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Multiple P.O.V. #2

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 11/26/03

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Multiple POV 2
Redlight District

Director: Vince Vouyer

Date of Production: 08/16/2003

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Anita, Bernadetta, Jane, Laura, Liliane, Lucy, Sabina, Viktoria

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color on par with other Redlight releases. Crisp video with some blockiness occurring during fade in or out and quick movements. Audio is stereo with crisp clear sound.

Extras: Behind The Scenes (Vince's website address constantly scrolls across the bottom of the screen), Bonus Footage, Photo Gallery, Trailers

Scene 1: Jennifer Dark, Viktoria, Erik
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Jennifer and Viktoria (listed as Viktorie in Semen Sippers) walk through the door towards the camera. They introduce themselves and ask "us" our name. They explain money is needed before we can even see them. The proceed to do more and more asking for money each time to continue. The money thing has already gotten old by now so I hope it doesn't continue the whole scene. After getting a hundred dollars to lick Viktoria's pussy the start to suck "our", Erik's, dick. I must say they do a very sexy job at this as we look down to them with a dick in their mouths. The girls bend over and out comes the money again and is stuffed in their panties. Viktoria is first up for fucking as Jennifer encourages and waits to suck more dick. Jennifer gets her chance to screw as she lies back on the bed for missionary. Viktoria likes what she sees and lies back for her missionary fuck while Jennifer sucks and licks her tits. More of the money nonsense occurs before Jennifer allows some butt fucking to take place. She rides the cock cowgirl leaning all the way back away from the camera giving great view of her pussy and thighs. They move over to the couch to continue fucking. Viktoria straddles Jennifer's back s both of their asses are stuck out. Erik switches back and forth between Viktoria's pussy and Jennifer's asshole. Erik fucks Viktoria as Jennifer's face is positioned directly under her hole. Erik pulls out and shoots cum in her face and in her mouth. Viktoria moves around to lick the cum off of Jennifer's face before the fade. Jennifer is too cute! Her facial expressions can add so much to a scene. We get some good sex here, but the natural flow of things are interrupted by the money transactions. It could have been better.

Scene 2: Liliane, Anita, Vince
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial

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Anita shows up without her friend and says she'll be there in ten minutes. Vince notices Anita has quite a bit of hair on her snatch and suggests shaving. (The shaving scene is in the Boner Footage) Liliane shows up at the door and is sucking Vince's...uh, I mean, the viewers dick in no time. She is lead back to a bedroom where her friend laying with her legs spread. Liliane gets undressed and gets on all fours to be fucked. Anita massages her amazingly beautiful and big tits before getting in on a little doggy style action herself. Oh no! More of that damn money changing hands crap. Way to ruin the momentum of the scene. When they finally get back to fucking, Liliane is getting it from behind again before Vince moves over to bang Anita's asshole. Vince returns to Liliane and proceeds to stuff his cock into her backdoor as well. Back to Anita we go, fucking her missionary in her pussy and then her ass as Liliane rubs and sucks her tits. Vince moves back to pound Liliane's pierced little pussy some before sliding back into her behind for a brief moment. The scene abruptly changes to Anita sliding her asshole down on to Vince's prick. Attention breast men!!! The shots of Anita here have some fantastic footage of her enormous boobs bounce. Anita hops of and Liliane hops on to ride very fast at first and slowing down to steady pace before taking it in the backdoor again. Anita enjoys another round of cowgirl before bending over to let vince fuck her ass and pussy to work up the cumshot that goes on Liliane's cute face. Anita goes down to kiss and lick the cum before Vince tells them to take their money and go. Man this stuff with the money has got to stop! It's not arousing, it interrupts the flow of the scene and is not funny. The sex was better here since there was only one interruption. The women were very hot. I can't wait for someone to get Jane Darling and Anita or Liliane and Jennifer Dark together.

Scene 3: Sabina Black, Vince
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Sabina shows up and talks for a few moments before they start discussing money, damn it. She strips down to her underwear and shows off a little before putting Vince's dick in her mouth. She looks amazing with a dick in her mouth. She swings her butt around to get her slit banged from behind for a while before taking it in the ass. He pulls out of her ass quickly which causes a pop sound and immediately slides into her pussy for a few strokes then gives it to her to suck. Sabina takes Vince in to her pussy again in cowgirl before laying back to take him in her ass missionary and spoon. Sabina's pretty face is covered with sperm. Nice scene. The hottest thing about it is Sabina's breathy whispers as she is being banged. I'm not sure how this fits in with the Multiple POV title since she is the only female in the scene.

Scene 4: Lucy Lee, Bernadetta, Vince
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
More of the damn money talk starts out this scene. Lucy and Bernadetta begin by giving a joint blowjob to Vince after the money has been discussed. Vince pulls out of Lucy's mouth to place his dick straight into Bernadetta's asshole. They start more money talk and Vince moves over to Lucy's rear to continue. Both women have stellar backsides, so it's easy to see why he is going back and forth between the two as they are facing away from each other with him in between. They both perform reverse cowgirl with one girl hopping off the other is immediately hopping on. After several minutes of only fucking their asses, Vince finally tries out Bernadetta's pussy for mere moments then goes back up her butt. Lucy also gets a minute amount of vaginal sex the takes it back into her backdoor. The girls move through different positions including the piggyback position from the first scene with more anal and vaginal sex for both before the cumshot they take on their faces. It began with it and it ends with it, money. Decent scene, too much going back and forth between the girls to really get a feeling of whether or not they were actually into it or not. They do smile a lot and it seems if they have fun but, the chemistry never gets going the way it should.

Scene 5: Jane Darling, Laura Lion, Vince
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
The girls show up and show off their bodies before telling him it's 100 bucks each to get a blowjob. Vince pays up and the girls go to work. Another 200 dollars later he gets to fuck them both. Jane does some seriously sexy hip movements as his dick is in her from behind. While getting more head from Laura, Vince asks how much it would be for anal...another hundred and his dick is in her ass. Before fucking Laura he gets more money to give to her for fucking. He stretches her little butthole first before going into her pussy. Anyone who doubts Jane Darling's absolute sexiness needs to watch the way she looks into the camera and works her hips as she fucks Vince in missionary. Vince moves over to Laura's ass again then back to Jane's almost losing it for the third time. With her pussy and ass being too much for him he moves up to fuck her tits and cum on her tongue. After cumming, he goes back to her pussy and then has her sit her butt on his dick. Laura get her turn riding cowgirl both vaginal and anal before going back to Jane's pussy which causes his second pop that he shoots on Laura's face this time. We got to see longer periods of time spent with each girl at a time which really made this scene one of the best scenes of the dvd.

Overall Thoughts: I had some really high hopes for this dvd. Although it's not the worst dvd I've seen, it's not the best. The money situations add absolutely nothing to the scenes and winds up taking too much away from the sexual heat. Hopefully, this will be eliminated from future volumes of Multiple POV, it wasn't in the first one so I'm not sure why it's here. The POV thing is a neat concept and seems to work the best when the guy getting screwed doesn't talk because it ruins the thin illusion of it being the viewer being the guy having sex with these women. It's a simple concept that has been done very well in the past, but here it just falls short of the mark. The second and last scenes are the best of the bunch and I would recommend to Rent It just for those two scenes.

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