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5 Star Devon

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/12/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: various

Cast: Devon, Inari Vachs, Sydnee Steele, Corinne Willians, Gwen Summers, Halli Aston, Cassidey, Nicole Sheridan, Jenteal, Raylene, Kobe Tai, Sky Lopez, James Bonn, Evan Stone, Julian, Mark Davis, Eric Price, Steve Hatcher, Vince Vouyer, Randy Spears, Erik Everhard

Length: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

Date of Production: Range from 1998 to 2000.

Extras: Behind the Scenes: Lube Job, 3 Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, Previews

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color with the exception of one scene that was in widescreen. This is noted in the scene by scene breakdown. The picture quality varied, but for the most part it was less than decent. The picture seemed to have an excessive a blocky/grainy touch. The lighting was presented from horrible to okay to very good. The audio was presented in stereo. The sound quality for the most part was pretty decent. Very few of the scenes did the background music tend to be overly loud and drown out the foreground sounds.

DVD Mechanics: DVD opens with several minutes very annoying ads for Vivid website, Herbal Vivid (like Viagra?), phone sex ads, and Vivid endorsed sex toys that you can't skip.

Body of Review: Vivid presents another installment in the 5 Star compilation series. In this series Vivid gives 10 scenes from the proposed adult star's filmography that features 5 star top quality, the best of the best scenes. In this title we are presented with 10 scenes from Devon's career ranging from 1998 to 2000. Here is the scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1: Devon, Inari Vachs, James Bonn
Scene From: 3 (1999)
This scene opens with the two blonde kissing in a bathtub while James watches. Devon stands up and receives oral from James and then Inari gets oral from Devon. The girls then take turns sucking off James. The scene cuts and we find the trio has moved to the bedroom where James and Inari get into straight sex, which followed by Devon and James getting it on. The scene ends with James unloading on Devon's lovely breasts. This was an okay scene with a decent amount of action.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 2: Devon, Sydnee Steele, Evan Stone
Scene From: Barfly (2000) in Widescreen
Here Devon is dressed in a very sexy one piece dress while Sydnee has opted to wear a seductive two piece outfit. Evan is wearing a hard hat, tool belt, and jeans. He approaches the girls at the top of the stairs where they kiss and fondle each other. Devon sucks off Evan while he goes down on Sydnee. Sydnee then takes over for Devon and they form a little love triangle. Straight sex ensues between Evan and Devon which is followed by Sydnee and Evan getting it on. The scene ends with the two girls lying on their backs and Evan dumping his stuff on their stomachs. This was a pretty heated scene. The two girls worked well with each other and Evan. It was quite a treat to see this two lovely ladies in action.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 3: Devon, Corinne Willians, Julian
Scene From: Blondage #3: The Dresser (1998)
Here we find the trio in a modernly furnished room. Devon is dressed in a matching baby blue bra and bikini. Corinne is wearing a blouse and skirt, which she quickly takes off to reveal white lingerie. Julian watches Corinne and Devon undress, lick and suck each other. Julian undresses and the two girls take turns sucking him off in a wonderful team effort. Then the straight sex ensues with Devon riding Julian while Corinne watches and pleasures herself. The girls switch and Corinne gets her turn. The scene ends with the two girls jerking Julian off. This was a pretty good scene, lots of heated action. The trio was very hot together. However it would have been nice during the straight sex for the girl not involved in the straight sex to play a little more active role. I.e. kissing the other girl or using her hands to assist in the process. Anyways it was a good scene.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 4: Devon, Mark Davis
Scene From: Commercial World (1999)

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Devon is a very popular gal. She's very hot with big firm breasts, a tight body, a cute face, and blonde hair. She teams up with Mark Davis in this scene for some oral and straight sex. The scene ends with Mark unloading on her breasts. The oral portion of this scene was very slow, but very satisfying. The sex was a lot more energetic and also very enjoyable. The two had a good chemistry in this scene. Very good. This scene review comes from my review of All Star: Big Tits.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 5: Devon, Gwen Summers, Halli Aston, Julian
Scene From: Country Comfort (1999)
In this scene Gwen is putting lipstick on Julian, who is for some odd reason wearing a dress. Then Devon sits herself on Julian's face as Gwen and Halli take turns sucking him off. Gwen is the first of the three girls with Julian to have straight sex. Next up is Devon who eats out Halli while taking it from Julian. Meanwhile Gwen satisfies herself with a dildo. Next up is Halli with Julian, while the two other girls get really passionate together. The scene ends with Julian unloading on Halli's stomach. The action was in this scene was pretty decent, it wasn't really anything special. Apart from the fact you don't usually see three girls take on one guy.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 6: Devon, Eric Price
Scene From: Eve's Gift (2000)
All we see is wrapping paper. Devon asks Eric if he's going to open his present. So what is it? Well it's Devon wearing sexy yellow lingerie. Next she asks if he's going to try it on. She spreads her legs and Eric goes to work. She then gives him a very heated blow job before they get into straight sex. The scene ends with Eric unloading on Devon's chest. This was a very hot scene, Devon looked incredible. She had an awesome oral and straight sex performance. There was a lot of excitement and energy in this scene.
Rating: 10/10

Scene 7: Devon, Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher
Scene From: If Looks Could Kill (1999)
Here we find the trio outdoors with Devon sucking off Ian while Steve eats her out from behind. Then Devon turns over for missionary positioned sex with Ian while she sucks off Steve. The guys switch positions and Devon flips over again. Steve goes at it from behind while she goes down on Ian. Steve finishes by unloading on Devon's luscious ass. Then she and Ian get back into the missionary position before they concludes the scene with Ian unloading on her stomach. This is another scene done very well. Devon proved that she can heat up a threesome scene as she took on this two guys in both oral and straight sex.
Rating: 8/10

Scene 8: Devon, Vince Vouyer
Scene From: Into the Night (1999)
This scene kicks off outdoors with Devon wearing a small nightie that allows her wonderful breasts to seep out of. Here we find her giving Vince a very intense blow job. Vince then tosses Devon on her back and the two get into straight sex via missionary. They change positions and she rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Vince giving Devon a facial. This was a very hot scene. Devon looked amazingly hot as she gave Vince the most incredible blow job and took him on in a very exciting, enjoyable sex scene.
Rating: 10/10

Scene 9: Devon, Cassidey
Scene From: Nice Neighbors (2000)
This scene opens with Cassidey molesting Devon's feet with her mouth. Both girls look pretty hot in this scene. Devon is partially wearing a pink top and black skirt while Cassidey has a white top and black leather pants. Cassidey moves down to eat out Devon while she moans with pleasure. Eventually Cassidey gets undressed and she finds herself a strap-on toy. She works on Devon doggie style. Devon then sucks off the strap-on dildo before taking it off of Cassidey. Devon then gets another toy and uses it to pleasure Cassidey. The girls then take advantage of a double sided dildo to finish off the scene. This was a pretty decent scene, though the use of the strap-on dildo deterred me from really enjoying it. Though the two girls did work pretty well together, it was a decent scene.
Rating: 3/10

Scene 10: Devon, Nicole Sheridan, Eric Price
Scene From: The Pinup (2000)
The two girls are both attractive, but in this scene they don't look their best. Both girls are wearing lingerie, a bit too much make-up. Anyways the scene kicks off with the two girls kissing. Eric gets called into the room where Nicole sucks him off while Devon sits on his face. Devon then takes her turn at giving Eric a very hot blow job while Nicole eats out Devon. Devon and Eric then get into straight sex via cowgirl while Nicole assists in the process. Next Nicole gets on Eric for reverse cowgirl. It's not until now that Nicole exposes her large luscious breasts. The scene ends with Eric unloading on the girl's chests. Despite I didn't think that the girls were looking top grade in this scene, it doesn't change the fact that they both performed very well in this scene. It was disappointing though that Nicole didn't get fully undressed until the end of the scene. Nonetheless it was very good.
Rating: 8/10

Bonus Scene 1: Devon, Cassidey, Randy Spears, Erik Everhard
Scene From: Tonight (1999)
Devon looks pretty hot in this scene, she's dressed in a low cut top (that she can easily pull her breasts out of) and a black miniskirt. Cassidey is looking pretty good dressed in black tube top and skirt. This scene opens with the four in a bar setting with Devon sucking off Randy while Cassidey and Erik watch from the side. As Devon and Randy heat it up, Erik and Cassidey get pretty hot and heavy. Randy finishes up his part in the scene by unloading on Devon's breasts.

Erik and Cassidey move over to join the now lonely Devon. Erik and Cassidey take turns going down on Devon, before Cassidey steps aside and plays with herself while watching Erik and Devon have oral and straight sex. Then Erik unloads on Devon's ass. However, Cassidey hasn't had her turn and sucks off Erik until he's ready again. The two have straight sex and the scene ends with Erik unloading once again, giving Cassidey is facial. This was a very hot scene with lots of continuous action going on.
Rating: 10/10

Bonus Scene 2: Devon, Jenteal, Raylene
Scene From: Where the Boys Aren't 12 (1999)
Here we find the three girls all looking very sexy in the great outdoors. The scene opens with Devon eating out Raylene while Jenteal fondles Devon. The two girls switch and Devon gets up to grab a bottle of water. She douses Raylene's body and continues to pour the water down Jenteal's backside. After Raylene's turn Devon and Jenteal get their just dessert. Raylene goes down on Jenteal while Jenteal goes down on Devon. In the last minutes of the scene Raylene puts on a strap-on dildo and works Devon in a missionary style as Jenteal cradles her. This scene was pretty hot for a girl/girl scene, however the strap-on bit I didn't care much for. Also it was a bit short in relative to the ideals of fairness. Jenteal never received the full undivided attention that Raylene and Devon received. Nonetheless it was still pretty good.
Rating: 6/10

Bonus Scene 3: Devon, Kobe Tai, Sky Lopez
Scene From: Where the Boys Aren't 13 (1999)
In this scene we find Devon and Kobe Tai passionately kissing while on a large bed. The two girls then remove one another's clothing and resume the heavy petting. Eventually they Devon goes down on Kobe. The girls switch positions and Kobe goes down on Devon. At some point Kobe gets some toys to use on the lovely Devon. Midway through the scene Sky walks in and joins Devon to once again work on Kobe. This scene was a pretty exciting all girl scene. The action was pretty heated. However Sky really deserved to have these two beautiful girls work on for a bit.
Rating: 6/10

Concluding Words: Devon is without a doubt a remarkable performer. She has quickly become a favorite adult performer of many. She is stunning look at and always seems to bring a lot of excitement and energy to the screen. This is the thirteenth (?) compilation featuring Devon to be released from the Vivid studio. I've never actually seen the other compilations; therefore I can't compare them in terms of content. I'm certain that there is some repeated material in all of her featured compilations. So if you own a few of those you probably should rent this title to be sure of it's content, however if you don't own any other Devon featured compilations I strongly suggest this title.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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