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Sexy College Hotties

Studio: Don Goo » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/22/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Director: unknown

Cast: unknown

Length: 2 Hours, 28 Minutes

Date of Production: November 20, 2003

Extras: Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video is presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality is pretty good. Periodically there is a slight color distortion in the picture, but not too bad. The picture also has a slight blocky/grainy touch. However it does not intervene with viewing pleasure. However the camera seemed to be housed on a tripod. Several times during the feature there was no editing when the height was adjusted incorrectly or was zoomed in or out too far. We can also hear the creakying from the tripod. Additionally still pictures are being taken periodically, thus the picture is faulted by an annoyance of the camera flash. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo. It is decent, but not great. During the feature you hear the flash from a camera and other unnecessary background noise, very annoying. Some of the spoken dialogue is difficult to hear.

Body of Review: While this feature is titled Sexy College Hotties, I have absolutely no idea what it has to do with sexy college gals. The back cover has a written bit about what college girls do in the confines of their dormitories, but really there was no actually direct or indirect reference to this. Therefore it seems the name used it just an advertising gimmick? Anyways here's a detailed scene by scene breakdown.

Scene 1:

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Here in this first scene we find a relatively attractive brunette with streaked hear. She's wearing a nice looking full body dress, drinking champagne while lying on a bed. She's holding a diary and she shocked about the contents of it. She then puts the book done, sips some champagne, and lies her head on the pillow. Seconds later a red haired gal comes in and puts a collar around her neck. Of course the brunette didn't stir (because she magically fell asleep in a few seconds?). There some dude who is with the redhead and brunette is shocked who they are. They turn out to be the wizard and wizardess. Brunette doesn't put up any fight at the fact that she has to engage in sexual relations with two complete strangers.

Anyways the wizardess (our redhead) removes brunette's clothing and feels her up a bit. Redhead then gets out a black dildo and bangs brunette and then eats her out. Next redhead puts on a strap on and brunette rides her in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then redhead gets back down to business and eats out brunette once again. Back to the action they engage in straight sex (strap-on dildo sex?) via missionary. After a long while brunette gives oral to redhead's strap-on toy. The toy gets removed and redhead receives oral from brunette. Redhead then goes down on brunette again, fingers her, inserts a chain of neon green beads in her vagina, and then uses the black dildo once again. The wizard and wizardess leave the worn out brunette girl to sleep. This was a very long scene, approximately 1 hour 46 minutes of the entire feature. Not only was it long, but it was pretty slow and boring. Brunette was a fairly attractive gal, she had a nice body, but really there was no chemistry in this scene, nor was there any variety.

Scene 2:
The girl of this scene is a decent looking redhead gal. This scene opens in mid sentence, so what she's exactly talking about, I'm not sure. Anyways later we learn she can't find her friend Elizabeth and decides to use a vibrator in her stead. She jerks herself off with it. Not completely satisfied she reaches for the phone and calls over her neighbor. He has a hose and she wants him to put her fire out. The dude then appears and takes his shorts off and gives him oral sex. Then with her backside to the bed, redhead and the dude engage in straight sex via missionary. We don't get a very good view, mostly of the dude's backside. The scene ends with redhead sucking off the dude and receiving a very light facial. This scene was pretty slow. The beginning with redhead jerking herself off wasn't too invigorating and was just plan unexciting and simply boring. Similarly her oral sex and very brief straight sex portions of the scene weren't great at all.

Scene 3:
Here in this scene we have a blonde gal who has a homely looking face, large droopy breasts, and a decent body. I must admit she looks a great deal better in feature than she does on the DVD cover. Anyways this is a complete solo scene. Blonde slowly strips away most of her clothing. She leaves enough to cover her stomach but expose her chest and lower region. She lies and sits on the bed while she fingers her self. Eventually she breaks out the vibrator (perhaps the same one as the previous scene?) and jerks herself off with that. Next she busts out with a transparent pink double sided dildo and uses that to pleasure herself. The scene cuts and she's now wearing a different top then previously. She poses for the camera and then fingers herself. During which she exposes her breasts once again. The infamous black dildo returns in this scene as blonde uses it in her scene. Then the feature ends. This was another pretty pointless scene. The action in it was pretty few and far. The pace of blonde's scene was very slow. She hardly made a peek and quite frankly wasn't the best thing to look at.

Concluding Words: Oddly enough this feature is pretty long in comparison to some other adult titles. However the phase quality, not quantity applies. Just because it's long, doesn't mean it's very good. In fact this title borderlines one of the worst title I've had the privilege of reviewing. Perhaps my expectations of an adult film are too high, or perhaps I'm just right? Nevertheless this is a pretty bland title. The action is all relatively slow, uneventful, and boring. In addition the presentation of this title is pretty poor. There are no names to identify the participants, the title and written description of the cover have no bearing, and the editing didn't seem to be done very well. There were distinct portions of the scene that marked a different time period or cut in the middle of something else. I.e. scene 2 opens during mid sentence of the girl. There were always parts that had a distinct difference in lighting levels, difference of positioning, etc. Anyways just be sure not to add this to your ever growing collection.

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