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Anal Trainer #6

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 12/27/03

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Anal

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Courtney, Kaylynn, Pason, Katrina Kraven, Bella Marie Wolfe, Mark Ashley, Trent Tesoro, Manuel Ferrara

Length: 103 Minutes

Date of Production: September 12, 2003

Extras: Behind the Scenes Featurette, Bonus Scene, Trailers, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color. The picture quality is very good for the most part. The lighting in most of the scenes was very poor, whether affected from natural or non-natural lighting. This caused some severe issues in the picture quality. The audio was presented in stereo surround. The sound quality was pretty good for the most part. There were a few times when it was difficult to hear the girls moan and whatnot. But they may have been due to the girls themselves, as some weren't really vocal moaners. The background music was very faint and did not interrupt the film. Overall the audio was good and the video was decent.

Body of Review: Director Jonni Darkko returns in the sixth installment in the Digital Sin Anal Trainer series. This title features five girls for some very serious, very intensive, and very hardcore backdoor action. Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Katrina Kraven, Mark Ashley
Katrina is a decent looking dark haired gal. She has very droopy breasts, an okay body, and way too much eye make-up on. This scene starts off with Mark lubing up Katrina's backdoor. Mark fingers her anally and then he employs the use of anal beads. With the anal beads in place Mark has a little vaginal sex. The beads are then removed and the anal sex begins. The scene continues to also include a bit of ATM, vaginal sex on top of the anal sex. Mark also uses a few toys once again. The scene ends with a facial.

The scene seemed to be overall slow. She did have a few very nice oral scenes, but comparatively the sex was pretty average. This scene was okay, it wasn't really anything special at all.
Rating: 4/10

Scene 2: Bella Marie Wolfe, Manuel Ferrara

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Bella Marie is another decent looking dark haired gal. She has medium sized breasts and a nice body. She's dressed in an almost full body white fishnet suit. Her stomach and her ass are exposed, well not covered as technically everything is exposed as its fishnet. Anyways this scene starts off with her teasing Manuel. He then fingers her a bit, and then directs her in a very intense oral scene. The two then have vaginal sex. During which Manual places her head under the facet and runs the water. Bella Marie's hair gets soaked. The scene continues on to also include some ATM (ass to mouth) action, toy insertions, and vaginal sex. The scene ends with a facial.

This scene was pretty rough as it featured some hair pulling, spanking, etc. Nonetheless it attributes to the concept of an anal intensive scene. I didn't find Bella Marie's face that great looking, but she had a fabulous body. Despite looks she gave a fantastic performance for all the different types of sex in this scene (oral, anal, vaginal). There was a lot of good energy and excitement in this scene. Overall I felt that this scene was pretty hot.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 3: Kaylynn Trent Tesoro
Kaylynn is the girl featured on the cover of this title. She is pretty attractive with light brown hair, a nice body, and small breasts. She's wearing a very revealing fishnet top. This scene starts off with Kaylynn pleasuring herself anally with a small toy. Trent then comes in and assists her in the act. Kaylynn then proceeds to give Trent a very thorough blow job. Trent then fingers her anally and vaginally a bit. The scene then proceeds with anal sex. The scene ends with Kaylynn jerking off Trent and receiving a facial.

This scene was a lot more anal intensive than the prior two. In fact there was no vaginal sex in this scene. This is the scene that the anal fans are looking for. It was pretty good, though I felt there wasn't even oral sex involved in the scene. I really would have liked to have seen more ATM action. Overall it was very heated.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 4: Courtney, Mark Ashley
Courtney is perhaps the cutest girl in this title. She has curly dark hair, a gorgeous body, and small breasts. In this scene Mark finds her nearly naked and he goes to work on her orally. Afterwards she takes care of Mark by giving an energetic blow job. The two proceeds to have vaginal sex followed by anal sex. The scene ends with a very weak facial.

I was really happy with this for the most part. Similarly to scene 3, I would have preferred a little ATM action in this scene. However there was none. On the plus side Courtney gave a very hot oral scene and her sex was pretty intense. Overall it was a very good scene.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 5: Pason, Trent Tesoro
Pason is a light haired gal with a nice body, decent sized breasts, and a decently attractive face. This scene kicks off with Trent fingering and inserting some toys. At this point Pason begins to work on Trent orally. They then engage in vaginal sex which is followed by anal sex with a little ATM action. The scene ends with a facial and Pason sucking off Trent.

This was a good scene, but definitely not one of the selling points her. Pason gave a very good oral scene, but her sex scenes just did not seem to be all that exciting. The mood was just relatively slow and unexciting. It was still a decent scene, but just not really great.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 1: Belladonna, Kylie
Scene From: Girl Crazy (2003)
Belladonna is an attractive dark haired girl. She's probably best known by two distinguishing features, her tattoo above her left breast and the gap between her front two teeth. She has ample breasts, a cute face, and a nice body. Kylie is a blonde cutie with small breasts and a nice body. This scene starts off with Belladonna going down on Kylie. The two make a switch and Kylie uses a dildo on Belladonna. The scene goes on with more girl on girl action with the use of other toys which are inserted both vaginally and anally. Something to note is that there is a scene with a sybian, a large device vibrating device that the girls can essentially ride.

I'm not a big fan of girl/girl sex. However I did really enjoy this scene. I feel that the presentation of the girls (their appearance, the picture quality, the audio quality, the acts involved) added to make the scene very good. The content in this scene was pretty heated and the girls both looked very good. Overall it was just a very good scene.
Rating: 8/10

Concluding Words: After my review of director Jonni Darkko's ATM Machine #2, I was really looking forward to seeing another anal intensive feature by this director. The first and last scenes were pretty average. They weren't too exciting. However the other scenes of this title were very intense. I was thoroughly satisfied with the content. I've mentioned this in some of my prior reviews, but I rarely enjoy anal scenes. Though when it is done well, there is no denying it was done well. This title certainly had some very hot scenes that are worth checking out.

Therefore I am recommending this title for purchase. However individuals who do not like rough sex should stay away from this title. There is a bit of hair pulling, excessive spanking, deep throating, etc. The content isn't off the wall rough, but it does take a turn away from clean straightforward sex. Otherwise be sure to check this title out.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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