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Sacred Love: The Feeding

Studio: Don Goo » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 1/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Vampire have always been a little sexy.  (Okay, Graf Orlok in Nosferatu wasn't the least bit sexy.  How about vampires after Bela Lugosi?)  There is an strong sexual undercurrent in many vampire movies, and Sacred Love:  The Feeding take that sexuality and raises it a notch (or two or three...) higher than mainstream movies.  This sensual movie has a good plot, and very sexy scenes.  A perfect couples movie.

A young writer (Nicolette in her first film,) is writing a novel about vampires.  As she writes, we see her scenes in black and white, until the sex starts when they pop into color.  The plot of the book concerns Veronica (Angelica Sinn) a recently turned vampire.  She misses her husband, Jason (Rich Hansome) and so she abducts him with the aim of converting him into a vampire.  Her two assistants get bored, and decide to go hunting.  This brings us to:

Scene One:  Gizzel and Nautica Thorn attack and kill a man in an alley.  After feeding, the urge hits them, and they have sex.  Both women are dressing in fishnet body stockings, that are crotchless of course.  The scene starts off with them kissing, and slowly progresses to fondling and sucking on breasts.  Both women end up going down on each other, and there is some pussy-to-pussy action also.  These actresses really seemed to get into it and have a good time. It got me hot.

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Scene Two:  Veronica tells Jason how she was turned into a Vampire.  She was at home one day when Veto (Randy Spears) hypnotized her.  The two have sex.  Though all the action in this scene takes place on pool table it is well done.  Angelica has very nice large tits, and Randy spends a good amount of time playing with them.  The scene isn't rushed.  They don't just hop to the fucking, there is some foreplay beforehand.  After they got through all the standard positions that you can do on a pool table, he cums on her pubes and then leans down and bites her.

Scene Three:  Jason still does not want to become a vampire, so Randy, who has been watching the conversation, goes to consult the head vampire played by Kim Chambers.  After Kim explains that a person has to want to turn into the undead of their own free will, Randy decided to jump her bones.  Kim is very attractive, and this is another great scene.  At one point while Randy is sucking on one of her feet, Kim starts licking the toes on her other foot.  They blow and eat each other and Randy eventually cums on her ass cheeks.

Scene Four:  Veronica manages to convince Jason that screwing would be a good way to pass the time (not that it took much convincing) and they go through the usual positions.  Apparently Angelica was a gymnast, or so I assume by the way she spreads her legs so widely.  There are some really good shots of Rich eating her.  He ends up cuming on her face.  Jason still doesn't want to be a vampire, so Veronica send him back to Earth.  End of book.

Scene Five.  The writer is so happy that her book is finished, she decided to celebrate with her boyfriend (Ben Prat.)  They have sex on the couch.  After she sucks on him deeply, he eats her, and then pounds her.  He blows his wad on her ass cheeks.  This is the only scene that has a condom.

This movie was really good.  Every single actor seemed to really get into it.  But even better than that the sex seemed very realistic.  In many porn movies that sex seems very mechanical.  Not so with this film. The sex scenes have more foreplay before they get to the fucking.  There is a lot of kissing and caressing.  And they mix it up a little.  In the middle of a blow job the actress may rise up and kiss the man, or he'll stop pumping to give the girl's tits a good squeeze.  The way it is when you are really having sex.  Because of the actor's enthusiasm and the way the sex scenes were preformed, this would be a great movie for couples.  There wasn't any anal sex, or anything raunchy that might turn off more novice viewers.

The plot was just right.  It managed to tie the sex scenes together, without spending too much time explaining what was going on.  The dialog was pretty lame ("I am the vampire Veronica.  I have come to exert beautiful death upon you.") and the actors had problems delivering it convincingly, but that is easy to over look.

The DVD:


The audio was two channel stereo, and the image was full frame, the industry standard.  The chapter titles were a little blurry, and there was some aliasing in the backgrounds, but who's watching the backgrounds anyway?  A nice presentation.

The Extras:

Fetishes:  Click on a fetish and see the scenes from the movie that featured that particular type of sex.  The choices are Blow Jobs, Pussy Eating and Cum Shots.

Behind the Scenes:  An 11 minute short.  The first 3 or 4 minutes are like a music video.  A bunch of fast cut shots set to music.  After that they interview some of the talent, and show the crew at work.  I loved Gizzel's voice.  She's British and has a really sexy accent.  It's too bad she only has one line in the movie.

Trailer for Asylum, which features many of the same actors.

Final Thoughts:

A very good movie, especially for couples.  The sex was straight and well done, and the talent looked like they were enjoying themselves.  The plot wasn't lame, nor did it take up a lot of time.  Highly Recommended.

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