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Rack 'Em

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 12/8/03

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Chi Chi La Rue

Cast: Kira Kener, Nicole Sheridan, Dee, Sharon Kane, Voodoo, Scott Styles, Chris Cannon, Slim Shady, Randy Spears

Length: 89 Minutes

Date of Production: August 14, 2002

Selected Scenes with Multiple Angles: A few of the scenes had about a minute's worth of multiple angles. This could have been a nice feature, but there were some issues with it. First, it was too few, it didn't really even seem like the feature was there. Another problem was the two angles weren't always in sync, i.e. the action in the first angle is different than the second angle. So really it's not different angles, its just different points of time. You are also given a setup menu that allows you to turn the multiple angle indicator on and off.

Behind the Scenes Rack 'Em: 10 minute behind the scenes feature.

Positions Room: This extra feature presents the viewer with the option to view all position specific segments of the feature in one streaming clip. The positions include female oral, male oral, missionary, cowgirl, doggie, and the money shot.

Photo Galleries: Kira Kener, Movie Gallery

Vivid Girl Extras: Five bonus scenes, descriptions given at the end of the scene by scene breakdown

Audio/Video: The video is presented in 1.33:1 Full Frame color. The picture quality is standard Vivid, a little blocky/grainy. The entirely picture seemed to have a very slight yellow tint in the coloring. It wasn't a real big deal, but it was noticeable at some points. Some of the lighting in the scenes was done pretty horribly. It was difficult to see what was going on. The audio was presented in stereo surround. No issues with the background music.

DVD Mechanics: DVD opens with several minutes very annoying ads for Vivid website, Herbal Vivid (like Viagra?), phone sex ads, and Vivid endorsed sex toys that you can't skip.

Body of Review:

Director Chi Chi La Rue brings a very uninventive Vivid feature. This stars Kira Kener, who plays the role of a hustling pool shark. She spends her nights working Voodoo's club taking advantage of guys like Steve Styles. Every night around nine o'clock she shows, puts on her charm and lets the guys come to her! The people who work at the club Sharon Kane, Nicole Sheridan, and Voodoo employ the ability of Chris Cannon to get rid of the hustler once and for full! Not much of a plot, it's pretty hollow. Anyways...

Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Kira Kener, Slim Shady
In this scene we find Kira lying on the bed in jeans, but no top. She and Slim Shady start to get hot and heavy. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Slim unloading on Kira's stomach. Afterwards she wasn't satisfied, so Kira pulls out a silver dildo to finish pleasuring herself. The toy is used anally. Wasn't expecting that! Anyways, this was a pretty heated scene, both with Slim and without. I definitely enjoyed it. There were no multiple angles in this scene.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 2: Kira Kener, Randy Spears

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Unfortunately, Randy won't be able to get Kira's car ready for a little while, but she wants it soon. So what can she do to convince Randy to speed things up? That's right folks, good old fashion sexual bribes. Kira and Randy engage in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Randy unloading on Kira's breasts. This was by far another hot scene. There was a lot of good action. I was happy to see Kira do a little anal, which is not something we see too often from her. This scene has one small part that has multiple angles.
Rating: 9/10

Scene 3: Sharon Kane, Scott Styles
Sharon is a relatively unattractive blonde gal with a nice body. In this scene Sharon feels for Scott, as he was just hustled by Kira in a pool game. So Sharon takes him on in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Scott unloading on Sharon's ass. Sharon is definitely not what I'd consider eye candy, but she sure does have some good chemistry on screen. I'd have to say it was pretty good. Similar to the last scene there was a only one small part that had multiple angles.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 4: Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo
Nicole Sheridan is a hot blonde with nice ample firm breasts and a great body. However in this scene she has her hair done in a very odd way. It's bushy with lots of small curls. She looks rather hideous in this scene. If she didn't get naked in this scene, I'm not sure what I would have done. That helped a great deal, but it was just really weird looking. Anyways she and Voodoo engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Nicole taking the money shot on her chest. Nicole as usual was very energetic. They had a very heated scene, but the hair thing was just disturbing. Nonetheless the sex was hot, the oral was great; I really enjoyed it.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 5: Dee, Sharon Kane
Dee comes to Sharon for some advice, since she's the bartender. So does Dee want pool tips to help her game? Advice on her love life? What? Well she just wants sex. Anyways the girls have a pretty standard girl/girl scene with no toys. Wasn't too exciting, but wasn't too dull. It was pretty much just an average scene.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 6: Kira Kener, Chris Cannon

In this scene Kira looks extraordinary. She's wearing this very small taupe colored top that shows off her cleavage and body very well. Anyways after getting hustled in a pool game, Kira loses a bet. She has to have sex with Chris. She throws Chris down on the pool table. She then starts going down on him. The two engage in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Chris unloading the money shot on Kira's chest. This was another hot scene where Kira takes it anally. The sex was really good; there is a definite chemistry between the two. While they can't act, they can definitely have sex! This scene also included multiple angles that didn't seem to work very well. It seemed whenever I tried to change it, it would just back to angle 1 after a second.
Rating: 10/10

Bonus Scene 1: Kira Kener, Anton Michael
Scene From: Hollywood Hostel
Kira gives the Anton a blowjob, than afterwards he goes down on her. Once that has been done for a while he jerks himself off while Kira uses a toy anally. For about a minute they have straight sex. The scene ends with Anton unloading on Kira's backside. The scene was pretty good, just not enough sex.
Rating: 5/10

Bonus Scene 2: Kira Kener, Slim Shady
Scene From: Unfinished
We find Kira and Slim on a bed pretty much naked. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with the money shot on Kira's stomach. This scene was definitely good. The oral segment was exciting and the sex was energetic. Very good.
Rating: 7/10

Bonus Scene 3: Kira Kener, Devin Wolf
Scene From: Virtual Love
The scene opens with Kira trying to get Devin's attention through a glass door. She presses strips, presses her breasts against the glass, to no avail. Finally she smacks the window and screams to get his attention. The sex begins after a hearty spanking! The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Devon unloading on Kira's ass. This was a relatively short scene. As a result the oral scene was cut way too short. But it was still a decent scene.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 4: Dolorian, Jessica Drake, Monique Alexander, Evan Stone
Scene From: Inside the Mind of Chloe Jones
This scene is set in a barn, with hay, no animals. Dolorian is off by herself, playing solo while she watches Jessica Drake and Monique Alexander go at it. After a bit Evan Stone walks in and it turns into a miniature orgy. There were all kinds of sex in this scene from girl/girl, to boy/girl. The scene ends with a facial for Jessica. The scene was action packed! But I didn't really enjoy it. The girls were semi-attractive. I guess it was okay.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 5: Nikki Fairchild, Evan Stone
Scene From: Portrait of Sunrise
In this scene we find Evan Stone taking on Nikki Fairchild on a desk. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Nikki jerking off Evan. The scene was less than energetic. It was simple there. I didn't care for it much.
Rating: 0/10

Concluding Words: The strongest part of this title was not the plot. The story could have used a lot of work. From the behind the scenes featurette we learn that the script is about four pages and was written in the lengthy period of a day. Lots of hard work and dedication dumped into the development of Rack 'Em. Anyways this title did have some very strong points, which was the content. The sex in this title was for the most part very hot and exciting. I mean Kira had three amazing scenes. She even did a little anal, which was pretty cool to see. It's definitely something worth seeing. The scenes with Nicole and Sharon aren't the best scenes, but they are definitely pretty heated. Like I said I was really happy with the content. The sex in this feature was very clean and straight forward. Nothing too offensive ever really comes out of Vivid.

Some other shortcomings of title were the attempted multiple angles feature, that pretty much bothered me. Why include and market this feature, when it is barely even present? On top of that it wasn't even done right. You'd be watching a scene, the multiple angles indicator would come on, you switch angles, and you're watching an entirely different position. The audio isn't in sync with the video presentation, blah blah. It just wasn't done well.

With the plot and the multiple angles feature thing aside, I can say that I really liked this title. I've enjoyed it so much that I've actually sat through and watched it several times now. I'm going to have to highly recommend this title, it was that good! Whether your looking for something to watch alone or with someone else, this is definitely something you should check out.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

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