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2 Dicks in 1 Chick #6

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/20/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Threesomes

Director: Jonni Darkko, Tyrone Shuz

Cast: Katja Kassin, Mariah Cherry, Missy Monroe, Britney, Mandy Bright, Mr. Pete, Chris Charming, Joachim, Trent Tesoro, Manuel Ferrara, Ben English, Mark Ashley, Claudio Meloni

Length: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

Date of Production: October 1, 2003

Extras: Bonus Scene, Trailers, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color. The picture quality is very good for the most part. The lighting in most of the scenes was very poor, whether affected from natural or non-natural lighting. The picture seemed to be overly bright at times. This caused some minor issues in the picture quality. The audio was presented in stereo surround. The sound quality was pretty good for the most part. The background music (when present) did not interrupt the film. Overall the audio was good and the video was pretty good.

DVD Mechanics: There are 5 scenes divided amongst 92 chapters in this feature.

Body of Review: Directors Jonni Darkko and Tyrone Shuz team up once again to bring another installment in Digital Sin's ever-so-popular adult series 2 Dicks in 1 Chick. Here in number six we are presented with five attractive gals who are prime and ready for all sorts of diabolical threesome action, including double penetration, double vaginal, double anal, and of course double facials. Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Missy Monroe
Scene 1: Missy Monroe, Chris Charming, Joachim
Missy is a cute blonde gal with ample sized breasts and a nice body. This scene opens with Missy checking herself out in front of a mirror. She's wearing a revealing see-thru pink top and pink panties. Not too long after Chris and Joachim enter the bedroom primed and ready for action. Missy gets down on her knees and proceeds to suck each of the guys off. Missy then stands up and bends over. Here she continues to suck off Joachim while Chris enters from behind. Missy then gets put on her back as she and Joachim have straight sex in a missionary fashion. Meanwhile Chris gives her a little treat to taste.

After a bit the two guys switch positions for Joachim to receive oral and Chris to be working Missy via missionary. Next they move to the floor and Missy rides Joachim in cowgirl, then Chris joins in and Missy takes the two guys on in double vaginal. The scene continues on with double vaginal, but in reverse cowgirl. They switch back to cowgirl one more time, before doing double vaginal in a scissors like position. While Joachim continues the straight sex via scissors position, Chris pulls out and let's Missy suck him off a bit. The scene continues on with some more double vaginal and straight sex via pile driver. The scene ends with Missy taking a double facial. This was without a doubt a very exciting scene. Missy is a very attractive gal who performed wonderfully throughout her scene.
Rating: 8/10

Mandy Bright
Scene 2: Mandy Bright, Chris Charming, Claudio Melon
Mandy is a brunette with a relatively attractive face, a nice body, and decent sized breasts. She's wearing a white teddy with fishnet stockings. This scene opens with Mandy sucking off Chris and Claudio. She quickly gets bent over as she and Claudio engage in straight sex via doggie style, while she continues to sucks off Chris. Claudio changes up the scene by switching from vaginal to anal sex and back again. The two guys witch positions and continue in the same fashion. Then the scene breaks into double penetration as Claudio takes on Mandy in cowgirl while Chris enters Mandy from behind.

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After this continues for a while, Chris pulls out and lets Mandy suck him off for some very hot ATM action. With Chris now lubed up he returns to his previous position, but instead of entering anally, he joins Claudio and engages the threesome in double vaginal. With Mandy now on her backside, she engages in anal sex with Chris while periodically sucking off Claudio. Then the guys take their time finger Mandy anally to prep her for her next incredible sexual feat. The threesome gets back into the double penetration mode, but they change things up by working Mandy in double anal. The scene continues with the guys taking turns in more oral, vaginal, and anal sex. The scene ends with Mandy taking a double facial. My first experience of Mandy was during my review of RLD's One on One #2. In this RLD release, Mandy gave a very hot, exciting, energetic, and rough sexual performance. I was expecting this and much more, but the scene was a bit tame in comparison. Nonetheless Mandy proved in this scene that she can really heat up a scene.
Rating: 9/10

Katja Kassin
Scene 3: Katja Kassin, Trent Tesoro, Manuel Ferrara
Katja, our DVD cover girl is an incredibly cute gal with reddish hair, nice firm breasts, and a great body. Here she's wearing a fishnet garment, which really fails to cover much of anything. This scene kicks off with Katja caressing herself on a full size black leather couch. The two guys come in and Katja proceeds to suck off Trent while Manuel licks and strokes her southern region. Katja then moves off the couch and gets down low to suck and deep throat the two gentlemen as they rail her face. Moving the action back to the couch, Katja rides Manuel in reverse cowgirl for anal sex while sucking off Trent.

They change things up with Trent entering Katja anally via doggie style. Manuel gets his turn again as he continues the anal sex via spoon. The scene continues with the two guys taking their turns with one guy receiving oral sex while the other has anal sex with Katja. The scene then breaks into double penetration with Katja getting on top of Trent in cowgirl while Manuel enters Katja from behind. They revert back to solo oral and anal sex in doggie style and pile driver. The scene then ends with a double facial. Not only does Katja make for good eye candy, but she does a wonderful job in her scene. Katja performed excellently in this scene to produce a pretty heated scene. Kudos to a great scene and especially her oral abilities.
Rating: 7/10

Scene 4: Britney, Ben English, Mark Ashley
Britney is a somewhat cute blonde gal with large breasts and a somewhat decent body. She dressed in a black piece of lingerie, which is pretty nice as it accents her breasts. The scene opens with Britney on a bed pleasuring her self. The two guys join her with Ben fingering her while she sucks off Mark. Then down on her knees Britney proceeds to suck off each of the guys in turn. Then with Ben below Britney, they engage in anal sex via reverse cowgirl. Mark sees his chance and enters Britney vaginally to engage the trio in double penetration. The sex continues with Ben working Britney anally in a missionary like position. Then on all fours Mark gets his turn for anal sex via doggie style. Then she rides Ben in reverse cowgirl for vaginal sex while leaning over to suck off Mark.

She switches guys and gets into cowgirl. A little bit after Ben gets up and enters Britney from behind to get the scene back into double penetration. They take a break from the sex as Britney proceeds to suck off the two guys in turn. Back to the action the scene continues on with Mark and Britney in reverse cowgirl while Ben gets some intense oral sex. The scene ends with Britney receiving a double facial. Now Britney doesn't have the best looking face, nor does she have the greatest body. In fact some may be repulsed by her, since there are some noticeable marks below her breasts, which imply surgery. While at some angles she appears very cute and others it looks as if she has a double chin. Nonetheless as she took on Ben and Mark, she heated up the scene. She had a good scene.
Rating: 7/10

Mariah Cherry
Scene 5: Mariah Cherry, Chris Charming, Mr. Pete
From the right angle, Mariah Cherry resembles a very well known pop star whose name borderlines her own and fellow porn star Mary Carey. Anyways Mariah is a very cute brunette with small breasts and a tight body. She's wearing a tight fit tee-shirt that reads "Spoiled" and white see-thru panties. This scene kicks off with Mariah caressing her body. The scene cuts and we find her down on her knees-mouth-wide-open sucking off Chris and Mr. Pete in turn. Then with Mariah bent over sucking off Mr. Pete, Chris enters Mariah from behind in doggie style via vaginal sex. She then gets on top of Mr. Pete and rides him in reverse cowgirl while she sucks off Chris. The guys switch positions with Mariah now in cowgirl. With Mariah now flipped over on her side, she and Mr. Pete continue the vaginal sex via scissors position while she sucks off Chris.

The two guys switch and maintain the same positions. Then with Mariah standing up and bent over, Mr. Pete enters from behind while she proceeds to give oral to Chris. The scene finishes up with Chris and Mariah going at it in pile driver. The scene then ends with a double facial. The tempo had to stop somewhere and it happened to be in this scene. After seeing the previous four girls engage in double penetration, double vaginal, and/or double anal, I was really looking forward to seeing the cute and petite Mariah Cherry get worked in a similar fashion. However it was a pretty slow and tame scene. In comparison to the mood set by the other four scenes, this just didn't cut it. Overall it was decently good.
Rating: 5/10

Katrina Kraven
Bonus Scene 1: Katrina Kraven, Manuel Ferrara
Scene From: Erotica XXX #4 (2003)
Katrina is a relatively attractive dark haired gal. She has decent sized breasts and a nice body. She is wearing some black see-thru gown and black lingerie. In this scene she walks up a flight of stairs. Once she reaches the top she awaits for Manuel to show. Once he arrives the heavy petting ensues. She then goes down on him which leads to straight sex in a variety of positions. They pause for a moment and Katrina sucks him off. Then they two engage in anal sex with a little ATM (ass to mouth). The scene ends with a facial. This was a decent scene, well it wasn't even that decent. I really didn't care for this scene at all. The content was pretty bland.
This scene review comes from my review of Sex With Young Girls #4.
Rating: 0/10

Concluding Words: While I do enjoy sex as a threesome, some of the acts involved can get a little awkward. For instance seeing double penetration isn't so bad. In fact it can be kind heart warming (exciting) at times. However seeing double vaginal or double anal just isn't my cup of tea... just the thought of the two guys rubbing against each other, uh, gross. Fortunately the double vaginal/anal isn't a big contender in this title, most of the sexual acts are primed for double penetration. Anyways despite my dislikes about small portions of this title, there is still a lot more action that I loved. For the most part the girls were all attractive and they performed fairly well in their scenes. Anyways this title was a definite hit with a ton of hot sweaty, hardcore threesome action. This title isn't for the faint of heart, those who don't like seeing that hardcore element in sex should stay away. However if you are looking for a good title, definitely pick this up, it's worth it.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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