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Women in Uniform (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/24/04

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Genre: Feature

Director: Bo Edwards

Cast: Mercedez, Violet Blue, Rebecca Love, Ashley Long, Nicole Sheridan, Aspen Reigh, Jesse V, Tony Tedeschi, Chris Charming, Rod Fontana, Chris Cannon

Length: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Date of Production: August 20, 2002

Extras: 5 Bonus Scenes, Trailers, Clips of Specific Sexual Positions, Multiple Angles, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio Full Frame color. The picture quality varied, but as there was the feature and five bonus scenes from random features. The picture seemed to have an excessive a blocky/grainy touch. The lighting was presented from horrible to okay to very good. The audio was presented in stereo. The sound quality for the most part was pretty decent. The feature did not have an overpowering background sound, but some of the bonus scenes did.

DVD Mechanics: DVD opens with several minutes very annoying ads for Vivid website, Herbal Vivid (like Viagra?), phone sex ads, and Vivid endorsed sex toys that you can't skip.

Body of Review: Bo Edwards with Vivid Studios presents a feature starring Mercedez as Vicky Swallows. Mercedez is a girl who has gone from job to job, from the army, to a nurse, to a postal worker. Now she interviews with Tony Tedeschi and gives him a very detailed account of her experiences in the work place. She gets a job through Tony to work in porn. Each scene opens with Mercedez doing a little strip tease/dance in a uniform. They don't seem to have any actual relevance. In scene one she does a dance as in an Army uniform, but does appear in an Army themed scene. However in the second scene she does a Navy themed dance, but seems to appear as a nurse. The third she does her bit as a postal worker, but appears as a police officer. Scene four has no dance. In the last scene she does her dance dressed as a cook, but in her scene she works in porn. Anyways here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Mercedez, Nicole Sheridan, Jesse V, Aspen Reigh
Nicole is the ranking officer in charge of the barracks, she's inspecting barracks. She finds that Mercedez' bed isn't up to standard, it's too soft. If things are "ship shape" the girls will spend their days peeling potatoes. Jesse and the other girls don't sound happy at that prospect. Well the scene cuts and the lights are off. It's bed time, but through the window Nicole does a little does and removes her clothes. An odd officer by any standards to do so with the lights on and the blinds opens. Anyways Aspen gets up and makes up of their commanding officer. Meanwhile Mercedez joins Jesse on her bed. Once Aspen finishes her mockery, she joins the pair. The trio then rubs, feels, and touches one another. The girls team up and give Jesse a thorough inspection. Then forming a little girlie train, Mercedez gets behind Aspen and eats her out.

Little do the girls know their CO Nicole has been watching the entire time. She's naked with a strap-on dildo. Mercedez goes over to join her and Nicole works her from behind. Meanwhile Jesse breaks out a red dildo to use on Aspen. Mercedez changes her position and rides Nicole's strap-on. The girls all gather together to suck off Nicole's strap-on. Then they remove it and the three girls in unison finger Nicole. They spread out with Mercedez and Jesse using dildos on another and Nicole and Aspen in a sixty nine position. The girls in this scene were all very attractive, but I really don't care much for girl/girl scenes unless done very well, nor care for the use of strap-on dildos. Thus I didn't care much for this scene at all. Fans of all girl sex with lots of toys will love it.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 2: Rebecca Love, Chris Charming

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In this scene Mercedez stars as a nurse taking care of the lovely Rebecca Love. She's here to take her temperature, but Rebecca insists she does it anally instead of orally. She lubes up the thermometer and moves it in and out. The doctor (Chris) comes in and Mercedez accidentally shoves the thermometer in too far! (staged) Chris then sends Mercedez away and fingers her asshole. He then eats her out as she exposes her large breasts. Chris then gets a fairly intense blow job from Rebecca. They engage in straight sex via missionary, scissors, and reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with titty sex and Chris unloading on Rebecca's chest. This was a very good scene. Rebecca took on Chris with a great deal of energy. She performed well in both oral and straight sex. This was an exciting and enjoyable scene. This scene could have been improved if Mercedez had been in it.
Rating: 6/10

Scene 3: Ashley Long, Rod Fontana
Ashley is interrogating a prisoner, Rod. Ashley goes out of the interrogation room to get something from Mercedez, who turns and spills her coffee (it's really water, but they pretend... ) on her. Mercedez gets sent away by the unhappy Ashley. Now soaking wet, the British gal then takes off her clothes. Then she gets down on her knees and sucks off Rod. Then with Ashley's backside on the desk they engage in straight sex via missionary. The action continues with Ashley riding Rod for anal sex via reverse cowgirl. They follow it up with anal sex via doggie. The scene ends with Rod dousing Ashley's face. This was a pretty good scene, Ashley gave a very heated oral performance, but the sex was pretty decent. Overall it was a good scene.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 4: Mercedez, Violet Blue, Tony Tedeschi
After listening to Mercedez'' work history, he can't contain himself. He jumps across the desk and licks her between her legs. Regaining his composure he apologizes, only to find his assistant Violet Blue unable to control herself as she kisses him passionately. The scene cuts and we find Tony railing Mercedez in scissors and missionary while Violet sits to the side, legs spread pleasuring herself with a dildo. Next Violet rides Tony in cowgirl while Mercedez is off to the side playing her self. Then they form a little train with Tony doing Mercedez in doggie and Mercedez eats out Violet. The sex continues with Tony doing Mercedez in missionary while Violet bounces up and down upon the strap-on Mercedez is wearing. The scene ends with Tony unloading on Mercedez breasts. This scene was really good, but the second the strap-on appeared, it got awkward. It sort of looked a she-male, which really turned off the excitement. Also there was no oral scene. It was a very good, but disappointing and peculiar scene.
Rating: 0/10

Scene 5: Mercedez, Chris Cannon
Now with a job, Mercedez teams up with Chris Cannon to be in her "first" adult scene. She plays as a stripper does a little pole dance, masturbates, and gets it on with Chris. They kick off the sex with Mercedez giving Chris a pretty enjoyable blow job. Finally, she gives oral sex. Chris then goes down on her. They engage in straight sex via missionary, which is followed with doggie style. The scene ends with Chris unloading on her ass. This was a fairly good scene. The oral was quite impressive, something that would have been nice in her previous scene. The sex was pretty straight forward, nothing too exciting. The scene also seemed to be a little too short. Overall it was pretty good.
Rating: 5/10

Bonus Scene 1: Mercedez, Tony Tedeschi
Scene From: So I Married a Porn Star
In this scene Mercedez is just getting out of the bathtub, she's singing a bit to Tony who awaits her on the bed. She gets a dildo and sucks on it before she uses it on herself. She then sucks Tony off. They then engage in straight sex via missionary, scissors, and doggie. The scene ends with Tony unloading on her ass. This was a pretty decent scene, but it was unfortunately very short.
Rating: 3/10

Bonus Scene 2: Mercedez, Chris Cannon
Scene From: ????
Mercedez looks fabulous in this scene. She's wearing a matching purple bra and panties. She poses as she is being photographed, but then the scene cuts. She's now with Chris who rubs her down and then eats her out. She returns the favor by sucking him off. They engage in straight sex with Mercedez riding him in cowgirl. They continue with scissors, doggie, and cowgirl again. The scene ends with Chris unloading on her chest. This could have been a very good scene, but the foreground audio (moaning) was replaced with music. Very disappointing.
Rating: 0/10

Bonus Scene 3: Dasha, Lezley Zen, Eric Price
Scene From: Photo Club
This scene opens with Eric going down on Lezley, as she lies on a pool table while Dasha sits to the side. Lezley then gives Eric a very intense blow job. Then they get into straight sex via reverse cowgirl. Then with Eric working Lezley from behind, she eats out Dasha. The scene ends with Eric unloading on Lezley's ass. This was a very good scene to begin with. However after the oral, the sex was disappointing. It was good, but Dasha was so close and she didn't really do much.
Rating: 4/10

Bonus Scene 4: April Summers, TJ Cummings
Scene From: Swirl
In this scene April has dark hair, though I personally enjoy seeing her as a blonde. April is dressed as a cheerleader and she joins TJ in a locker room. She jerks off TJ a bit before they engage in straight sex via reverse cowgirl. They continue the action in missionary. The scene ends with April sucking off TJ and then jerking him off. This was a pretty decent scene. It could have used some more oral sex.
Rating: 3/10

Bonus Scene 5: Mercedez, Natasha Dolling, Jesse V, Mario Rossi, Tony Tedeschi
Scene From: So I Married a Porn Star
Here Mercedez is naked in a poorly lit room. Four people in cloaks come in and rub her down. Next we find the two girls Natasha and Jesse sucking off Tony. They all remove their robes and continue their oral work. Meanwhile Mercedez goes down on Mario. Straight sex occurs with Mercedez and Mario. Natasha jerks Tony off with her feet and then she rides him, followed by Tony doing Jesse. The scene ends with Mercedez taking Mario's load on her chest and Tony dispersing his goods on Jesse's chest. This was too dark for my tastes. The jumping between the trio and couple also didn't really do it for me.
Rating: 0/10

Concluding Words: I was initially pretty excited about this feature. The idea of seeing Mercedez playing out the uniforms fantasy was hot. However as it turned out, it was nothing of what I expected. The play on the uniform bit was pretty minimal, which I would think would be one of the major selling points of a feature titled Girls in Uniform. While there was a bit of the uniform gig, it just wasn't expanded past the slight soft core. A little short dance between scenes or whatnot isn't really that exciting. However the feature itself did have some pretty good parts. I say parts because no scene was truly stunning without words. Again I'll state that while I do not totally enjoy this feature, there were again bits that are worth checking out. So be sure to check it out as a rental.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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