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Under Contract: Kira Kener

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 12/15/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Under Contract Kira Kener

Genre: Compilation

Cast: see Review. 

Length: approx 2hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One ["the Arrangement" featuring Tyce Bune]: Straight to business as Kira jumps on Tyce while he quickly [thank god] undresses her. There's a little kissing going on before we head straight to the penetrating. No foreplay, no nothing. Missionary's up first. This lasts for only a minute and then Kira's riding him. He then does her from behind while she's laying on her side for a little while before she rides him again. And then, something weird happens...after yet another abrupt cut, Kira's shown on a couch with a white dildo while Tyce is shown playing with his flaccid penis. Kira's able to maintain heat while she's giving that dildo a workout, but I could've done without the sight of Tyce going through the motions with his limp tool. Evenutally, Kira stops and decides to help him with her hands [and breasts]and he ends up shooting on her chest and hand. 

Scene Two ["the C-Men Part 1" featuring Eric Masterson]: Kira's looking HOT in a fishnet body stocking & thigh high vinyl boots. [I could do without the eye makeup though.] We join the scene in progress, as Eric's already giving his tongue a workout. Now it's Kira's turn. She does an admirable job [given the material she has to work with...].  Finally, the scene cuts and we see that Kira's on top and riding Eric. You didn't get to see too many shots of Kira's face during this position. Disappointing. Next up is doggy. This one was much better as Kira gives him a workout he won't forget. It ends with a shot to her ass.

Scene Three ["ECU: Kira Kener" featuring Maxi Everson, Monica Peterson & Dale Dabone]: We begin this scene with Kira sitting on a table. She begins kissing Dale while Maxi & Monica look on. [Along with a creepy looking guy sitting at the opposite end of the table...] In what's a very badly chopped up sequence, Kira goes from kissing Dale, to getting licked by him, to giving it up missionary style to him -- all in the space of  45 SECONDS!! So much for foreplay... I guess the sight of sexy Kira on her side with her legs spread while Dale is hammering away was too much for Maxi & Monica since they start stripping and kissing/fondling each others breasts. They cut to a quick shot of that creepy looking guy who looks REAL excited to be there. [that was sarcasm]. Then they cut back to M & M who are still playing with boobies while now getting undressed. In the midst of all this, the creepy looking guy says to Dale "You're doing a good job.". He responds with "I'm glad you approve" while Kira moves so Dale's now doing her doggystyle. This goes on for a bit while M & M end up 69'ing on the table. We then ABRUPTLY cut to Dale shooting on Kira's ass. And when I say "abrupt", I mean ABRUPT. No buildup whatsoever. It's got me wondering if this is how the scene's presented on the feature itself. I hope not. So, in summation...this scene COULD'VE been hot. Kira definitely brought the heat, but, to be honest, I didn't much care for Maxi. She was a little too pale for me and the choppy edits essentially KILLED this scene.

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Scene Four ["Moxie" featuring Tyce Bune]: This scene starts with Tyce's face buried between Kira's legs while she's laying on a red mattress. This lasts for two minutes and then Kira gets rid of his boxers to give her lips a workout. When she's done, she gets on top to ride him for a while until the changeup - which has Kira face down, ass up and Tyce from the back. That's the position that ends the scene with a shot to Kira's ass. This was a HOT scene. Coulda been longer though.

Scene Five ["Open All Night" featuring Tyce Bune]: Tyce [this guy again?!?!] is a customer in a restaurant where Kira's  waitressing. After switching the sign from OPEN to CLOSED, she starts stripping while walking over to Tyce [who's looking VERY sunburnt]. As she reaches him, she removes her uniform to reveal a silky white bra and nothing else. The bra quickly comes off and before you can say "the Special Of the Day is..." she's on the table in front of Tyce serving up a large slice of poontang pie. During this appetizer, Tyce asks Kira "What about Frank? ...your HUSBAND?". Kira replies "Frank has no problem with this. He loves to watch me fuck." So Tyce continues with his generous helping of pie. Of course, it's not long before Kira returns the favor. After this workout, Kira lays back on the table and Tyce starts hammering away [while Frank's watching from the kitchen]. Then, Kira gets on top of Tyce and rides a bit before she's bent over the table and Tyce is taking her from the back. While this is going on, Frank decides the kitchen isn't close enough to see the action, so he decides to get REAL close and have a conversation with them about "how fucking two guys in one day isn't enough for her." To which, her response is "Like the sign says "Open 24 hours"". The sex ends with yet another shot on Kira's ass. When Tyce is done, she walks back up front and switches the sign from CLOSED to OPEN. After that happens, the next shot has Kira, in her waitress uniform, asking a stunned Tyce "Is everything all right?". Turns out it was just a daydream.

Scene Six ["Reflections In A Window" featuring Anton Michael]: Here's another scene that begins with a guy's face buried between Kira's legs. Once Anton's done, Kira, looking sexy in a red pumps and a red dress that's half off her body, gets on her knees to administer some good head. It then cuts to Kira -- legs spread and in the air while Anton is working the middle. After about a minute or two of this...HE CUMS. Now, I don't know if this scene was heavily edited or not, but I think it's sad that a MINUTE [or two] man gets to sex up a lady as lovely as Kira. Perhaps the casting director lost a bet. Oh well. Kira looked good in this scene and that's all that matters. Well....not really. The scene was kinda disappointing in its brevity.

Scene Seven ["Return To Sender" featuring Vince Vouyer]: Uh oh. This scene started like the last one -- with Vince's face between Kira's legs. Let's hope it doesn't END the same way. So...instead of going straight to Kira giving Vince a blowjob, we take a brief detour so Vince could finger her instead. After doing this for some time, eventually Kira starts sucking. Then we cut to Vince giving it to her missionary style. After doing Kira this way for quite some time, she ends up getting on top. The last position in this scene is doggy which culminates with a shot on Kira's ass.

Scene Eight ["Sexual Misbehavior" featuring Cheyne Collins]: This time, Kira's up first -- administering some mighty fine head to Cheyne. And for quite some time too. She looks especially good when she was doing it while on her knees...but I digress. We then cut straight to Cheyne sliding it to Kira missionary style. While this is happening, Kira looks extremely bored. Cheyne calls her on this, and after a brief dialogue, she gets back into it. The next position has Kira on her side and Cheyne behind her. The camerawork on this position was a lot better than on the last. The final position in this scene, again, was doggy. During most of it, on the upper left hand side corner there was a something in the way [it looked like the corner of a piece of paper or something square]. Now, I realize Kira being bored was probably a part of the original feature's storyline, but I found myself being as bored as she was. I kept saying "Jeezus, would you END IT already". Thankfully, a shot to Kira's ass put me out of my misery. NEXT..

Scene Nine ["Where the Boys Aren't 15" featuring Dasha & Raylene]: So...Dasha's giving Kira's nips a little lubrication in the back of a car that's in a mechanic's garage. Cut to Raylene who's driving. Back at the garage, Dasha has now turned her attention to Kira's clit. They switch places and now it's Kira who's working the middle -- while Raylene is still driving. After some more Kira/Dasha action, Raylene FINALLY makes it to the garage. She gets out of the truck pissed off. I guess it was because the garage door was open. Who knows. Anyways, she walks in on Kira & Dasha and, surprisingly, DOESN'T join in the festivities. Instead, she raises her shirt, drops her shorts and begins to start self stimulating herself. Shame. Doesn't she realize i'm available for small get-togethers? The next shot we see is of Kira -- bent over while Dasha is hammering away with [what looks like] a pink dildo attached to an iron wrench -- [I wonder if it's a Craftsman?]. The remainder of the scene is Kira getting worked over by this dildo while Raylene is working her lovely body over with her fingers.

Scene Ten ["White Room" featuring Cheyne Collins]: Here we have Cheyne between Kira's legs in...are you ready for this?...a WHITE room. Imagine that. Anyways, Kira's looking good [as usual] and she's wearing some sexy clear pumps. Kira gives him some lengthy head [which is good, cuz that lipstick she had on made her look like rigor mortis had set in]. At times while she was doing this, she'd stare into the camera...which, though i'm not into those "first person" kinda things, I have to admit was sexy. Perhaps it's just Kira. After some time of this, we begin the penetrating. Kira's on her knees and Cheyne is hitting her from the back. The next position, missionary, is the last as a shot to Kira's inner thigh ends the scene. This wasn't a bad scene. It was helped by the fact that Cheyne didn't open his mouth to deliver some lines. I'm sorry, but that guy has a lisp that would have gay guys saying "Damn, does that guy sound gay!". Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Bonus Room:
Scene One ["Good Things" featuring Lezley Zen & Eric Masterson]
Scene Two ["Haze" featuring TJ Hart & Steven St. Croix]
Scene Three ["Sold" featuring Lola, August & Steven French]

Behind the Scenes of "Where the Boys Aren't 15".

Summary: In conclusion -- when all is said and done, this wasn't a bad disc. Kira's hot and she delivers on practically all of the scenes. The picutre quality was good as was the sound. Though, I have to admit [and I forgot to mention it in the body of the review], the music in scene nine was annoying. Not because the sound quality was bad, it was just....annoying. There were two disappointing scenes, but hey, two outta ten ain't bad. [Not to mention that it wasn't Kira's fault] So, that ratio awards this disc a hearty recommendation.

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