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Euro Girls Never Say No 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/8/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Euro Girls Never Say No 3
Platinum X Pictures

Director: Manuel Ferrara & Steve Holmes

Date of Production: 09/09/2003

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Cast: Sandra Romain, Dora Venter, Janet, Jennifer, Lisa, Lola, Petra Blond, Angelina Crow, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color. Crisp with good coloring for the most part, the video looks good in this dvd. A lot of natural and outdoor lighting is used in these scenes, so shadows do occur, but not in a bad way. . Audio is 2 channel English and is crisp and clear. Some wind noise occurs a couple of times during outdoor scenes, but it never gets out of hand.

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Outtakes

Scene Breakdowns:

Sandra Romain & Dora Venter

Scene 1: Sandra Romain, Dora Venter, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Brandon Iron
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, DAP, PTM, ATM, Facial
When this scene fades in, we see Dora and Michael together and Sandra and Steve beside them. Both couples are kissing as Brandon Iron walks in and gets greeted by the guys. THe women talk to each other then take Brandon to another room. Sandra tells him she likes spankings and bends over to let Brandon and Dora give her a spanking. After the short spanking, Dora and Brandon rim and finger Sandra's ass before Dora bends over for her dose of spanking and rimming. As Sandra is licking her ass, Dora uses her mouth on Brandon's dick. Sandra moves in to do some sucking also before Mike and Steve make their way into the room and tell Brandon that they don't mind him fucking their girls, but not to take them away. The ladies do a small amount of oral on Michael and Steve before Steve suggests going back to the couch. When they make it back, Dora and Sandra put their asses towards each other and Stave plays with them while they suck the other guys dicks. Both women get up from dick sucking to remove a few articles of clothing and then get fucked side by side. Sandra gets pounded hard in doggy before getting in the spoon position for more. Dora rides on top Steve on cowgirl and sucks Brandon at the same time. One particularly hot moment happens when Dora begin kissing Sandra as they are both being nailed. Michael eases his dick in Sandra's asshole and gets in some solo fucking before Steve joins them by filling Sandra's pussy for a double penetration. As with all of Sandra's scene's, you can expect for lots of hard sex and this one is no different with both men banging the hell out of her. Dora gets fucked by Brandon while all of this is happening with Sandra and she looks great doing it. Sandra gets a small break from being dp'ed when Michael gets up to fuck Dora fro a little while. Once he gets a taste of Dora, Michael goes back to Sandra and fills her pussy as Steve bangs her butt in reverse cowgirl. This dp eventually turns into a double anal penetration and the guys don't take it easy on her.Dora works her way over and plays a little while they drill Sandra then sits her ass on Steve's face for a while. Sandra hops off to do some ass to mouth sucking on both men's dicks and Dora makes her way down to Steve's dick to fuck it. Michael gets behind Sandra for more anal before going back to help dp Dora. Sandra hangs around near Dora's pussy and waits for the guys to pull out for more head before both women get on their knees to accept Mike, Steve and Brandon's loads on their faces.

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Nice! This scene was definitely a good one. Sandra has a way of getting dirty and keeping it extremely hot at the same time. It's easy to see she enjoys her work. Dora is way too cute for words. Despite her cuteness, she has no problem getting nasty, so that's always a plus! The disappearance of Brandon Iron mid-scene was odd, but at least it wasn't one of the women that disappeared.


Scene 2: Janet, Manuel Ferrara
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Janet floats on a large plastic whale and smiles at the camera a few times before taking Manuel's cock out to suck. I have to say the, blowjob while she is floating is pretty damn sexy! Janet later gets out of the water to concentrate on blowing manuel a little more before jumping on top of his cock in cowgirl. The couple gets up to move outdoors and Janet winds up using a lamp post for leverage as Manuel nails her from behind as they stand on a bench. They go mobile again and move all the way across the yard to an outdoor bar. Janet sits on a stool and Manuel starts in on her pussy again before going down on her. During the oral break, Janet turns around to face Manuel and they later start fucking in this position. After a brief amount of straight sex, Manuel starts paying more attention to Janet's ass by using his fingers and tongue on her. Once she is warmed up he eases his dick into her ass in a spoon type of position. Janet does some ass to mouth oral on Manuel then a sudden cut shows them on a bed indoors. Manuel is sliding his prick back into Janet' ass as she lays on her side. They roll into reverse cowgirl for a moment then make their way back to spoon before Manuel makes her cum using his fingers. And they're off one last time, this time heading to an outdoor balcony for a small amount of standing doggy and the facial cumshot.

The pool footage was outstanding! The rest wasn't too shabby either. Janet knows how to get into her scene and isn't afraid to get dirty.

Lola & Petra Blond

Scene 3: Petra Blond, Lola, Manuel Ferrara
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Petra and Lola are introduced using some trick photography then they get together for a little kissing and caressing. As the lightly play with each other Steve walks into the scene and gets in on the kissing before getting them both to suck his dick. The oral portion is over pretty quickly and Steve is soon banging Petra as she straddles Lola's back. The group makes a position adjustment and the Lola soon gets plugged while Steve plays with Petra's ass. A small break to kiss Petra's backside turns into Lola's rear being penetrated. Petra gets near the fucking and does some ATM oral several times before Steve and Lola move to reverse cowgirl for more anal. UGGGH! Steve makes a comment about Petra having a brown mustache as she sucks his dick straight out of Lola's backdoor. After the extreme nastiness, Petra gives up her butt and rides Steve while Lola rubs her ass. Steve gets up and positions Lola over Petra similar to a 69 to begin banging her backside again. Petra gives Steve more head whenever he pulls out of Lola. The girls get back into the straddling position from the beginning of the scene only they get it in the butt this time. Petra and Lola have their asses drilled in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl before switching to doggy side by side to work up to the cumshot. Steve gets both women's faces close together to unload on before the scene fades.

Two words, " Brown Mustache"! I would have edited that part out myself. Other than that part the scene was ok. Nothing really spectacular about it.


Scene 4: Jennifer, Lisa, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Michael Stefano shoots the video and plays with Jennifer outside; fingering her pussy and spanking her ass. He asks if she is horny then takes her inside when she says yes. They find Manuel and Lisa having sex on a couch and Mike instructs Jennifer to watch. She sits down and plays with herself as she watches them fuck. Michael goes between showing Lisa and Manuel and fingering Jennifer as she watches them. Manuel and Lisa move into spoon and get closer to Jennifer. Lisa starts licking Jenn's shoes and feet as Manuel nails her. Jennifer moves a little closer so Lisa can eat her pussy the jumps right into the middle of the action by sucking Manuel's cock right out of Lisa's pussy. As his dick is being sucked by Jennifer, manuel uses his fingers to loosen up Lisa's backdoor before putting his dick in. Jennifer stays down south and rubs Lisa and sucks on Manuel's balls as they fuck. Both women suck on Manuel for a moment before Jennifer finally takes his dick inside her ass. Lisa licks Jenn's clit as she is being banged in reverse cowgirl. The girls makes their way into a sixty-nine and Manuel continues to stuff Jennifer's butt before moving around to do the same to Lisa. As he is fucking Lisa, Manuel gets ready to cum. He gets both girls on their knees to accept his load directly on their faces before the end of the scene.

This is an incredibly hot scene. Jennifer masturbating while watching them have sex just a few feet away is hot, hot , hot! The way she works her way in adds to the overall excitement of this scene. This is the best scene of the bunch so far.

Angelina Crow

Scene 5: Angelina Crow, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, DPP, PTM, ATM, Facial
Angelina turns some nice tease footage before the action begins. Steve and Manuel watch Angelina play from across the yard and get worked up. They call her over and soon have their hands all over her. Steve is the first to get his dick sucked and Manuel works on Angelina's pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers as she is bent over sucking. Angelina continues to suck on Steve as Manuel enters her pussy in spoon. She switches between the guys so Steve is fucking her while she sucks Manuel's cock. She changes form the spoon position to ride cowgirl on top of Steve keeping Manuel's dick in her hand or mouth at the same time. She switches back to Manuel after a while and rides him reverse cowgirl before Steve slides into her pussy for double vaginal. He pulls out and stuffs his dick into her mouth for a bit before taking her ass in spoon as she sucks Manuel again. Angelina gets fucked by both guys in reverse cowgirl before they double penetrate her ass and pussy at the same time in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl for a while. The dp doesn't stop there! The guys perform a standing dp with Angelina and performa an acrobatic ass to mouth oral interlude before sitting back down for more double penetration. Angelina gets her break from the dp's when the guys are ready to cum on her face. She gets covered by both men and gives them a little post cum head before the credits roll.

Angelina gave a great performance in this scene. She's a trooper and got dp'ed for a very long time.

Overall Thoughts: After watching the first two volumes and now this one, I'm sad to say this is the last volume that will feature both Steve and Manuel working together as co-directors. The action in this volume is on par with the others and despite the "Brown Mustache" ickyness in the third scene it's a pretty hot dvd. The scene with Jennifer and Lisa is outstanding. The energy and anticipation that builds during the scene is what really puts it over the top for best scene on the dvd. The first two scenes are great too, so there is a ton of good action to choose from on this disc. I Highly Recommend Euro Girls Never Say No 3.

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