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20 Candles

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 12/8/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: David Stanley

Cast: Kira Kener as Kristy, Tracy as Heather Lyn, Chennin Blanc as Linda, Ian Daniels as John, Devon Wolf as Barry, Clark Irving as George

Length: 76 Minutes

Date of Production: August 11, 2000

Selected Scenes with Multiple Angles: Selected portions of selected scenes have a second picture to view the action in a different angle. This is a nice feature, but there were some issues with it. One problem was the two angles weren't always in sync, i.e. the action in the first angle is different than the second angle. So really it's not different angles, its just different points of time. Also some parts the multiple angle indicator came on, but there was no second angle. You are also given a setup menu that allows you to turn the multiple angle indicator on and off. The weird thing about this is that the menu background features Cassidey, who is not in this film.

Out takes and Bloopers: 5 minutes of bloopers. The content isn't really funny or anything. The sound is also really hard to hear, you'll most likely have to turn the volume way up too hear anything.

Positions Room: This extra feature presents the viewer with the option to view all position specific segments of the feature in one streaming clip. The positions include female oral, male oral, missionary, cowgirl, doggie, anal, and the money shot.

Photo Galleries: Kira Kener, Chennin Blanc, Heather Lyn

Vivid Girl Extras: Five bonus scenes, descriptions given at the end of the scene by scene breakdown

Audio/Video: The video is presented in 1.33:1 Full Frame color. The picture quality is standard Vivid, a little blocky/grainy. The entirely picture seemed to have an excess amount of red in the coloring. This was more annoying than anything. The audio was presented in stereo surround. Some scenes the background music was too loud. But overall it was decent.

DVD Mechanics: DVD opens with several minutes very annoying ads for Vivid website, Herbal Vivid (like Viagra?), phone sex ads, and Vivid endorsed sex toys that you can skip.

Body of Review:
This Vivid feature directed by David Stanley stars the beautiful Kira Kener. This feature was originally produced in 2000 and then duplicated in 2002. However it hasn't been available on DVD until just recently. For more information regarding Kira Kener, please check out my review of her Vivid compilation title The Real Kira Kener.

The Plot:
The date is August 9, 1990. Young rock star Barry (Devon Wolf) has just recently hit the jackpot. He has everything he needs in life. He's got wonderful friends and a loving girlfriend, Tracy (Heather Lyn). The only thing he doesn't have is her hand in marriage. Barry a little egotistical and full of himself asks Tracy to be his wife in a very degrading manner. She storms out on him. His friend's girlfriend Linda (Chennin Blanc), a bit of a slut, sees an opportunity to finally bed the heart broken Barry. Unfortunately for Barry's relationship and future, Tracy returns to find Barry and Linda sharing an "intimate moment." Well, 10 years go by and it's August 9, 2000. Barry's life has gone done hill since the day he lost Tracy. He'd give anything to return back and fix the past.

Stop reading if you don't want to read potential spoilers regarding the plot of this adult film. Just skip this next paragraph.

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His lovely neighbor Kristy (Kira Kener), who turns out to be his biggest fan, celebrates his birthday with him. Kristy is convinced that wishes come true. She convinces Barry to blow out his candles and make a wish. He's whisked away from the past and given another opportunity to do things right! This time he asks Tracy to marry him properly and she says yes. But she freaks out about something else, then Barry realizes that there's nothing he could have done. He wasn't meant to be with Tracy.

Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Heather Lyn, Devon Wolf
Heather is a decently attractive red haired gal with small breasts and an okay body. She takes on Devon in this scene in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. The pair had a pretty heated scene. While I was not very attracted to her, I did enjoy the excitement she brought to the scene. The scene was hindered by obtrusive background music, which more or less just sounded like screeching noise. This scene featured multiple angles, the first angle was slightly red and the second was a bit too yellow. It was probably the natural sunlight from the windows. Anyways, pretty good scene.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 2: Chennin Blanc, Devon Wolf
Chennin is a very cute blonde gal. She has ample firm breasts, a great body, and a cute face. She and Devon engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. I really enjoyed this scene. There was a good amount of action, lots of excitement. Chennin's a hot girl who took on Devon really well. This scene did not have multiple angles, which was slightly disappointing. The lighting wasn't the best in this scene. There was an off red tint in the picture. Better than good scene!
Rating: 6/10

Scene 3: Kira Kener, Ian Daniels
Kira is an extremely beautiful brunette with a great body, lovely face, and large breasts. In this scene she takes on Ian in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Ian unloading on Kira's stomach. This scene was definitely good. However it wasn't the best scene I've scene with Kira in it. The oral segment was definitely hot, but the sex wasn't as good. There didn't seem to be much chemistry between Ian and Kira. You also could barely tell there was an anal scene. I didn't catch it until the second time I reviewed this scene. This scene also suffered similar lighting issues as the previous scenes. This scene also featured multiple angles, however in some instances when it said there were multiple angles, there was only one. Overall this was a pretty heated scene.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 4: Chennin Blanc, Heather Lyn
In this scene Chennin and Heather go at it in a traditional girl/girl scene with an arsenal of toys. This scene was okay, not the best girl/girl scene I've seen in my time. There just wasn't enough excitement going on. This scene features multiple angles and suffers from the same picture quality issues are prior scenes. Also prepare yourselves for loud background. This scene was definitely hindered by the mechanical aspects. Again it was just decent.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 5: Kira Kener, Devon Wolf
In this scene Kira looks pretty amazing. She's dressed in this great looking blue one piece dress, high heels, simply gorgeous. Anyways in this scene she and Devon get busy with oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Devon unloading on Kira's backside. This was the best scene of this feature. Kira gave a wonderfully hot oral scene. Likewise the sex with Devon was just as good. This was a very exciting scene. This scene featured multiple angles with the same picture quality issues are previous. The background music was unobtrusive. I was very happy with this scene.
Rating: 9/10

Bonus Scene 1: Kira Kener, Devon Wolf
Scene From: The Bet (1999)
Kira wants to work undercover, Devon has something for her. It's very skimpy hot red dress. We get to see Kira change out of her business attire into the dress. Devon has her lie down on a massage table and they have sex. The scene includes oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Devon unloading on Kira's chest. This scene was really hot, but the problem was the picture was really grainy/blocky.
Rating: 9/10

Bonus Scene 2: Dayton Rains, Dasha, Kira Kener
Scene from: Where The Boys Aren't 14 (2002)
We find Dayton joined with the Dasha and Kira Kener in this scene. Dasha is a curly haired blonde gal with big breasts and a nice body. Kira is a very hot brunette with large breasts and a fantastic body. In this scene Dayton and Dasha engage in a girl/girl action while Kira watches and plays with herself. Eventually Kira joins the couple and it becomes an all girl threesome. They employ the use of their hands and mouths for this scene. It was pretty good. However the scene was fairly dark, which didn't help things. Still good.
Rating: 7/10

This is the same scene review that came from my review of Under Contract: Dayton.

Bonus Scene 3: Kira Kener, Tyce Bune
Scene From: Open All Night (2002)
Kira's a waitress in an old fashion diner. Her only customer is Tyce, who is about to get more than he ordered! Kira gives Tyce some really special to eat. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Tyce unloading on her ass. This was a really hot scene! There was an amazing amount of passion, excitement and energy. I also really enjoyed how she was dressed in the cute uniform. Very hot scene.
Rating: 10/10

Bonus Scene 4: Chennin Blanc, Dayton Rains, Ian Daniels
Scene From: The Jungle (2000) I think
The attractive blonde gals take on Ian in oral and straight sex. Scene ends with a facial for Dayton. This was pretty average. The setting was a very dark room, made for a dark picture.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 5: Two brunettes, Mickey G?
Scene From: ????
Anyways this scene features two brunettes I'm not familiar with. Both girls have relatively small breasts and they're not that attractive. They join who I think is Mickey G. in the great outdoors (desert or beach?) in a threesome. Concurrently there is another group of four having sex some where. Camera jumps between the two. Not that great, too much going on.
Rating: 0/10

Concluding Words: I was pretty excited to review this title, since after reviewing The Real Kira Kener I really wanted to see some more of her. Well in this feature she stars in two scenes, which were pretty good. Her first scene was decent, but the last scene was awesome. For the most part I was really happy with this title. While it wasn't near my favorite, it was definitely enjoyable.

However this was also not one of the best presented features. The plot supplemented with the acting, really denoted what kind of film this was, an adult film. Don't expect an Oscar winning nomination or even an AVN winning nomination. It was decent, but just not really good. The DVD also suffered from a few mechanical errors. I read somewhere that Vivid sometime will cut scenes shorter to use those clips as the multiple angles for a selling feature. I wouldn't have been surprised if this happened here. There were definitely a few spots where the two angles didn't match up together. There was also a noticeably red tint in the picture; no it's not my television, because other films don't suffer from this. I don't know, I guess I just have issues with the picture quality from Vivid.

Well despite the shortcomings of this feature, there is definitely enough content to someone occupied. This title is for individuals who like clean straight forward sex or fans of Kira Kener. Anyways I am recommending this title. You should definitely check it out, I enjoyed it and hopefully you will too.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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