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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/24/03

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Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Enright

Cast: Teri Weigel, Jessica Drake, Dolorian, Elizabeth Delmar, Julie Robbins, Brad Armstrong, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Dale Dabone, Shanna McCullough

Length: 88 Minutes

Date of Production: May 15, 2003

Behind the Scenes: All Access: the Making of Angelique:
This featurette is a 19 minute presentation of the making of Angelique. We get a view of the set and to hear the opinions and comments of the cast members and director. It's pretty interesting to hear their thoughts. We also get to view the personalities of the cast. Plus there are a few laughs involved. Evan Stone has a little situation with Elizabeth Delmar that's just funny. That guy is great. Every behind the scenes feature I've seen with him is funny.

Director/Star Commentary with Jim Enright and Teri Weigel:
The commentary by Jim and Teri provided a variety of information, humor, and in sight. They joke together; discuss the cast and the stage. There were several parts when the audio cut out, very annoying. I enjoyed the commentary; it contained some laugh worthy humor, though it is very different from what you hear in mainstream films. They common commonly refer to Evan as silly boy. Evan had an accent which I deemed horrible, they speak of. Apparently he kept changing the way the accent sounded, French, English, etc.

Star Profiles: Brief biographical statistics of Teri Weigel, Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong, and Randy Spears

Star Galleries: Individual photo galleries from this feature of Teri Weigel, Jessica Drake, Dorlorian, Elizabeth Delmar, Julie Robbins

Interview with Teri Weigel: A short interview regarding her role in this feature

Interview with Jessica Drake: A short interview regarding her role in this feature

Interview with Elizabeth Delmar: A short interview regarding her role in this feature

Interview with Melissa Monet: A short interview regarding her role as a scriptwriter in this feature

DVD-ROM Content: Wicked Casino Game, All of the Wicked Awards Winners and Nominations, Desktop Background in 3 different sizes

Other Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promotional Materials,

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color. The picture quality was very good. It was a little dark in some scenes, but it added to the mood. The sound was presented in Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The audio quality was excellent. The background music during sex scenes was unobtrusive and relaxing music. It was not too loud, nor was it not bad to listen either. No complaints or issues on my part.

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Body of Review: Wicked presents a Jim Enright feature, Angelique. This feature stars Teri Weigel as Angelique. Angelique is a creative art motivated exotic photographer. She uses body paint and other materials to draw on her models. She believes that the creativity representatives the love the two individuals share. Brad Armstrong plays the role as her Jacob, Angelique's love. Angelique and Jacob have been working to put on an art show. Angelique does the photographing while Jacob handles all of the administrative portions of the business. They have a dispute about the progress of her work. In anger Angelique fires Jacob and storms out. She goes off to visit Dolorian as Collette and Jessica Drake as Mariah. Will Angelique realize her love? Will she feel the passion she does for her photography to finish her art show in time? Who or what will she shoot?

Other roles in this feature consist of Evan Stone who plays as Arman, the assistant to Angelique. Evan uses a bad accent, kind of comical. Elizabeth Delmar plays Susette, another assistant to Angelique. Randy Spears plays an unnamed role within this feature.

Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Teri Weigel
Teri Weigel is a large breasted curly haired brunette. She has a nice body and a decent face. In this scene she masturbates and covers herself in paint. It only lasted about five minutes, just some kind of introduction to the film. It was okay.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 2: Julie Robbie, Dale Dabone
Julie is a blonde with an okay face, decent sized breasts, and an okay body. In this scene we find Julie and Dale on a photo set. They are instructed to take some finger paints and cover each other and then do whatever they want. The two engage in oral and straight sex. This scene ends with Dale unloading on Julie's chest. This scene was okay. I just don't really have anything to say about it, I mean it just didn't do it for me.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 3: Jessica Drake, Dolorian
Both Jessica and Dolorian have dirty blonde hair, decent sized breasts, and a cute face. We begin this scene with Jessica reading a book in bed. Dolorian shows up and the two have a brief dialogue and end up making out. This scene includes standard girl/girl action with the use of a variety of toys. This scene was pretty decent with two very cute girls going at it. It wasn't hot or anything, but it was enjoyable.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 4: Teri Weigel, Randy Spears
In this scene we find Teri and Randy outside. Teri is getting ready to photograph Randy. She pulls out a brush/drawing utensil and starts drawing on Randy. Then the scene fades and they are in her home both nude and Randy has what looks like Chinese character written on his body. The two then engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a massive facial. Teri looked pretty good during her oral segment. She and Randy had a bit of chemistry, except there were a few parts of the scene where it sounded like she could have been falling asleep. She even said that she's having so much pleasure she could go to sleep right now. Not encouraging, but it was a pretty good scene.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 5: Elizabeth Delmar, Evan Stone
Elizabeth is a young looking blonde with small breasts. She's got a nice body. In this scene she and Evan were getting drawn on by Teri. The Evan and Elizabeth engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. During the oral segment they did a camera angle that I enjoy. Evan is lying on his back, Elizabeth is on standing up, but she is bent over at the waist. The camera comes in from a lower angle behind and between Elizabeth's legs. Thus we are given a view of the blow job, her ass, her breasts, and her legs. It was definitely hot. However the remainder of this scene wasn't anything special.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 6: Teri Weigel, Brad Armstrong
Teri's wearing this ugly jean hat, top, and bottom matching combo set. In this scene she visits Brad at his home. He tells her he loves her and that she's self absorbed. They start making out and it leads to a little oral and straight sex. Brad ends the scene by giving her a nice facial. This scene was pretty good. Teri certainly can give a good blow job. She and Brad seemed to work decently together.
Rating: 6/10

Concluding Words: In hope to better understand this feature I looked up the word Angelique. This is what I found.

"Angelique: any of various tall and stout herbs of the genus Angelica having pinnately compound leaves and small white or greenish flowers in compound umbels, especially A. archangelica, whose roots and fruits are used in flavoring liqueurs and whose stems are candied and eaten." [1] Well as you can tell the name had absolutely nothing to do with the feature. Yes it was Teri Weigel's name in this feature, but I had assumed it meant more. Maybe I missed something. Maybe they picked it because they liked the sound?

Anyways I just recently reviewed Brad Armstrong feature presented by Wicked called Improper Conduct. I was really happy it. I was looking forward to reviewing something else from this studio, but unfortunately this feature Angelique seemingly had very little excitement in it. I was also put off by the drawing on the body. It just looked weird. Mostly it was only an issue on the first few scenes. I felt the neon bright colored paint also deflected the attention on the individuals in the feature. Since Gestalt psychology would suggest so as well. But not all the scenes were bad. Later in the feature it wasn't a big issue.

In a more positive note I was again blown away by the presentation of the DVD. The level of audio quality was very good. The video quality was awesome as well. The DVD was pretty packed with extras like a behind the scenes feature, directory commentary, star profiles, and interviews with the cast. These were very nice inclusion to the DVD.

There is enough in this DVD to kept one interested for a viewing or two. So I'm recommending this for rent. It's probably not the best purchase, since there are plenty of other better titles out there. However it is still worth a look. On another note this feature fits the profile for couples very well. It is a very tame film that anyone looking for clean straight sex will enjoy.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

[1] http://www.dictionary.com

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