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Outlaw Nymphets

Studio: Erotic Angel » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/29/03

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Genre: Straight

Director: Pearl Stone

Cast: Simone, Brittney Skye, Jolean, Kelly Star, Velvet Rose, Jay, John West, Eric Masterson, Lee Stone, Kyle Stone

Length: 90 Minutes

Date of Production: August 27, 2003

Extras: Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video is presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color. The picture quality was very good, I did not notice a grainy/blocky picture. However, the lighting was pretty bad. Each scene was pretty dark, which I felt poorly complimented the cast of this title. The audio was presented in stereo surround sound. The sound quality was very good, sharp and crisp. The unfortunate part was the background music. It was loud and raucous. During the being of the sex scenes it would be too loud, and then drop down a bit, and then come back up. I felt the issues of lighting and the background music greatly hindered this title.

DVD Mechanics:

Body of Review: Erotic Angel presents Outlaws Nymphets present five girls in one on one scenes. This title probably can't be construed as a feature, but it does have an underlying plot. The five girls are outlaws wanted for some crime or another. The girls' opposite roles in each scene are bounty hunters that have finally tracked the girls down. These girls are willing to do anything to avoid being taken in. In other words the girls use the power of sexual seduction to turn their captors into their lovers.

Scene 1: Velvet Rose, Kyle Stone

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Velvet Rose is a decently cute girl. She's got ample sized breasts and a decent body. She also has one of the weirdest hairstyles I've ever seen before, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. She's also got a good number of piercings. Overall, she's not the most exciting girl to look at. In this scene Kyle Stone plays as the role of a bounty hunter. Velvet Rose is wanted for sexing men to death. Kyle finds Velvet lying seductively on a bed. Kyle tells her that he's come to bring her in. Velvet makes a deal with Kyle that if he survives having sex with her, she'll go in quietly. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. Well while I did not find Velvet the most attractive girl, she and Kyle had a decent scene. The oral segment was probably the best part of it. The sex was also pretty heated and so on. But that hair was just way too distracting. Overall it was a decent scene.
Rating: 4/10

Scene 2: Jolean, Eric Masterson
Jolean has very long blonde hair, small breasts, a really good body, and a cute face. She's dressed in a light blue tube top and a jean skirt. In this scene Eric has found Jolean and has to take her in. She's willing to do anything to avoid being taken in. After a bit of dialogue the two come to the conclusion that they will have sex. Eric and Jolean engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Eric unloading on Jolean's chest. This was another okay scene. There really wasn't anything special about it that stood. Jolean is a very attractive girl, but her performance was just okay.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 3: Kelly Star, Jay
Kelly Star is large breasted black girl. She's got a homely looking face. In this scene we find Jay containing her. She's been caught and Jay, as a bounty hunter will get a 40 thousand dollar reward for her capture. However Kelly believes she has something that's worth more than money. Jay declines. Have no fear as Kelly doesn't give up. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. This scene was less than okay. The heat was seemingly lacking. Perhaps I was just so un-attracted to this girl that it made it hard to enjoy. I'm not sure, but I do know it wasn't very exciting in any capacity.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 4: Brittney Skye, Lee Stone
Brittney Skye is a very attractive blonde gal with ample breasts, cute face, and a nice body. In this scene the bounty for Brittney is 50 thousand dollars. Lee finds her in the middle of pleasuring herself. She works out a deal with Lee to let her go. Surprisingly the two will have sex. They engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Lee unloading on Brittney's chest. This was a pretty good scene, much better than the previous scenes. The oral segment wasn't the best I've seen, but it was decent. Specifically the heat of this scene was the sex scene and simply seeing Brittney naked body. Again this was a pretty good.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 5: Simone, John West
Simone is the girl from the cover of this DVD. Simone is a cute petite gal, with small breasts and a great body. In this scene we find her a sleep on a bed when John West (another bounty hunter dressed in swim trunks?) enters. He tells her that he's been tracking her for a month and it's time to take her in. She tries to run, but he stops her. She like the other girls doesn't want to go in. They decide to work something out, which is sex. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with John unloading on Simone's stomach. This was also a pretty good scene. There was some definite heat between Simone and John west. The oral segment was a little too slow for my tastes, but the sex was definitely heated. There was some good action in this scene.
Rating: 7/10

Concluding Words: I wasn't really happy with this title. While it did have some good content, I think the audio and visual aspects greatly hindered this title. The issue of poor lighting and loud background music can always ruin an adult film. I felt this title did have some great potential, as the girls were all relatively attractive, the picture and sound quality were great. But the lighting and background music helped kill it.

Another issue I have with this title was the plot. The plot was so pointless and stupid. I would have rather have just scene the girls not take on these roles and just jump into the sex scenes. Well, they did pretty much just jump in the sex scenes. I think they could have improved upon the plot greatly by changing the scenario a bit. I mean all the scenes started with the girl on a bed and the dude playing as bounty hunter entering the room, then a brief dialogue about taking the girl in and then the girl telling the guy that she'll have sex with him if he doesn't. It was just pointless to even include any kind of plot like this.

This title has some stuff that is worth checking out. However it's not a worthy addition to your library. The content was just poorly done in my opinion. I suggest you rent this title. More so, if you enjoy girls with that young natural look you may enjoy this title. Just a quick end note. If it wasn't for the scenes with Brittney Skye and Simone, I would've suggested skipping this title.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

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