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Best of the Best: 1997-2002

Studio: Private » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 1/16/04

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Private is fast on its way to becoming my favorite adult studio. Between the beautiful, exotic locales and the attractive, "natural" actresses, Private delivers on a constant basis. This set contains five discs that are compilations of scenes from various Private features, while the sixth disc, Millenium, examines Private's history. Since each disc is made up of scenes from various films, the picture quality differs. However, the overall picture, whose ratio is 1.33:1, is generally sharp and I didn't notice any artifacts. The audio was something else. Since Private is a European company, English isn't necessarily the first language for some scenes. [Not that it should matter, since moaning is a universal language]

Private Sex Non-Stop

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Various

Length: approx 3hrs 5min

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish & Italian

Extras: Trailers, Photobook, Cast, Production Notes.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One from "Living In Sin" [Sophie Evans & Philippe Dean]:

On a boat near the Capri Island in South Italy, Sophie and Philippe don't waste any time in getting naked. After Phillippe gets her bathing suit off, he begins fingering her and then he's rewarded with a blowjob. The we [& Sophie] are treated to some doggy style. Fade to Sophie riding followed by some anal from behind while she lays on her side. We then get some more riding of both the anal and vaginal kind before the last position which was a 69 which resulted with a shot to her mouth. Sophie is an attractive blonde and VERY flexable. And she likes sucking fingers too...which is a PLUS in my book. Good scene.

Scene Two from "Exotic Illusions 2" [Mia Stone, Loureen Kiss & Ian Scott]:

We begin our scene with Mia & Loureen frolicking topless on the beach. Ian joins them and the next thing you know, he's 69ing with Mia, while Loureen is masturbating closeby. After Mia's done, Loureen gets on top to ride him. Then it's Mia's turn. Ian does from behind while she's on her side. Loureen is nearby to provide stimulation for Ian [in case Mia wasn't enough, I guess]. Loureen's up next as she rides Ian anally while being licked by Mia. After Mia pulls him out to give him a licking. and then bends over so he can do her doggystyle while the Loureen licks her, the scene ends with a double blowjob and they take turns sucking him dry. While both girls are cute, I thought Loureen was hotter. And they both seemed to be really into it. Two good scenes in a row.

Scene Three from "Matador 10: Free Riders" [Christina Blonde & a bunch of dirty old men]:

Here we have a good 'ol fashioned gang bang. Seven bikers stop on the road to help Michelle, whose car has broken down. She begins lubing all their sticks while bending over to give the guys a chance to check out her back end. There isn't much variation as she always seems to be lubing 'em while getting rear ended or going for a ride herself. There was also some double penetration. Well, triple if you count having your mouth filled too. In fact, one guy [in leather chaps] uses her blonde ponytail to stroke himself. She took turns orally draining each guy of their fluids. I didn't care for this scene at all. I didn't find the girl that attractive, and the guys...well, they looked like bikers. 'nuff said.

Scene Four from "Dominatrix Chess Gambit" [Michelle Wild, Melinda, Britnee, Thomas Stone & Sunny Green]:

Four bikers pull into a garage where a leather wearing Michelle and Britnee are lounging on a motorcycle. One biker splits, leaving Melinda behind, while the other two bikers hang around. They walk over and pretty soon Britnee and Michelle are on their knees giving 'em head. After that, they're both bent over and getting it from behind. Then they switch partners and Michelle starts riding vaginally, while Britnee rides anally. Melinda, who's been observing all of this, gets in on the action with a double penetrated while Brit and Michelle do each other with an orange dildo. For the finale, Britnee gets a shot to the mouth and Melinda shares a facial with Michelle. This was a pretty good scene despite all the leather.

Scene Five from "Indiana Mack 2: Sex In the Desert" [Dora Venter & Nick Lang]:

Indiana Jones wannabe Nick, complete with bullwhip and fedora, and Dora are fooling around on train car. A blowjob ensues. Nick doesn't return the favor, however, as he just dives into some missionary. After some doggy while Dora's laying on her side, Nick delivers a shot to the mouth to end the scene. I have to say, this was a disappointing scene. Dora was cute enough, but the lack of variety of positions is what did it in.

Scene Six from "Matador 12: Avalanche 2" [Karma, Sylvia Sun, Pascal & Steve Holmes]:

The guys join the girls with a horse drawn carriage [don't worry about the horse...he doesn't get involved] The girls are quickly on their knees administering some oral sex to the guys. We then cut to both girls riding anally. After this, Sylvia gets double penetrated and the scene ends with a facial for each girl. Both Karma and Sylvia were very attractive. The only thing I kept thinking was "Man, they must be cold."

Scene Seven from "Private Reality 3" [Sophie Evans, Toni Riba & Ramon]:

A secretary who's been running herself ragged, gets in an elevator with two guys and decides to rip off her clothes and let them service her. But, it isn't long before she's bending down for a little dictation. Incredibly, while she's doing this, you can VISUALLY see how excited she is [without any sort of stimulation]. She's then wearing long leather gloves, strappy black boots and a mask. She makes the guys stand against the wall and takes turns having her way with them. Between smacks on their asses, she takes turns with the blowjobs. The next scene she's dressed as a cowgirl...you guessed it...riding one guy while giving head to the other. She follows this up with some anal and double penetration. The scene ends with a double shot to the mouth. This was a hot scene and Sophie is a hot chick who seems to like what she does. And you can see it.

Scene Eight from "Without Limits: Sex Out Of Control" [Maria, Nataly, Nacho Vidal & David Perry]:

The scene takes place in a strip club. As Nataly is giving head to two guys, Maria walks over and takes one of them off her hands [or would that be out of her mouth?]. After Maria continues with some brief head, we see her getting done on her side from behind while Nataly keeps sucking. Then, Maria gets on top and rides while Nataly keeps sucking. Maria turns around to face Nacho while riding him while Nataly...you guessed it -- keeps sucking. There's some double penetration of Maria while Nataly watches. Maria ends the scene with some anal riding while...well, you know where i'm going with what Nataly did. The scene ends with a shot to Maria's face while David came with some assistance from Nataly. I have to say, I was VERY disappointed Nataly didn't do any fucking, nevertheless, this scene had some MAJOR heat.

Scene Nine from "the Splendor Of Hell" [Monique Covet, Michelle Wild, Anne Joy, Franco Roccaforte & Chris Charming]: The set reminded me of that old Duran Duran video "Wild Boys". Franco and Chris were in cages, while Anne Joy and Michelle were hanging upside down. We then see the guys out of the cages getting blowjobs from Anne Joy and Michelle. Then Monique, the mistress of the room. gets done missionary while Michelle gets done doggy. The scene ends with a double facial to the goggles that Monique's wearing over her eyes. She then lifts it up and the Anne and Michelle lick 'em clean. Monique was hot. The scene was not.

Scene Ten from "Dominatrix Chess Gambit" [Dora Venter, Jessica, Ian Scott & Leslie Taylor]: Begins on a chess board. Jessica, the black queen, makes the white bishop, go down on her. In the background, Leslie and Dora are giving the black king head. Jessica then gets up on the bishop for some anal riding. Nearby, the black king is doing Leslie from behind. Then Dora and Jessica get done doggystyle until Dora switches and is double penetrated while Jessica plays with herself. The scene ends with a facial for Dora and a shared facial for Jessica and Leslie. I didn't feel much heat during this scene. I think it was the makeup the ladies were wearing.

Scene Eleven from " Cyber Sex" [Lynn Stone, David Perry, Bob Terminator & Natasha]: Lynn and Natasha are in the middle of what looks like a combination dancefloor/lightshow. Natasha starts giving her partner head, while Lynn lets her partner give his tongue a workout. They both end up getting on top and riding the guys. Lynn does some anal on her side until the guys decide to switch partners. Now, both ladies are getting done anally - Natasha from behind, and Lynn missionary style. The scene ends with Lynn getting a double facial and then sharing some of it with Natasha. Natasha and Lynn were DEFINITELY into this scene. Which accounts for the major heat generated...in spite of the laser light show going on in the background.

Scene Twelve from "Dark Side 2" [Claudia Jackson & David Perry]: David's taking notes when Claudia walks over to him. She says something to him. What it was, it's not known. He responds with "Well, alright." and then proceeds to go down on her. The next cut has Claudia completely naked and David fingering and then licking her. She gives him some head. Until it's time for some penetration. First, he does her from behind on her side and then she rides him anally. Anal doggystyle is the final position before the scene ends with a shot to her ass. Unfortunately, I think Private cut this scene short, since right after he cums, he starts fucking her again as the screen fades and the credits start rolling. Regardless of this fact, I still wasn't feeling this scene.

24 Karat

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Various

Length: approx 2hrs 40min

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish & Italian

Extras: Trailers, Cast Filmography, & Photobook

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One from "Perfect" [Jodie Moore, Art Core & Tyce Bune]: It begins with one of the guys dressed like a demon working Jodie with his tongue between her legs. Then she starts giving the guy that ISN'T the demon a blowjob. After some time, the demon starts doing her doggy style while the other guy is staring into a fire. They switch up and this time the demon's staring into the fire while Jodie's riding the other guy anally. Next up for Jodie is a double penetration until the scene ended with a double facial. Now, first of all...i'm not into bestiality or role play, so this scene did absolutely nothing for me. Sure, Jodie's cute and all, but if the whole "demon" thing didn't bother me, this scene still gets a thumb down thanks to an annoying over saturation of red throughout the entire scene. I realize it was supposed to be Hell [or some close approximation -- the demon makeup & the flames gave it away...], but it was distracting and sometimes hard to look at.

Scene Two from "D.N.A." [Michelle Wild, Bailey & Tony De Sergio]: Starts out with Michelle & Bailey chatting in a hot tub. Two studs walk in to get them and before you know it, we join a double blowjob in progress. Michelle goes for a ride while Bailey spreads her legs wide for some missionary. Next up is some doggy for Bailey & Michelle is getting hit from behind while she's on her side. BOTH ladies look very sexy, have nice bodies and generate MAJOR heat. I don't know how it could happen, but the guy that was doing Bailey, leaves her to play with herself while he double teams Michelle [who's enjoying EVERY minute of it]. The scene ends with a double facial. One for each of the girls. The only thing that I didn't like about this scene was the fact that I kept thinking to myself "Man, is it a shame Bailey's sittin' on the arm of that couch all by herself...". Other than that, this scene was HOT.

Scene Three from "the Gladiator" [Barby, Sindy, Tiffany, Tina, Choky Ice, David Perry & Nick Lang]: So we join a gladiator battle in process. After the battle is won, the gladiators are shown eating, drinking & being VERY merry. We're subjected to oral sex [both male & female], some riding, some doggy, some anal, LOTS of double penetration, MORE anal...ending with a double facial. This wasn't a bad scene. I really wasn't feeling any of the ladies, but I wasn't repulsed either..

Scene Four from "the Kinky Tower" [Luisa De Marco & Robert Rossenberg]: Luisa, who's wearing a fishnet top & bottom, is escorting Robert [wearing a leash] down a stone staircase. They end up in what looks like an S&M dungeon. Luisa begins working herself over with a pink dildo. Man, does she have some killer nipples. Anyways, back on track...next thing we see Robert wearing a fishnet mask laying on the dirt floor while Luisa is poking his penis with her stiletto heels. A quick MTV-style cut later and we see Luisa giving him a quick blowjob. He then bends her over for some doggy. This goes on for a while. One MTV-style cut later and we see her ripping off her leather skirt and sitting down on Robert [who's laying on the floor again and standing at attention]. After some vaginal riding, she adjusts him for some anal riding [which she does like a champ]. A quick blowjob later and the scene ends with Robert giving Luisa a facial. BEST scene so far.

Scene Five from "Funky-Fetish" [Michelle Wild, Sandra Iron, Choky Ice & Steve Holmes]: This scene was "Rocky Horror Picture Show" taken to the Nth degree. After breaking down in the rain, Michelle and Choky stumble across a castle where they meet Sandra & Steve. It's not long before Michelle's giving Steve a blowjob & Choky is between Sandra's thighs. After a while of licking Michelle's ass, Choky does her missionary style while Sandra's riding Steve. They switch, and Steve starts doing Michelle anally from behind while Steve & Sandra are 69ing. Sandra is the clear dominatrix here as she gets off of Choky's face and tells Michelle to go sit on him while she bends over and lets Steve tap her ass. Michelle gets double teamed while Sandra works herself over with a neon green dildo. The scene ends with a facial for each of the girls. Hot scene.

Scene Six from "Sunrise" [Elza Brown, Jodie Moore, Natalia, Philippe Dean & Sebastian Barrio]: Jodie & Elza start us off by making out on the deck of a boat while Natalia begins making out with the captain. As more and more of their clothing comes off [and Elza starts licking Jodie], the guy that's been observing them decides to become more of an active participant while Natalia is now giving the captain a short blowjob before riding him. Meanwhile, up front, Elza now has her legs spread wide for the guy that was watching them. Jodie takes time to lube Elza and her man up, while Elza rides him and Natalia & the captain are attempting a position that doesn't necessarily work. These two scenes are simultaneous and when we cut back to Natalia, she's now letting the captain hit her in the back. Damn are her thighs thick. On the deck, Jodie's finally the one getting fucked [both missionary & riding]. The scene ends with Natalia taking a shot to the mouth and a double facial as both Elza & Jodie get shot. All three females were attractive and definitely brought the heat.

Scene Seven from "Bacchanal" [Jane Darling & David Perry]: While Jane's smashing grapes at a winery with her feet, David decides to join her. Only, where Jane merely lifts up enough of her long dress so it won't get wet, David decides to take of ALL his clothes, get in the half barrel, throw Jane down, and start working between her thighs. While he does this, he picks up some smashed grapes and throws them on her pussy. I may never drink wine again. She returns the favor with a blowjob. It isn't long before she's bent over and he's doing her from behind. She then does some riding both vaginal and anal, before she takes a shot to the mouth. While Jane had a nice NATURAL set, she was kinda plain and that didn't really do anything for me.

Scene Eight from "Patty & Friends" [Michelle Wild, Patricia Pallona & Sandra Shine]: Sigh. Isn't this what ALWAYS happens. Two girls are in a kitchen making pies when a whipped cream fight ensues. Unfortunately, the boss walks in on you and gets the brunt of the cream assault. So they figure they have no other option than to seduce her right then and there in the kitchen. Well, lemme tell ya, if Michelle was MY boss, whipped cream wouldn't be the only thing she'd have to worry about getting hit with. For the next 12 minutes, the girls take turns eating each other, working a blue vibrator and working a giant double headed dildo. All three girls were having fun and it shows.

Scene Nine from "Lost In Sex" [Lynn Stone, Alberto Rey, Frank Gun & Nick Lang]: Here we have Lynn, who's on a leash with a collar, servicing the guys with her mouth, ass & pussy one at a time...and for a while all three at once. The scene ends with multiple shots to her face. Wasn't interested.

Scene Ten from "the Lucky Dice" [Dora Venter, Petra Short, Claudia Villa & Szabi]: While playing a board game called "Play Eros", the participants decide to give it a rest and play with each other instead. Dora starts by giving one of the guys a blowjob, while Petra spreads open so the second guy can get a clear shot between her thighs. And then the fun begins. The brunette is riding her partner, while the Dora is bent over and getting it from behind. They both continue riding until Dora is double teamed while Petra handles herself. The scene ends with a double facial. Petra really didn't do that much for me, but Dora was sexy. Yet, they both performed well.

Scene Eleven from "the Angel's Trophy" [Cindy Cox, Michelle Wild, Diether Von Stein & Leslie Taylor]: So, we got two scrawny lookin' guys fishing down by the river. After Michelle walks down to deliver a cool, refreshing beverage to the guys, Cindy calls them back and they all sit on a SWINGING CHAIR and start feeling each other up. After some oral sex, both girls lay back and spread wide for the guys while Cindy licks Michelle's nipple. Cindy & her partner get on the ground, leaving Cindy to bend over and let her partner do her from behind. After some missionary from both couples, Cindy gets on the chair and Michelle gets doubly penetrated. After a short blowjob, both girls are treated to facials.

Private's Odyssey 2001

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Various

Length: approx 2hrs 49min

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish & Italian

Extras: Trailers, Cast Filmography, & Photobook

Here's the play-by-play:

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Scene One from "Fashion" [Sophie Evans, Kate More & Franco Foccaforte]: Our scene begins with the girls at a swimming pool. They start working on each other while Franco, who's in the pool, watches intently. [Who wouldn't?] . After giving their bodies a once [or twice] over, the girls get into the pool....and on Franco's tool. They take turns giving him an oral workout. I have to say, there was some pretty bad & annoying dubs during this part of the scene and the girls had this annoying tendency of looking into the camera. Perhaps it was supposed to be looks of lust..? Anyways...eventually Franco gets inside of Kate while Sophie works herself over. The action shifts to poolside as Franco continues doing Kate while the blonde gets busy with...the railing to the pool. Kate anally rides Franco's shaft, while Sophie rides his face. The scene closes with a shot to Sophie's face. This scene gets a big 'ol thumbsdown from me. Besides the HORRIBLE dub [had to mention it one more time for prosperity], the girls weren't all that hot to me.

Scene Two from "No Sun, No Fun" [Nicolette, Pascal St. James, Seb Barrio]: After laying out a bit with the girls on a lovely beach, Nicolette gets away and hooks up with Pascal & Seb. After finding as secluded part of the island, they quickly get down to business. Nicolette starts with a double blowjob before going for a ride while simultaneously giving one of the guys head. A brief position change later and Nicolette's riding again. This time anally. However, at no time does a dick leave her mouth. Then, FINALLY...a double penetration while the waves crash on the trio. After a couple minutes of this, it's back to the anal riding/head combo. Bah. Just as any hope I might've had for this scene seemed to be disappearing, we're treated to a Peter Jackson "Lord Of the Rings"-style, wide, sweeping camera shot to see all three players once again intertwined in a double penetration again. [Mind you, i'm not into double penetrations -- the riding/head combo was getting tired]. Unfortunately, this scenario doesn't last long at all. Before we know it, we're back where we started -- with Nicolette on her knees blowing both Pascal & Seb. Don't believe me? Read the third sentence again. It's pretty obvious that this is how the scene is going to end. And, end it does. With a double shot to Nicolette's mouth. Actually, I don't think it could be called a "shot" since she seems to swallow most of it. NEXT.

Scene Three from "Hell, Whores & High Heels" [Nataly Dune, Layla Jade, Georgette, Robert Rosenberg, Tony De Sergio & Kevin Long]: What better way to start a scene than with a leather dog collar wearing Nataly in a cage. Two trenchcoat wearing guys appear out of nowhere and take turns "feeding" her through the holes in the cage. Cut to the next scene and Nataly's out of the cage and on a rotating circular table with her mouth stuffed while she's getting hit from behind. The guys take turns "rotating" her. Minutes later, Nataly on her back getting done and we cut away to a new couple joining the festivities. Georgette's wearing a fedora while brandishing a whip and sitting in a cart that's being pulled by a male slave wearing S&M garb. We then cut to Nataly who is now anally riding one of the leather twins. While the slave is standing at full attention in front of Layla who's preparing to kneel before him. We're then treated to a lovely sequence featuring multiple blowjobs, multiple positions and various partners in and out of bondage devices. All this action culminates with a triple riding of the "slaves" by the girls both vaginally AND anally before some doggy and a double penetration.. The scene ends with all three girls taking shots to the mouth. Gotta say...this ONE scene totally makes up for the lackluster previous ones. Very hot and all the players were into it. Let's hope this standard is maintained.

Scene Four from "Dangerous Things" [Sylvia Saint, Andrea, Nacho Vidal & Franco Foccaforte]: We see Nacho & Franco lounging under some palm trees as Sylvia & Andrea make their way over. Sylvia starts rubbing her hands over Franco's body who returns the favor by spreading her legs and working his tongue. While this is happening, Andrea is blowing both Nacho and some guy who isn't even credited. Regardless, Sylvia then starts giving Franco head. Well, she TRIES too. He looks a little to big for her. Andrea then gets on top of Mr. Uncredited and rides him while Franco has Sylvia bent over and is working her over from the back. While Andrea is still riding. Sylvia starts riding Franco when Nacho walks over for some quick head. While Andrea is still riding. The next shot finds Sylvia reclining on one of those circular wicker chairs [with the cushion in the center]. She spreads her legs for Nacho, while stroking and sucking Franco. While Andrea is still riding. Cut back to Sylvia who's now on the grass. Legs spread and Franco doing her anally. Nacho take a turn in Sylvia's ass before we cut to Andrea receiving a shot to the face. Sylvia does her one better by taking TWO shots to the face. This scene was good...but not as good as it could've been had they shown more of Andrea getting laid. I realize Sylvia is more famous, but Andrea with her dark skin, curves and tan lines did it for me. Good stuff.

Scene Five from "Erica" [Anita, Rita Faltoyano, Monica Moore, Leslie Taylor & Csoky]: The scene begins with the photographer who was shooting the girls running out of film. So what's left to do? Give Monica & Anita some head, of course. Duh. While that's happening, Rita's on a swing getting eaten out by the stylist. It isn't long before Monica & Anita are giving the photographer a blowjob while Rita's bent over getting done from the back. [MAN, did she look sexy with her high heels and garters] She continues to get done while Anita is giving the photog's dick a workout between her tits. The next shot sees the stylist doing Anita while the photog is now doing Monica while Rita rides her tongue. The stylist does Anita anally for a bit before he and the photog double team Rita while Anita is on the swing eating Monica who's standing next to her. The scene ends with all three girls on their backs while the guys knee above them before delivering the double face shot. Quite simply, this was THE hottest scene so far. The only slight, miniscule complaint I might have, is the overabundance of synchronized moaning. Other than that...have some kleenex handy for this one.

Scene Six from "Matador Series 7" [Christina & David Perry]: So...David jet skis over to Christina. Before long, he's easing her onto her knees. She gives him some head before bending over against the ski to let David do her from behind. He ends up giving both holes a working over. The next scene finds David sitting on the ski and Christina riding him anally. They get off the SKI and she bends over to let him continue doing her ass in the snow. The scene ends with a shot to her mouth. This wasn't a bad scene at all. But, damn, if the altitude was as high as it looked, it must've been VERY cold.

Scene Seven from "Riviera" [Alexa, Alain Deloin & James Brossman]: Guess where this scene take place? Yep. The lovely Riviera. We join the action in progress as Alexa has her mouth full. She gets on top to ride while still giving James head. There was some anal and some double penetrating, but I wasn't really feeling this scene. The location was great, the action was lacking.

Scene Eight from "Private XXX 9" [Bettina, Dolly Golden, I.Scott & Joachim]: We start the scene with Dolly being blindfolded. Next thing we see is Bettina in sexy lingerie standing in front of her. Bettina walks around to start massaging Dolly's shoulders. While she's doing this, Dolly removes the blindfold. Umm...what was the purpose of putting it on then? Fade to Bettina looking into the camera and giving I.Scott head while Dolly watches. [Perhaps the girls from the first scene could take a lesson on "Lustful" looks from Bettina. Oh, I should mention that while Bettina is sucking, Dolly has been playing with herself. We then see Bettina bent over getting it from behind while Dolly is still fingering herself. Not for long though...as Joachim steps to her [dick hanging out, of course]. So Dolly starts to give him head. Bettina starts riding and Joachim is doing Dolly from behind. Next, both Dolly & Bettina are riding their partners anally. The scene ends with both girls taking a shot to the face. Another kleenex scene.

Scene Nine from "Computerized Sex Cravings" [Monica Moore, Holly & Alberto Rey]: While Holly is bumping and grinding on a white piano, Monica is giving a stand up bass QUITE the workout before she joins Holly on the piano. There's some 69 action before Alberto "appears" and gets in on the action which begins with some head from Monica while Holly rides his tongue. After Alberto & Holly 69 for a little while, she gets on her side and he does her anally from behind while Monica watches and plays with herself. The girls take turn blowing him before they share a shot to their faces. This was a good scene, however, for some reason, it seemed short. And I have to say I was disappointed that Monica avoided any penetrating.

Scene Ten from "Call Girl" [Monika Sweetheart, Lisa Crawford, Sylvia Saint, Caroline, Bruno Sx, Eric Leroy & Richard Langin]: Here's the layout of the room. Monika & Lisa playing on the couch. Two guys kneeling next to a Monica, who's standing in front of the fireplace; All wearing masks. And Sylvia sitting down next to a guy watching all the action on the couch. Caroline, who was standing in front of the fireplace, walks over to the couch and starts grinding against the arm rest then grabs the guy and walks him over to the other couch with the two girls. The next shot shows Monica riding one of the masked men while she strokes the other. Meanwhile, Sylvia's male friend is now getting head from the Lisa on the couch. Sylvia gets up and disappears. We then see her friend doing Monika. Some anal sex on both Monica and Monika follow before some double penetration on Monica. As Monica removes her mask to get her double shot to the face, the guy looks over and recognizes her. His shock doesn't last too long as Lisa & Monika make him cum. This was a good scene, but i'm wondering....where did Syl go? what was that guy's connection to the Monica? Oh well. A good scene nonetheless.

Scene Eleven from "the Bride Wore Black" [Lea De Mae & David Perry]: This next scene looks like it takes place in Ireland or Scotland. We're shown the exterior of a stone castle. When we enter, Lea's wearing sexy vinyl thigh high boots while she begins playing with herself. David walks up to her and sticks his finger in her mouth. He pulls her off the step by her hair. After licking his shoe, she takes down his pants and starts licking, then sucking, his dick. He then sits down and has Lea ride him. A few moments later, she's bent over and he's doing her from behind. Unfortunately, this position doesn't last that long as David's sitting again with Lea riding him. This time anally. The scene ends with a shot to Lea's face. This scene was hotter than I thought it would be. I don't know if it was the red vinyl thigh highs, Lea's tight body or her enthusiasm. I just know it was hot.

Scene Twelve from "Private XXX 10" [Sissi, Kelly, Lolo, David Perry & Rosenberg]: Kelly & Sissi are bikini-clad and relaxing in some chairs when Kelly wakes up Sissi and starts licking her chest. After some rubbing and more licking, they both eventually end up naked giving their tongues a deep workout. As they're doing this, three towel clad guys walk in on them. Next thing you know, the towels are dropped, each girl has a dick in her mouth, and the last guy is pouring olive oil[??] on the girls. After some manual stimulation from the guys [and LOTS more oil], both girls are anally penetrated from behind. The scene ends with both girls riding before a triple shot to the face.

Private Solid Gold

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Various

Length: approx 2hrs 53min

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish & Italian

Extras: Trailers, Cast Filmography, Photobook & Film Notes

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One from "That's Life II" [Katja Kean & Yves Lecastel]: Katja & Yves grab their snorkeling gear to go explore the clear blue oceans of Bora Bora. However, it isn't long before Yves is muff diving instead. It's a brief dive, however, and pretty soon Katja is doing her damnedest to use Yves' penis as a snorkel. This lasts much longer than Yves initial dive, and Katja should be commended with being able to alternately hold her breath while stuffing her mouth. After a couple minutes of this, they start doing it doggystyle on an object that looks like an underwater rune. Eventually they head above water [barely] and Yves sits on the rune while Katja gets on and rides both vaginally and anally. The scene ends with a shot to Katja's mouth. I commend Private for doing something out of the ordinary [and the GORGEOUS scenery] however, water sports aren't my thing. Next.

Scene Two from "Sex Club" [Barbara Rose, Rich Handson & Nick Lang]: The scene begins with Barb dressed in an S&M outfit with no panties and a devilish look in her eyes. Her two slaves begin licking and kissing her vinyl thigh high boots until they work their way up to her hairy middle. She returns the favor by kneeling down and giving them both head until eventually one slave's in her mouth while the other one is behind her working her middle. Next up is some anal and a brief double penetration before the scene ends with a double facial. I wasn't really into this scene too much. I didn't find Barb that attractive and the lack of variety really bored me. So far this DVD is off to a slow start..

Scene Three from "Triple X Files 04" [Jeanette, Philippe Dean, Richard Langin & H.P.G.]: Jeanette is a cute brunette with a nice body and a great ass. The scene starts with her leading two guys into a house before they lift up her shirt and start fondling her breasts. There's a quick cut and we now see her with her skirt off, bent over and giving one guy head while the other one is doing her from behind. After some time, the guy she was giving head to gets on the floor so they can switch. She gets on him and ride while giving the other guy head. As this is happening, some guy that's walking in the back to rake catches this sight and joins in on the action. They end up taking it outside to some picnic table where Jeanette lays back and one guy does her anally while she strokes another. The scene ends with a double penetration. Both penetrators shoot on her ass. The odd man out compensates with a shot to her face. This was a VAST improvement over the first two scenes. Jeanette was hot and she was definitely into the sex. I have to say though, there was one brief positioning that made me a tad uncomfortable. Other than that, this was a great scene.

Scene Four from "Fatal Orchid II" [Bettina, Sharon Ash, Philippe Soine & Harvey Young]: We jump right into the action as Bettina and Sharon already have their mouths full. [Not with each other...with Philippe & Harvey.] Next, we see Bettina riding and Sharon in the good 'ol missionary position. Various positions later, and the guys are doing both girls in the ass. Sharon's riding, and Bettina's doggystyle. Some time later, Sharon's briefly double penetrated. The scene ends with both girls finishing off Harvey while Philippe is doing Bettina from behind until he shoots on her ass. Pretty good scene. Bettina was definitely the cuter of the two girls. However, I wouldn't throw either one out if a situation like this presented itself. Good scene.

Scene Five from "Sex Voyage" [Dina Jeuwel, Micha, Elvis Lox, Susan, Zoltan Hess, Nick Lang & Elone]: Our group begins this scene with the guys stripping the girls of all their clothing and alternating between massaging them and licking them before they split up. Dina [blue eyes] One couple begins with some kissing and rubbing. A sexy auburn haired girl is giving some head and the remaining two girls are doing the same to the last guy. The girl with the auburn hair is the first to be penetrated. While she's being penetrated, we go back to Dina who's now being licked by her guy. We cut back to the threesome who are getting busy and then the auburn chick who's now getting done doggystyle. Back to Dina who's giving her man some head and then we cut to the blonde with big tits that was part of the threesome in the beginning of the scene. Anyways, Dina's finally riding her man pretty good and then we see the blonde being done in the ass. There's some more anal, both on Dina and one of the girls from the initial threesome. There's also some double penetration of the girl with the auburn hair. The scene ends with a shot to the blonde's face, a shot to the auburn chick's mouth and a double shot for Dina and the remaining girl. Sorry for the vagueness, but the cast listing only had Dina, and trying to identify the other females was impossible.

Scene Six from "Triple X Files 08" [Anita Blonde]: Anita, looking sexy in leather and fishnets, is giving some lucky guy head as we begin our scene. After a quick flash of light, she gets on top and rides him. [Did I mention her fishnets were crotchless?] After riding both ways, she lays on her back and this guy does her missionary followed by some more riding. While riding, she lays on her back [opposite him] and they both start masturbating each other for some time before he starts doing her missionary again. This goes on for some time until the scene ends with a shot to Anita's face. This was a great scene.

Scene Seven from "Fatal Orchid" [Eva Roberts & Mephisto]: We join Eva walking along the beach wearing nothing but a towel when she spies Mephisto doing Rob Van Dam/Jean Claude Van Damme style splits on a nearby rock formation. She approaches him and asks him if his dick is as strong as his arms are. He says she's too young for sex. She tells him she'll show him she's not a baby anymore. It doesn't take long before her towel is dropped and they're both on the sand and Mephisto is giving his tongue a workout. She returns the favor with some head before Mephisto mounts her doggystyle. This goes on for close to five minutes before Eva gets on top and rides him. Another five minutes pass, and now she's bent over again with Mephisto giving her some anal. After one last position change, this time missionary anal, we end this long, drawn out, scene of no variety with a shot to Eva's face. Not good.

Scene Eight from "Profession: Porn Actress" [Nicky Anderson, Vanda, Christophe Clark & J.V. Le Prince]: So, Nicky & Vanda are posing for Christophe & J.V. who are snapping professional photos. Pretty soon the girls' clothes are off and they're weaing nothing but some very sexy lingerie. They split up and one couple stays in the bedroom while the other ... The photog is working Vanda over with his tongue while Nicky's giving the other guy some quick head before he tells her she's "so cute" and then bends her over for some doggystyle. In the other room, Vanda is now giving the photog some head until he can't take it any longer and starts doing her from behind. We switch back to Nicky and she's now riding anally and shortly afterwards, so is Vanda. Christophe carries Nicky into the same room where Vanda and the photographer are. He does her for a bit lifting her while standing up...at least until she's on her knees giving him some more head. [My guess is he wasn't strong enough to hold her up that long.] They switch partners and now Vanda is blowing Christophe while Nicky rides J.V. There's some double penetrating of Nicky while Vanda plays with herself. A double anal doggystyle is up next for the girls until Vanda finds herself doubly penetrated while Nicky plays with herself before ending the scene with a shot to the face for each girl.

Scene Nine from "Rich Bich" [Holly, Silvia, David Perry & Frank Gun]: We see one of the guys walking around wearing an ugly yellow vest and nothing else. Not a good way to begin the scene. He walks towards the ------ to see Holly & Silvia giving David some head. He sits there to watch some of the action as David starts licking Holly while Silvia plays with Holly breasts. The next shot has Holly with her legs up near her head and David deep inside of her. Eventually the guy wearing the ugly yellow vest gets the balls [no pun intended] to go up and offer himself to Silvia. [Since he wasn't wearing any pants, it really wasn't that difficult.] Silvia responds with some head while Holly is still getting done by David. There's some more missionary with Holly while Silvia is bent over getting it from Frank [who, thankfully, took off that damn vest]. They switch partners and now Silvia gets some anal loving while Holly is riding Frank. Both David & Frank team up to double penetrate Silvia while Holly watches nearby while caressign her body. The scene ends with both ladies laying back to get a shot to the face. This wasn't a bad scene. Both girls, especially Holly, were attractive, and the action didn't drag.

Scene Ten from "Fetish Hotel" [Viviann, Sophianne, Reka, John Walton & Robert Rosenberg]: Twins. Say it with me....TWINS. Viviann & Sophianne are twins. Reka is a maid who's knocking on hotel room doors before she peeps through the keyhole to see three girls wearing lingerie bending over, while a guy spanks and feels their asses. This turns Reka on and, since she's not wearing any panties [of course], starts playing with herself while watching through the peephole. While she's in the middle of this, John walks up behind her. She stops what she was doing and stands up. He asks her, in broken english, "You like fuck?". She says "No." He says "I know" and eventually she's giving him head. Back in the hotel room, Robert is still playing with the girls' asses while Reka is now getting fucked in the hallway by John. We see Robert pull his dick out and start doing Viviann. He does her anally. After seeing some more footage of Reka getting done in the hallway, we go back in the room where Robert is now doing the blonde in the middle. Anally, again. After a couple of minutes, he goes back to the first girl he was doing and back in the hallway, Reka is now being done anally from behind too. The scene ends with Robert shooting in Viviann's face while Reka takes a shot to the mouth. I really can't vocalize my feelings about this scene. The stuff with the HOT Reka wearing the maid's outfit was HOT. I didn't care too much for the stuff going on in the hotel room. Again, a problem i've had with other scenes, there wasn't enough variety in positions. If there had been more Reka and less of everything else, I think this scene would've been a LOT hotter.

Scene Eleven from "Friends In Sex" [Katalin, Andrea, Melina, Elone & Nick Lang]: So...we have 5 girls...and only 2 guys. Lucky bastards. We see them standing on a cliff shooting pics of the ocean. They go down to the beach, they visit a lighthouse, they see other various attractions. Blah, blah, blah. It's going on 4 minutes guys...let's see some fucking. Around the 4 minute mark, the unthinkable happens. Two girls leave! Of course, the guys take this opportunity to strip down the remaining three girls and let them start giving them head. It's not long before Melina starts riding while the cute, big chested Katalin gets it from behind. There's a limited variety of positions. From missionary to doggy to anal. The scene ends with a double facial. Even though the positions weren't various, i'll give this scene a recommendation since the positions might've been the same, but the girls weren't.

Scene Twelve from "Triple X Files 03" [Rita, Nobili, Eros Cristaldi, John Walton & Lazslo]: According the the introductory narrator, Rita's specialty is large orgies. She's DEFINITELY in her element here as she takes on ---- guys in a restaurant. The start by stripping her down while she handles everything they point at her. This continues until even the waiter gets involved. She handle all four on her knees by giving them head and separately while she's bent over a table. There's also multiple anal too. No, silly, not all at once -- they take turns. There's even some double...nay, triple penetrating [one in the ass, one in the pussy and one in the mouth]. Our scene, and the disc, ends with a quadruple shot to Rita's face.

Private: Millennium

Everything you wanted to know about Private...and MORE.

This disc traces Private's history from its beginning as a magazine in 1965, to its first video feature in 1990 called "Private Video Magazine" and ending with a hint of things to come. It touches on the various awards that Private feature films have won, the exotic locations they shoot at and a look at the actresses that they've discovered and/or cultivated. There are also 23 scenes from their features. However, they're not complete. For that reason, i'm just going to list the positions in each one.

Cast: Various.

Length: damn near 3 hours long

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese & Italian

Extras: Trailers, A listing of awards that Private has won and two full bonus scenes.

Scene One from "Moral?" [Franoise]: Double blowjob.

Scene Two from "Private Video Magazine nr. 1" [Anette, Stan, Franois, John B., Michael, David O., Peter Tree, Frank & Frantisel]: A scene from Private's first ever release featuring Anette taking on....well, 8 studs. There's brief dick sucking, some riding, doggy & anal along with some double penetration. I'm assuming this is an excerpt though, since the scene's only about 5 minutes long.

Scene Three from "Nataly In Seychelles" [Nataly, R. Langin & F. Versace]: On the beach with two guys wearing a sexy red with white polka dots dress. Blowjob, Missionary, Doggy, Riding, Double Penetration, double shot to the mouth.

Scene Four from "Natasha In Paradise" [Natasha Storm & Dino Toscani]: Natasha is cute. Oral sex both M & F. Doggy. Riding. Anal. Shot to the face.

Scene Five from "Hawaiian Ecstasy" [Nastasy, Missy, Boke Ashley, Lana Sands, Lennox & Kimi Ji]: All female scene. 5 out of 6 are hot. Miscellaneous licking, caressing & massaging in front of a waterfall.

Scene Six from "Private Castings" [Silvia Saint, Julia Channel, Anita Blonde, Demia Moore & Nikky ANdersson]: Next up we see early auditions with Silvia Saint [from '96], Julia Channel [from '92], They ask julia if there's anything in the Private magazine that she's never done. She says "Anal. Because I don't like it." While they're running the subtitles, they're showing various scenes of her getting done anally. Anita Blonde [from '94]. Demia Moore [from '95], Lolita [from '93] when the cameraman asks "Is there anything she doesn't do?" she replies that "She doesn't do it with several at once" and that she just tried anal and it was painful. Cue the anal orgy scenes. Nikky Anderson [from '96] Who, during her interview, states she's a virgin. The cameraman asks her if she's "ever had a boy's prick in her hand"? She replies "No." The cameraman says "Gee, what a mess. I am going to have fun!" The next shot we see is him doing her.

Scene Six from "Joy In Seychelles" [Joy, R. Langin, Bruno Sx & F. Versace]: Blowjob. Missionary. Triple Penetration. Anal. Triple shot to the mouth.

Scene Seven from "Gabreilla Wolf" [Gabriella Wolf, J.Y. Lecastel, P. Soine & Mephisto]: Blowjob. Doggy. Riding. Anal. Triple shot to the mouth.

Scene Nine from "the Pyramid" [Tania Russof & R. Langin]: A brief videography of Tania Russof and then a blowjob, doggy, riding, anal, a shot to the face.

Scene Ten from "the Pyramid III" [Kitty, D. Perry & Nikolette]: Brief discussion about shooting in Egypt. Blowjob, Riding. Missionary. Doggy. Anal. A facial shared between both girls. In front of three pyramids.

Scene Eleven from "Tatiana" [Rita, D. Perry, Mephisto, F. Versace, J. Journe & Bruno Sx]: Brief discussion about the awards that Private's collected around the world. Then the clip. Blowjob. Doggy. Anal. Missionary. Double Penetration. FIVE facial shots.

Scene Twelve from "Private In Mont Blanc" [Cecile, Vanesa D'Angely, A. Deloin & David Perry]: Filmed at the highest peak of Europe in the French Alps. Head. Doggy. Riding.

Scene Thirteen from "Sex Under the Tower" [D. Perry, Channone & J.Y. Lecastel]: This scene, shot at the base of the Eiffel Tower one night in November, took the AVN award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene. Oral. Missionary. Riding. Doggy. Double facial.

Scene Fourteen from "Philippines 1994" [Tammi Ann, John Dough & Frank Towers]: Oral. Doggy. Anal. Riding. Double shot to the mouth.

Scene Fifteen from "Friends In Sex" [Diana, Elone, Katy, Fefe, Zenza, Claudia James, Andrea, Judith, Melinda, Katalin, Mike Foster, Nick Lang & A. Rey]: After talking about the technicalities of shooting an orgy, we are treated to some examples. As you could imagine, every position that's already been mentioned is shown. And, even though they credit 13 people...there are WAY more than 13 people in this scene.

Scene Sixteen from "Apocalypse Climax II" [Melissa Hill, Laura Palmer, Tammi Ann, Agnes, Linda, Anita Blond, Alexandra, Rachel, Y. Prince, F. Gun, Ian Daniels, Frank Towers & John Dough]: More of the same as above. The flick that this particular scene originates from was shot in the Philippines.

Scene Seventeen from "Operation Sex Siege" [Dina Jeuwel & Zenza Raggi]: Oral. Riding. Missionary. Doggy. Shot to the mouth.

Scene Eighteen from "Pirate Video Production Nr. 06" [Gabriella, Miralda, Goldie, John Walton & Nick Lang]: Oral. F. Doggy. Riding. Anal. Strap-on. Double shot to the face.

Scene Nineteen from "Pirate Video Deluxe Nr. 01" [Laura Angel, Monique Covet, Sorrica, Kevin Long, M. Foster, J. Walton]: Missionary. Riding. Anal. Shot to the mouth. Shot on the back. Shot on the stomach.

Scene Twenty from "That's Life 2" [Katja Kean & J.Y. Lecastel]: Katja & Yves grab their snorkeling gear to go explore the clear blue oceans of Bora Bora. However, it isn't long before Yves is muff diving instead. It's a brief dive, however, and pretty soon Katja is doing her damnedest to use Yves' penis as a snorkel. This lasts much longer than Yves initial dive, and Katja should be commended with being able to alternately hold her breath while stuffing her mouth. After a couple minutes of this, they start doing it doggystyle on an object that looks like an underwater rune. Eventually they head above water [barely] and Yves sits on the rune while Katja gets on and rides both vaginally and anally. The scene ends with a shot to Katja's mouth. I commend Private for doing something out of the ordinary [and the GORGEOUS scenery] however, water sports aren't my thing. Next.

Scene Twenty-One from "the Uranus Experiment 2" [Cristina Dark, Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, A. Youngman, John Walton & Nick Lang]: The say this series features one of the first cumshots in zero gravity. Oral M. Doggy. Riding. Three shots to the ladies' faces.

Scene Twenty-Two from "the Matador Series Nr. 1" [Cassandra Wilde, Y. Le Prince, J.Y. Lecastel, Jean Pierre Armand & Remigio Zampa]: Oral M. Doggy. Anal. Triple penetration. Quadruple shot to the face.

Scene Twenty-Three from "Sex Shot" [Laura Angel & Zenza Raggi]: Let me just say that Laura Angel is HOT. That said, this scene takes place in an alleyway in the rain. Starts with Laura giving Zenza head. Then Zenza does her standing up from behind for quite some time. She then rides him until he bends her over some anal before ending with a shot to her mouth. This was a pretty long scene [though i'm hoping the original is much longer], however the noises that Zenza was making while he was doing Laura anally.


Do It.

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Various.

Length: 3 hours 6 minutes

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese & Italian

Extras: Trailers, Cast, Photobook, Film Notes.

Scene One - "the Cave" featuring Henrietta, Vana, Michael J. Cox & Jean Luc Montant
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl. Doggy. Missionary. Spoon. Double Penetration.
Condoms: Nope.
We join our two couples near Le Monde Souterrain. After finding some privacy near a cave, the ladies waste no time giving both guys some head. Vana is the first to saddle up as she straddles "Jean" for some reverse cowgirl, while Mike is shown licking Henrietta's ass. When he feels it's sufficiently lubed, he lays Henrietta against a rock for some missionary that turns into doggystyle. There's a flash and then we see Vana riding Mike. Another flash and we see Mike spooning Henrietta while Vana helps with the lubrication as she gets pounded by "Jean" from behind. Both girls tickle "Jean"'s dick with their tongues while Mike is giving Henrietta some anal doggystyle. We're also treated to a double penetration of Henrietta as she licks Vana. This lovely mountainside scene ends as both girls take a shot to mouth. I found this to be a very average scene with average actresses. You might be wondering why I used quotation marks whenever I mentioned "Jean". Well, the cast credits state the other male performer is "Jean Luc Montant". Now, granted, I might not be familiar with every single porn star in the industry, but i'd bet anything that Mr. "Jean Luc Montant" is none other than Jonathan Morgan.
Scene Two - "In the Balcony" featuring Nikky Andersson & Frank Versace
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Reverse Cowgirl. Cowgirl. Missionary.
Condoms: Nope.
After following a trail of discarded clothes, Frank finally makes his way to the balcony of a building to find Nikky, and a stuffed bear, waiting. Frank immediately dives between Nikky's legs for a brief licking before she reciprocates with a brief blowjob. After Frank bends Nikky over for some brief doggystyle, we see some reverse cowgirl in the corner that quickly turns into cowgirl while the stuffed bear observes. After some more quick doggystyle and some even quicker missionary, the scene ends with a shot to Nikky's face. Didn't care for this scene much. Sure Nikky's cute, but almost every single sex act during the scene was brief. And that really killed it for me.
Scene Three - "Fucking Fitness" featuring Edwige, Richard Langin, Alain Deloin & Philippe Dean
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggy. Cowgirl. Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl. Double Penetration.
Condoms: Nope.
Edwige walks in on the guys as they're working out. Before we know it, she's is the one getting a workout when she takes on all three guys at once. She begins by giving all three men head. Before we know it, she's bent over getting hammered from behind while continuing to suck the two dicks in front of her. Some cowgirl is next followed by some brief missionary. Anal reverse cowgirl turns into a double penetration until she bends over for some anal doggy. We're treated to some more double penetration [triple if you count the dick in her mouth] before the scene ends with some weak shots to her face and mouth. Wasn't feeling this scene. Didn't find Edwige too attractive and the action didn't do anything for me.

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