets naked and gets in the tub. The two go to work on each other.

This scene missed the premise of this feature, which were hot showers. Instead we got a luke-warm bath. I would have preferred to see the girls take a shower or at least use something to pour water on each other. Nevertheless the scene was fairly good. The girls had some heat together.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 5 - Green Park, London: Ashley Long, Veronica Lace
Ashley is a dirty blonde haired girl with small breasts. She's cute enough looking with an English accent. Her partner in crime is Veronica who is dark haired gal with small breasts. She also has an English accent. She's pretty cute as well.

This scene starts with Ashley raking leaves in her "garden," more like yard. Oddily enough she has a shower that is exposed to the world that she uses to clean herself off. The two girls say they're hot and they take a shower. The girls soap each other down. They proceed to lick, rub, and touch each other. In order to accomplish this goal they use their hands and mouths.

At one point the background music stops and we hear this screaming high pitched noise. It is coming from the shower. It was annoying and severely ruined this scene. The girls were cute, but not screaming hot. Neither was this scene for that matter.
Rating: 3/10

Concluding Words: While watching this I had one constant thought repeat in my head. If those two girls are covered soap and we can see the soap spuds on their body, when the lick each other does it taste like soap? Yes it must.

I suppose if you are witnessing ten rather attractive girls engage in various sexual acts and that is the common reoccurring thought in your mind, then what does it mean? Well it means that this film wasn't that great.

In fact this feature was closer to horrible. The girls while somewhat cute they just didn't seem to click together. The scenes lacked any heat or chemistry. I think part of my dissatisfaction with this title was the lack of hot shower scenes. Oddly enough this should have been a major component of this feature, as the title Hot Showers seems to imply this. I would have really liked to have seen longer shower segments within each scene of this feature.

Reviews of sequential titles of this series have received better reviews. If you enjoy girl/girl action with water, check out the reviews of Hot Showers 9, Hot Showers 10, and Hot Showers 11. Anyways, just be sure to skip this title.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

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