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Trust No One

Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 12/30/03

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Trust No One

Director: Susi Medusa Gottardi

Date of Production: 04/2003

Length: 1 hour 53 minutes for Director's cut 1 hour 40 minutes for edited version

Genre: Feature, Fetish, Anal

Cast: Sara Blue, Sabina Black, Sarah O'neal, Vanessa, Julie Silver, Claudio Meloni, Miro Da Nola, Franco Trentalance, Denis Marti, Gabriel Montoya

Video/Audio: The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen color. The colors are very rich and look fantastic. The audio is presented in stereo with several language selections to choose from. The soundtrack music is very similar to the music John Carpenter did for his older films.

Extras: Making of, Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Production notes

Plot Summary: Trust No One centers around a house that has three witches referred to as the 3 "S's" living in it. In addition to the women, a shut in named Mr. Valenti Jr. lives there with them and the 3 "S's" play dirty games with his mind and body that virtually drives him insane. Uninvited guests to the house get a shocking and perverse "tour" before being thrown out and threatened. Valenti's brother, who has a close relationship with the head witch, plots to get them out of the house so they will stop tormenting his brother, but will he succeed?

Scene 1: Sarah O'neal, Franco Trentalance
Acts Included: Oral
Sarah gives some very sensual head to Franco before biting his dick and ending the scene. This definitely sets the tone of the movie, sexy and sinister.

Scene 2: Sarah Blue, Franco Trentalance
Acts Included: Oral
Sarah enters the room where Franco is waiting for the whore he ordered to arrive. He nods to boots that are lying on the floor and she puts them on her hands. Once she has her "uniform" on she starts sucking and stroking his cock. Franco unzips his leather pants and tells Sarah to lick his ass. She does so with enthusiasm before the hooker shows up and ends their playtime. Up until the male ass licking, I found this one to be strangely erotic.

Scene 3: Vanessa, Franco Trentalance, Miro Da Nola
Acts Included: Anal, Vaginal, Oral, Facial
Franco asks Vanessa her age and tells her to remove her panties. Once she has them off, he burns them in the fireplace. The scene then fades to him fucking her in the ass as she lays on her side. They move to reverse cowgirl and continue with the anal action with lots of stops for gaping shots of her asshole. Vanessa turns around and fills her pussy with his dick for a few moments before taking it in the ass again until going back to spoon for a brief amount of time. Vanessa strokes and sucks his dick making him cum on her face in the end. She gives him a good amount of post cum head before he freaks out. As she is being escorted from the house, she has to suck one more dick to receive her money. Wow the end of this scene get extremely weird!

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Scene 4: Sabina Black, two masked men
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Toy, Anal, DP, Vaginal, Facial
Sabina is one of the two uninvited guests that shows up. Julie leads her to a room then locks her in. As she lays there she begins to play with herself and dream. Her dream takes over and she is being poked and prodded by the fingers of two men in black hoods. They spread her legs wide and spank her ass and pussy before fucking her butt with a dildo. She takes over controlling the toy and uses it hard on her backdoor then gets on top of one of the men to replace the toy with his dick. She removes his dick from her ass and puts it in her pussy so the other masked man can have her ass. They take a break from the dp and she sucks one while the other fucks her ass some more. She gets on top in reverse cowgirl for some vaginal sex before abruptly being shown in doggy for more oral and anal. Sabina licks the men's boots then moves up to use her tongue on their pricks. She sucks their cocks for a very long time before getting a facial reward from both of them. Sabina is way cute and really seemed to enjoy herself in this scene. This one has a lot extra footage added for the director's cut, but it's not added as finished video. It looks like the rest, but the audio for the added footage has directions from the director in the back ground.

Scene 5: Sarah Blue, Denis Marti, Claudio Meloni
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, DP, Vaginal, Facial
Sarah takes Claudio to the kitchen where the chef (Denis) is and uses his knife to cut off Claudio's shirt. Sarah then uses the knife to cut open the crotch of her stockings before going down on both men. After the oral, Sarah sits down on Claudio's cock then immediately gets double penetrated by Denis. The trio change to spoon so Claudio can continue fucking her ass and Denis gets head at the same time. Sarah does some brief reverse cowgirl anal then lets both men cum on her face. Sarah uses the guys' cocks to rub the cum on her face for a while before the scene fades. Sarah is a sexy little blonde that does not mind getting dirty.

Scene 6: Sabina, Julie Silver
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Toys
Sabina is still masturbating from her scene before and Julie comes in and starts to eat her out. Sabina "wakes up" and seems a little surprised by what's going on, but decides she likes it and lets her continue. Sabina turns the table and goes down on Julie and fingers her asshole for a bit before Julie puts on a strap-on and has Sabina slap it with a riding crop. Sabina gets on her knees and lets Julie fuck her mouth with the dildo then lets her slide it in her backdoor. They move back to the bed for vaginal spoon for Sabina then switch to reverse cowgirl for anal then vaginal. Sabina gets her fill then takes the strap-on to Julie's ass and pussy in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Franco walks in and finds Sabina fucking Julie from behind and throws her out. Julie's outfit has to be inspired by A Clockwork Orange. Hot outfit and hot scene!

Scene 7: Sarah O'neal, Gabriel Montoya
Acts Included: Masturbation, Toys, Anal
Sarah uses a dildo to fuck her own ass for a while then pulls out another toy to fill her pussy at the same time. Gabriel walks in and angrily pulls the toys out of her. Sarah lays down on the floor and tells him to fuck her and he obliges by entering her asshole. After the missionary, they move into reverse cowgirl and doggy for even more anal. Sarah pulls out one of her toys again to use on her pussy while she sucks his dick and makes him cum on her lips. She looks up at him and gives him some post cum head before the scene ends. Hot scene. Sarah with her toys was very nice.

Scene 8: Sarah Blue, Sarah O'neal, Julie Silver, Franco Trentalance
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, Toys, Vaginal
This scene starts out with Julie spreading her ass and standing above the Sarah's as they suck Franco's cock. Once they have him worked up, Julie plants her ass on him and rides hard with brief breaks for Sarah and Sarah to suck Franco's dick. Sarah Blue lies on her side and lets him take her ass while she fucks the other Sarah's ass with a dildo. Julie takes over for the oral duties during this portion of the show and continues when Sarah O'neal straddles her face to be fucked from behind. Sarah Blue uses a large dildo on herself as she watches the action in front of her. Julie gets in on the toy play and they fuck each other's mouths for a while before bending over and letting Franco screw their butts as he continues banging Sarah O'neal. Julie hops back on top of Franco and lets Sarah O'neal use one of the toys on her rear at the same time. Julie doesn't leave Ms. Blue out by licking her pussy then sixty-nining with her as Sarah O'neal rides one last time. Julie does one final reverse cowgirl anal and then jerks Franco off on to the other girls' faces. This another scene that has plenty of extra footage added. Wow! there is so much action in this scene it's not funny. These women are seriously dirty!

Overall Thoughts: This movie is definitely NOT for everyone, but I found it very dark and erotic. The depravity and perversity of the 3 "S's" was fascinating to watch. Everything was top notch as far as the production values go, but the overdubbed dialogue was very goofy at times. The wardrobe for this movie was a mix of punk and gothic and looked fantastic! Latex, leather, electrical tape, corsets, top hats, plaid skirts; you name it, it's probably here somewhere. The scenes with Sabina and the last scene with all three witches were highpoints in my opinion, but all of the scenes were very good. My only complaint would be the 13 minutes added footage wasn't completely produced, but it is such a small complaint that it is irrelevant. Trust No One combines extremely attractive women with a truly odd story and tons of very filthy sex scenes to make an outstanding addition to the Fetish Machine line of dvd's. I Highly Recommend this one for a strange and perverse trip.

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