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Vivid Girl Confidential: Dasha

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 12/20/03

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Genre: Compilation

Director: various

Cast: Dasha, Briana Banks, Claudia Adkins, Renee LaRue, Danny, Colt Steele, Dillion Day, Chris Cannon, Bobby Vitale, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Mark Davis, Pat Myne

Length: 120 Minutes

Date of Production: Dates range from 2000 to 2002

Extras: Behind the Scenes of Dashed, Photo Gallery, 3 Bonus Scenes

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 Full Frame color. The picture quality varied across the board. For the most part the picture was pretty grainy/blocky. The lighting in most of the scenes was also pretty bad. The audio was presented in stereo. It was decent. The sound level was variable throughout the title. I had to adjust the volume more than once to compensate for this. Most of the scenes the background music was way too loud.

DVD Mechanics: DVD opens with several minutes very annoying ads for Vivid website, Herbal Vivid (like Viagra?), phone sex ads, and Vivid endorsed sex toys that you can't skip.

Body of Review: Vivid brings another installment in its relatively new compilation series Vivid Girl Confidential. This series has focused on adult stars like Raylene, Cheyenne, Cassidey, and Heather Hunter, and Nikki Tyler. Dasha Tyler is a very attractive gal. She has blonde hair and blue eyes with very nice firm ample breasts. Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Dasha, Briana Banks, Colt Steele
Scene From: Bankable (2002)
Here we find Dasha dressed in a very small one piece black dress/lingerie type thingy. Her breasts are hanging out. Colt is working a number on her while Briana watches from a distance. Dasha and Colt have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Colt unloading on Dasha's breasts. This scene was slightly disappointing as it had Briana Banks, but she actually did very little in the scene. However it still was pretty decent, Dasha gave Colt a very heated blow job. The sex wasn't as good, but overall it was a decent scene.
Rating: 4/10

Scene 2: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Dashed (2001)
This scene starts off with Dasha on top of Dillion. They are dry humping, which eventually leads to oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with a facial. Dasha has a really heated oral segment in this scene. The sex is pretty energetic as well. I was surprised because this scene started off really slow.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 3: Dasha, Chris Cannon
Scene From: Heaven's Revenge (2000)
Here we find Dasha and Chris getting to know one another on a couch. Dasha is dressed in some sort of pink and white maid/service uniform. Very hot! Chris is dressed very grungy. The two have oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Chris unloading on Dasha's stomach. Despite my initial impressions based upon how Dasha was dressed, I didn't really care for this scene. It was pretty average.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 4: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Highway 2 (1999)

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Here we find the two outdoors by their camper. It's night time, so the lighting isn't great. This turns out to be the plus of the scene. I'll explain later. Anyways Dasha and Dillion have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Dillion jerking himself off. I really didn't like this scene. In this scene Dasha had pretty long hair. She also didn't look that great. With that said it was a good thing it was dark, thus it was harder to see. This scene wasn't even decent.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 5: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Liquid Sex (2000)
This scene starts off with Dasha in the shower watering her self down and she uses a bit of soap. It was very exciting. Dillion comes in and assists her in cleaning some other stuff. The two have oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with a facial. This scene was full of some pretty hot content. The solo showering, the oral, and the sex were all very good. However this scene was hindered by the camera effects used. The border of the entire scene had a sort of steaming foggy look, such that it made the rest of the scene difficult to focus upon. Overall it was a good scene.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 6: Dasha, Bobby Vitale
Scene From: Now or Never (2000)
Dasha is dressed pretty hot in a blue blouse and a black skirt. Bobby is asleep and needs to get up. Dasha is trying to wake him, but fails in her task. She then tries jerking him off. It wakes him up and then they have some dialogue. She's late can't have sex, but he insists. The scene cuts out and Bobby is now dressed and the bed is made (how?). The two have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Bobby unloading on Dasha's vaginal region. This was a good scene. There was definitely a good amount of action. Dasha looked hot, her oral scene was very good, and the sex was great.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 7: Dasha, Claudia Adkins, Renee LaRue, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix
Scene From: Paying the Piper (2001)
In this scene Dasha approaches Steven, Claudia approaches Evan, and Renee approaches Eric. Each girl has a bladed weapon of some sort, but instead of attacking (?) the guy, they end up having sex. The girls with each of their corresponding partner have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Steven unloading on Dasha's stomach, Renee taking it in the face, and Claudia getting her thigh covered. I really didn't care for this scene. If you've read some of my past reviews, you know that I do not like scenes that jump back and forth between different content.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 8: Dasha, Eric Masterson
Scene From: Perfection (2002)
Here Dasha is wearing a larger black blazer over a black bra and bikini set. The blazer comes off and we get to see her very sexy body. She engages in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Eric unloading on Dasha's breasts. This scene was very hot. Dasha looked gorgeous in this scene. On top of that she gave a wonderful oral performance and her sex scene was just as good.
Rating: 10/10

Scene 9: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Shakespeare Revealed (2000)
In this scene Dasha had long curly hair. The two engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Dillion giving Dasha a facial. This was a decent scene. It definitely wasn't the best, but it sure wasn't the worst! Also I didn't care much for her with her hair long and curly. This is an older scene in her career which is obvious from the poor picture quality.
Rating: 4/10

Scene 10: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Shy (2002)
Here Dasha is wearing a black and gold two piece dress. Very sexy. She is sitting on a couch with Dillion behind her, he's giving her the rub down. The two have oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Dillion jerking himself off. This scene oddly enough deviated away from the standard order of porn! The scene went from anal sex to straight sex to oral sex. Usually it's the other way around. Anyways this was a pretty decent scene. I think I'm a little tired of seeing Dillion and Dasha together.
Rating: 3/10

Bonus Scene 1: Dasha, Mark Davis
Scene From: Unconscious (2000)
In an attempted hospital room setting, Mark Davis is dressed in scrubs. He's starring at Dasha, who is dressed in patient clothing. He starts rubbing her and eventually starts giving her oral. She wakes up shrieking in pleasure. The two have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial. This was another pretty decent scene.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 2: Dasha, Danny, Dillion Day, Pat Myne
Scene From: The Vision (2001)
This scene starts off with Dasha giving Dillion a pretty mean blow job. The scene cuts and we find Danny giving Pat a very thorough taste test, err... blow job. The pairs start straight sex and eventually they move other to the same area. At some point Dasha pulls out a dildo and uses it on Danny, while she blows one of the guys. The girls have oral, straight, and anal sex in this scene. The scene ends with a facial for each of the girls. I liked the beginning of this scene (Dasha's oral), but that was about it. The rest wasn't too terribly exciting.
Rating: 5/10

Bonus Scene 3: Dasha, Dillion Day
Scene From: Wife Taker (2001)
In this scene we find Dasha pretty much naked. She is joined by Dillion on a large bed for some oral, straight, and anal sex. The scene ends with Dillion giving Dasha a facial. This scene was okay, it seemed pretty short.
Rating: 4/10

Concluding Words: Did you know that this is the fourteenth Vivid compilation that centers around Dasha? Yes that is a lot. Anyways this is the first compilation I've viewed with Dasha. It was pretty decent. I've always found her to be an attractive girl. For the most part she gives fantastic oral scenes and in general performs decently on camera. In this specific compilation we are provided thirteen decent Dasha filled scenes. This compilation doesn't bring very much to the table since the content is pretty average, however there area a few scenes that are worth checking out. Thus this is something I suggest as a rental for the casual viewer. As for the hardcore Dasha fan, you might want to add it to your collection.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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