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Studio: Sin City » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 12/17/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

While I was watching this disc, something struck me as strange. The cover of Masterpiece features Kianna Dior, and the blurb on the back says she stars in it. The weird thing is that Dior is only in one scene. Alaura Eden, on the other hand, is featured in three of the six sex scenes, and has a major part in the plot. I guess Alaura got the shaft. (Both figuratively and literally.)

This is not a bad movie. The sex starts off right from the beginning, and they fill in the plot later. The story involves an artist, Steve Hatcher, who is being managed by his girlfriend, Alaura Eden. Little does Steve know, but Alaura and her real boyfriend, Joey Ray, are stealing his art, selling it and keeping the money for themselves. Not the most interesting of themes, but it will do. They don't spend much time on the plot, except for one ten minute section right before the last sex scene. But enough about the plot, lets look at the sex. (Note: No condoms were used in the making of this film.)

1st scene: Flick Shagwell and Steve French. This was one of the hottest scenes in the movie. Flick Shagwell (I wonder if that's her real name...) is English, and her accent drives me wild. She doesn't talk too much before she starts scrafing cock though. After she gets done working on Steve's tool, her goes south of the border and munches. Gives her a lite rimjob too. Then they get down to doing the dirty, and she ends up riding him with her ass, giving us the only anal scene in the film. The straight sex scene lasted a little too long, but still a good opening.

2nd scene: Alaura Eden and Joey Ray. Alaura is nice looking, but doesn't seem to be into it in this movie. That's too bad since she's in so much of the film. This is a typical sex scene, starting out blowing, end up fucking. Steve cums on her tits, and then gives her a light titty fuck which he seemed to enjoy.

3rd scene: Alaura again with Steve Hatcher this time. She blows him then he eats her out and gives her a good rim job. Ironically, he doesn't stick his cock up her butt, just his tongue. Alaura is a little more animated this time around, but still just average. She gets her tits splattered with cum for the second time.

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4th scene: Alaura gives Joey ray a quick BJ. He supposedly cums while his dick is in her mouth, but you don't see the money shot. I think they either missed the shot, or Joey couldn't produce two loads in one day, so they faked it. The weakest scene in the film.

5th scene: Ahhh, we finally get to the lesbo scene promised on the cover. Tia Suvari and Kianna Dior go at it. The girl-girl scene is usually my favorite in a movie, but this one didn't really enthuse me. Tia and Kianna both look very good from the tits up, but from the chest down they are a little chubby. They both have large tits, but they've been enhanced. I'm not a big silicone fan, so that's another mark against them there. But I could easily ignore those deficiencies if the sex was good. It was okay. They started out kissing and making out with some enthusiasm, but it went flat when they got down to fingering and eating pussy. They put on an adequate performance, but it wasn't stellar. They didn't look bored, but they didn't act terribly excited either.

After this scene there's about ten minutes of plot. Fair warning for those of you out there who are not hanging on the edge of your seat wonder where the plot will take us next. Have your remotes ready.

6th scene: Courtney and Steve Hatcher. Courtney is really hot. She has small breasts, but she has a body that just won't stop. A light toned black woman with freckles, I could look at her face all day. She's beautiful. Pretty good with the fucking too. The scene starts with Courtney riding Steve's face. She returns the favor, and they end up humping like to ferrets in heat. Courtney moans and groans her way through some hot sex before she catches some cum on her nice little tits. A good scene.

The DVD:


I know, the decision whether to buy this DVD or not rests on the A/V quality, not the sex. The DP (that's director of photography, not what you were thinking...) did a good job lighting the set and giving the film dimension. It looked as though it was filmed on tape, which I'm sure it was, but that's not a bad thing. The colors looked accurate, and there were no distracting video artifacts. The movie is presented in full frame, which is the industry standard. A solid, good looking DVD.

The audio was fine also. The stereo track didn't have any special audio effects, but it was easy to hear and very clear. No hiss or other defects that were noticable.

The Extras:

Director's Commentary: There's not a lot to say about the filming of a porno movie. Director Bud Lee gives it a good shot though. He talks through first 3 or 4 minutes of each sex scene, and doesn't try to fill the whole movie. A lot of the comments are along the lines of 'Boy, is she hot! Watch her suck this guys dick.' Even if you don't learn a lot, Bud's personality does shine through. He seems to be a guy who loves his work, and his enthusiasm for the movie and his company is infectious.

Trailers: There were trailer to the following Sin City releases: Kiss and Tell, Desire, The Bachelor, Surfer Girl, and Mirror Image.

Photo Gallery: Two sets of photos featuring actors in the film. One hard the other soft core. They were nice and you could flip through them at your own pace with your remote.

Biographies: Short text bios of the actors.

Interviews: short interviews will all the female actresses in the movie. Some were better than others, but they were all worth watching.

Behind the Scenes: 8 minute "making of" short.

Pop Shots: The cum scenes from the move all strung together. Sort of a mini compilation.

Company Profile: a 15 minute promo piece that features the companies most acclaimed films. Basically several trailers strung together. Not the best piece of this kind that I've seen.

Final Thoughts:

Don't be fooled by Kianna Dior's picture on the cover, they are using her to promote the film, but she's only in one scene. The opening and closing scenes were very good, even if the others were just mediocre. A solid average film. Recommended.

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