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Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 12/14/03

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Feature

Director: John T. Bone

Cast: Cyane, Paula, Aline Dias, Jessica Stein, Camila Oliver, Dayse Dukes, Veronica Bella, Sandra Hill, Juliane Moon, Mona Lisa, Jones Portella, Lana Lace, Gabriela Gal, Priscila Minx, Jill Dale, Drica Lins, Leticia LaTour, Tali Sin, Jennifer J., Rocco Brazil, Antonio Flag, Vitorio Ragosi, Walter Samuels, Marlon Dick, Roge Hammer, James Anderson, Felipe Ariel, George Menendez, Sammy Rodrigues

Length: 83 Minutes

Date of Production: November 15, 2003

Extras: 8 Minute Making Of... Featurette, Photo Gallery

Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 full frame color. The picture quality was very poor, I did not hesitate to give this feature such a poor rating in this category. The picture was fuzzy a lot of times during the scenes. This was usually accomplished when the editor attempted slow motion. Since during sex you're moving pretty quickly, the frames were off and the picture became fuzzy. There was also a lot of exposure to natural sunlight, which really ruined the lighting of this feature. And finally the picture itself was block/grainy. All these combined together made watching this presentation very difficult.

Audio: The audio is presented in stereo surround. The sound quality was pretty poor for the most part. I generally had problems hearing the dialogue due to a variety of reasons. First the volume levels jumped up and down. Secondly the actors and actresses had soft spoken, lightly accented voices. Finally there were points in the feature were the wind would be blowing in the microphone, making a horrible crackling noise. During the sex scenes there were generally a large number of participants, who were all yelling and screaming. It was just got really loud with all those voices. Lastly the background music was way too loud during the scenes.

Body of Review: This John T. Bone feature stars the beautiful South American model Cyane in her adult film debut. This feature presents nineteen different South American beauties. It is shot on location in Buzios, Rio De Janerio, and Sao Paulo Brazil.


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Cassandra (Cyane), a gal who tends the bar in a classy strip joint. Her whole life changes when one of the strippers Calli begs her to help her with some customers. She ends up helping Calli, but what she didn't realize is that what it would lead too, sex. The next day the word is out of how she treats her customers. She is approached by a woman, Cindy who proposes to Cassandra on a venture that could earn her 60 thousands dollars. All Cassandra needs to do is live in a house for a month. However her primary duty is to have sex with anyone who asks at anytime, no questions asked, and no saying no. So what's more important in life, dignity or material possession?

Here is the scene by scene breakdown. Names of participants are not included, due to the large number of the cast and the difficulty associated with finding their names.

Scene 1: Group Orgy: Three Girls, Three Guys
This scene features three girls taking on three guys; there is a lot of action going on in this scene including oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with the two girls surround Cyane and the three dudes taking turns unloading on her stomach region. The girls are all very vocal during the scene, perhaps too vocal. It gets hard hearing anything because there are three different girls moaning very loudly. On top of that the background music is way too loud. The audio was just terrible, too distracting. The lighting was too bright during most of the scene. The editor used "special effects" to do some portions in slow motion, which didn't seem to work well. It was also a little hard to follow, as the action was spread out and the camera kept jumping around. Overall this scene was pretty bad. There was way too much going on, poor audio and video.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 2: All Girl Threesome
This scene features three girls pleasuring each other in an all girl threesome. The girls use their hands, mouths, and toys. Specifically the girls use strap-on dildos for vaginal and anal sex. This scene suffers from the same audio and visual problems as the first scene. However this scene was easier to follow, as the action was more centralized and the camera was jumping from scene to scene. It was an okay scene.
Rating: 1/10

Scene 3: Two Girl, One Guy
This scene opens with Cyane showering with another girl. They clean each other up! The two girls then proceed to the bedroom to join some guy in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Cyane taking a facial. This scene all had similar issues as the prior scenes. During the showering scene it was way too bright. There was natural sunlight pouring in through a window in the shower. Also when they were in the bedroom, too bright, sunlight was coming in through the shades. Some portions of this scene the picture was really fuzzy, hard to see what was going on.
Rating: 2/10

Scene 4: Big "Band" Group
A bunch of girls (four, five, maybe six? hard to tell) and a bunch of guys (about four) partake in oral, straight, and anal sex by the pool and in the pool. There's a little DP action in this scene. The scene ends with a facial for Cyane. This scene wasn't that great, way too much action to follow. The lighting was especially bad in this scene. Since it was outside, there was no avoiding the sunlight. Very bright, lots of glare. The sound was also hindered by loud background music.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 5: Beach Sex
Some guy has oral, straight, and anal sex with a really hot blonde chick. Scene ends with a facial. The audio is hard to hear, sound level varies. The scene is shot outside so the sunlight also provides visual complications with the lighting. Not as bad as some previous scenes, but not great everything. There still is a lot of glare during some parts of the scene. The background music was (sarcastically) surprisingly loud. This scene was a lot better in content in this title, but it still wasn't very good.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 6: Four Bored Girls, One Lonely Guy
This scene starts with four bored girls running around the house nearly naked chasing each other. Eventually it leads to kissing and such. They then grab the house security guard and lots of sex happens. There is a lot of girl/girl and guy/girl action. Scene ends with all four girls jerking him off. Lots of problems with this scene, fuzzy picture, way too much noise from the four girls yelling, and the background music.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 7: Sex on the Sea
In this scene two guys and two girls pair up on a sail boat in oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene also includes DP. The scene ends with each girl jerking off one of the guys. This scene was much better than most of the other scenes, but it still wasn't great. It still suffered from the same complications as every other scene.
Rating: 3/10

Concluding Words: This was a very hard feature to sit through. I really did not enjoy it. Initially I was pretty excited, but after the first scene I was ready to shut it off. The audio and video complications pretty much were the killer. There was some definite potential for a good feature. Also the main actress Cyane, she narrates throughout the title. However she has an incredibly boring monotone voice. She can't act either. Just watching this made me think it was rushed together. I mean the production date and the release date are within weeks of each other. There wasn't much time spent on making this feature. During the Making Of... featurette, this idea is reinforced. The director of photography Keith London needs to be in Hollywood the next day. Yet they aren't finished filming, he's unhappy at having to stay another day, so says John T. Bone.

So to sum it up, this title was awful. I suggest you stay far far away.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.

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