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All Star: Brunettes

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 12/6/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

This is a series of sex scenes from other movies.  I usually like these because you get to see several different people screwing, and there is no plot to get in the way of the sex.  All ten scenes in this 'movie' are straight one guy-one girl screws.  Lets take a look at the what's on the disc, shall we?

Scene One:  Nikita Denise and Dillion Day from Angel.

They both start clothed, kissing and groping each other, and then the clothes magically disappear and they get down to it.  A standard sex scene.  He eats and fingers her, she blows him, he fucks her (w/ condom) and then slips it in her ass.  Cums on her face.  Average.

Scene Two:  Alexandra Silk and Vince Vouyer for Big Island Blue's

I liked this one.  Alex starts off in a bikini blowing her man on the beach.  She really seemed to enjoy scarfing that tube steak.  The swim suits evaporate, and she rides him, and he goes spelunking with his dick in her butt.  He ends up squirting her face.  A short but hot scene.  Alexandra doesn't have big tits, but she is nice to look at, and gives a good performance.

Scene Three:  April and Cheyne Collins (like any of us care who the guy is) from House of Lies.

Cheyne starts out eating April, who is pierce:  tongue, navel and clit.  she reciprocates and then they fuck (w/condom.)  He shoots on her tits.  There isn't any music in this one, just her soft moaning.  It could have used a little audio boost.  Not really that exciting.

Scene Four:  Stephanie Swift and Vince Vouyer from The Mobster's Wife.

This starts off slow, but has a nice finish.  The couple start clothed and kissing in a bathroom.  They actually take each other's clothes off, and perform some oral on each other.  They do the dirty, and she doesn't look like she's getting into it too much.  When it's time for the money shot, she's lying on her back sticking a dildo up her pooper, and he's jerking off in her face.  After he cums, she continues to work herself over while playing with her clit.  Vince squeezes her tits and holds her head.  Stephanie really gets hot and cums hard.  A real nice ending.

Scene Five:  Baily and Pat Myne from Watcher 11.

This is one annoying clip.  It takes place outside by a pool.  Baily's in the water, and Pat is sitting on the edge.  He offers to clean her tonsils with his cock, and she accepts.  The irritating part is that there is someone 'filming' them from behind a pillar.  So every couple of minutes the image goes from color to a black and white simulated camcorder view finder.  A lot of this footage has a concrete beam in half the frame.  Nothing gets you off like a cement pillar, let me tell ya.

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After Pat is finished checking her tonsils, he checks her tits, then her pussy and her ass (with a condom) with his same instrument.  She moans rather convincingly as he puts it up her butt.  The scene cuts, and then she's riding him with her ass for all she's worth.  He shoots a good load on her face and mouth.

Scene Six:  Autumn and Cheyne Collins form Bedazzled.

Another Bathroom scene. Autumn and Cheyne kiss, suck and fuck on a chair.  No anal, and he releases on her tits.  A short scene.  Autumn is one of the more attractive women in this compilation, but she ruins the scene by continually looking at the camera with this "When do I get my money?" look.  She never seemed to relax.  I assume that this is one of her first movies.

Scene Seven:  No credits.

A girl plays with herself as a guy watches.  She really goes to town fingering herself.  I thing she's lost of her keys in there or something.  He takes off some of her clothes, and eats lunch at the Y, then she does a short strip tease and takes off the rest.  As he climbs on and starts to go to town, she realizes that she was looking for her keys in the wrong place and starts fingering her ass.  She really starts to get into it.  The guy finishes by cumming on her face.  Hottest scene in the movie.

Scene Eight:  Chole and Tony Tedeschi from Cream On 2.

Nice scene.  When we first see our two love birds, they are naked in an office, and he's sucking on her small titties.  She moans heavily while he fingers her and then eats her ass.  Tony really fucks Chole good with that tongue.  Then he screws her on a desk, even though there's a couch nearby.   Go figure.  He pounds her ass, which is the least she can do since her rimmed her, and cums on her ass.  Chole really was hot and fucked up a storm.

Scene Nine:  Lola and Marty Romono from Perfection.

Typical scene.  Lola sucks on this biker guy, then he fingers her.  She really moves and groans when his fingers are up her snatch.  She sucks him some more, and he comes on her face.  Marty really moans a lot when he cums.  It sounded like he was being stabbed.  Lola did a good job.

Scene Ten:  Meriesa and Pay Myne from Watcher 17.

This time they do it in a room in what looks like a church.  After the obligatory oral sex, Pat does Meriesa like a dog and slaps her ass while he bangs her.  He does her in the ass, and she slides down his pole with tight butt.  He cums on her tongue.  This would have been a nice scene, but the director got all artsy-fartsy.  Between the cuts, he inserted a smoke effect to make the jump cuts look more natural.  He also used camera effects several times where the image was retained on the screen for a few seconds that made the actors look like they were fucking under a mutant strobe light.  Listen Francis Ford,  we don't care.  We really don't care if it has interesting camera angles or great cinematography.  As long as we can see 'em sweat, we're happy.

None of the women had large tits, so if that's important to you, you should pass this one by.  All of the scenes were pretty tame, and they all had a do-it-by-the-numbers feel to them.  Would probably be a good choice to watch with a partner who is not as versed in porn.

The DVD:

My main gripe about this disc is the forced commercials at the beginning.  There are non-skipable spots for Vivid's web site, and "Herbal Vivid."  Then there are 6 commercials for pay chat lines that you can fast forward through, but the chapter skip and menu buttons are disabled.  I know many adult DVDs have these, but they suck and I'm tired of them.


Since this is a compilation disc, the quality varies.  Some of the scenes are a little soft, and others are very clear.  Overall a good presentation.  The audio was fine also, nothing distracting.

The Extras:

Bonus Room:  Three extra scenes.  Some of these are better than the ones included in the movie.

First:  From Color Blind 8 with Miko Lee, Bobbie Vitalo and Pat Myne.

They are in the back of a van, and Pat is a "rookie" at porn movies.  Miko sucks him, and Bobbie, seeing her pussy so inviting plows her.  They change places and then Pat goes anal on her.  The two guys DP Miko, who seems to like it, and then they both com on her face.  The scene is kind of funny and has a gonzo feel because the cameraman is talking to the actors the whole time.  "Turn this why into the light..."

Second:  Frm Girl with the Heart Shaped Tattoo with Felecia, Nancy Vee, and Tom Byron.

This is a weird scene.  Two girls with feather masks eat each other on a round bed while a clown watches.  A guy is lightly hitting them both with a cat 'o nine tails.  He eventually joins and shots his wad in one of the girl's faces.

Third:  From Student Body with Violet Love, Julian, and Mr. Marcus.

Ahhh, the good ol' cheerleader fantasy.  A cheerleader (with really nice tits) fucks two football players on a couch.  This is intercut scenes of a girl cleaning a bathroom who starts playing with herself.  Pretty good scene.

Behind the Scenes:  Really lame 11 minute montage of the filming of Bedazzled.   No interviews, just shots of the crew filming the scenes.

Photo Gallery:  Two minute loop of still shots.

Final Thoughts:

Not a great compilation but a good one.  Nothing exciting, but some of the scenes were hot.  Might be a good DVD for someone who would be turned off by a gang bang or lesbians with strap-ons scene.  Recommended.

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