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POV Pervert #2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/27/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mike John

Cast: Shelby Belle, Misty Sable Simms, Laura Lion, Jennifer Luv, Gia Paloma, Alicia Rhodes, Mike John

Length: 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Date of Production: November 5, 2003

Extras: Full Length Bonus Scene (28 Mins), Behind the Scenes, Photogallery, Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality seemed to be close to the Red Light District standard of quality, meaning it was very good. That being there was only a slight grainy touch to the picture with a slight color distortion during part of the scenes. The audio was presented in dolby digital stereo. The sound quality was very good, with rare moments that it was difficult to hear or understand dialogue.

Body of Review: Mike John returns with Red Light District to relive similar experiences as he had in his first release in the POV Pervert series. POV stands of Point of View if you're wondering. Moving along, this feature stars seven attractive gals who join up with Mike John in over two hours of steamy, sweaty, and hot action packed sex. The POV Pervert series caters towards the concept of Virtual Sex. While it's not interactive at all, the camera angles give that "it's me in there" feel. Here's the scene by scene.

Jennifer Luv
Scene 1: Jennifer Luv, Mike John
Jennifer is a very attractive 19 year old gal with medium sized breasts and a hot body. She's got beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. Anyways enough drooling, this scene opens with a dialogue between pair. Jennifer undresses and puts on some other clothing. The dialogue continues with a little strip tease per Mike's instructions. The sex kicks off with Jennifer giving a very hot and intense blow job. Next Jennifer lays back and they engage in straight sex via missionary. Then she gets down on her knees and sucks him off again. Next with Mike's backside to the ground, Jennifer rides in him cowgirl with a few oral interludes. With Jennifer down on all fours, Mike enters her from behind doggie style. John then gets between her breasts for a little titty sex before he unloads on her face, where she swallows as much as she can. Without a doubt this was an awesome scene to open with. Jennifer is an insatiably cute gal with a great body to supplement and her performance in this scene was really hot.
Rating: 10/10

Shelby Belle
Scene 2: Shelby Belle, Mike John
Shelby is the fake blonde gal who is featured on the DVD cover. She's an attractive gal with a great body and decent sized breasts. This scene kicks off with a the strip tease and dialogue. The sex ensues with Shelby sucking off John with a little titty sex involved in between. Then with Shelby's backside to the bed, they embark in an adventurous journey in straight sex via missionary. She sucks him off once again before they get back into straight sex via doggie. Then there's a little more oral sex before the break into anal via cowgirl with a little ATM action. The anal sex continues in missionary. The scene ends with Mike unloading in Shelby's mouth and of course she swallows. This was a pretty good scene, the oral action wasn't nearly as intense as I would like, but it was still enjoyable. The sex both straight and anal was pretty hot. Overall it was a very good scene.
Rating: 7/10

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Alicia Rhodes
Scene 3: Alicia Rhodes, Mike John
Alicia is surprisingly another attractive blonde gal with large breasts and a decent body. She's a 24 year old English gal. The scene opens with a brief dialogue and a slight strip tease, but pretty much they jump right into the action. Here Alicia gives Mike an amazingly heated blow job. They mix in a little titty during the oral precessions. Next Alicia gets on the bed and they get into straight sex via missionary. They stop and she sucks him off before they get back into the action. Then a little more oral sex and she hopes on top of him to ride him in cowgirl. They break into anal as John simply switches holes. The anal sex goes on in cowgirl and missionary with many breaks for ATM. The scene ends with Mike unloading in (and around) Alicia's mouth. She gargles and then swallows his magic dust. This was another tremendously exciting scene. With a lot of heated action like oral, ATM, PTM, it was great.
Rating: 9/10

Sable Simms
Scene 4: Sable Simms, Mike John
Sable is a 20 year old Asian gal with a cute face, a nice body, and medium sized breasts. The scene kicks off with the dialogue, striptease, and Sable choosing her scene's outfit. The real meat of the scene kicks off with Sable sucking off Mike. Then they engage in straight sex via missionary with a brief oral interlude. Next she rides Mike in cowgirl. They continue the action in doggie and then revert back to missionary. She sucks him off once more before Mike unloads in her mouth, giving her something to swallow and gargle. Though he does miss at first and a bit gets in her eye. The first time I saw Sable was in her first boy/girl/boy scene in her first Red Light District release Me Luv U Long Time #5. That's a lot of firsts? I try. Quite frankly I didn't really care for her scene, nor think much of her. But after seeing her in this scene, my opinion has changed. While I'm not extremely overjoyed, I'm keenly interested in seeing more of her in the future. Anyways Sable in this scene had a decent oral segment and her sex was very enjoyable.
Rating: 6/10

Gia Paloma
Scene 5: Gia Paloma, Mike John
Gia is a redheaded gal with large breasts and a full figure. She's not a overweight gal, but she isn't bone skinny either. She's a fairly attractive 19 year old gal. Her scene opens with the dialogue, teasing, and clothing change. They get into the action with Gia down on her knees giving Mike very hot oral sex with a little titty sex. She sucks him off and sucks him off well, all the while she jerks herself off with a vibrator. Next they get into straight sex via missionary. They break off with Mike unable to contain him self, as he unloads and gives her something to swallow. Still not quite done, Gia gets on the bed with her face to the ground and her ass in the air. Mike enters her from behind as they continue the straight sex. Mike then moves it up a notch and continues to work her anally with a little ATM. Next they get into a little titty sex, right before Mike finishes and unloads in her mouth for the second time. While Gia isn't my kind of girl, she really knows how to produce my kind of scene. Truly hard to describe, but she gave the most incredible oral sex in this scene. That alone made the scene worth watching. However, the remainder, i.e. the penetrating sex was decent. Overall the (oral heavily weighted) scene was pretty good.
Rating: 7/10

Laura Lion
Scene 6: Laura Lion, Mike John
Laura is a dark haired gal with large breasts and a nice body. The scene kicks off with a brief dialogue and strip tease. Before long she's down on her knees heating up the scene with a pretty intense blow job with a little titty sex. They engage in straight sex via missionary. They break so she can suck him off again, before they gear into anal sex via doggie. They continue with Mike switching between anal and straight sex via missionary. They follow up that action with more titty sex. The scene ends with Mike unloading in Laura's mouth, giving her something to swallow. Laura herself had another pretty hot scene. She gave an awesome oral performance that was followed by a very energetic sexual performance. Overall it was a pretty hot.
Rating: 8/10

Bonus Scene: Misty, Mike John
Misty is an attractive 20 year old brunette with large breasts and a nice body. This scene starts off like all others, a brief dialogue and striptease. Next she sucks Mike off. Next they get into straight sex via missionary. She flips over and they go at it in doggie with a brief oral interlude. Then with Misty down on her knees, she sucks him off again. Mike gets a little more vaginal and titty sex before he unloads in Misty's sweet mouth. Unlike the other gals, she doesn't swallow, but spits it back up. With the dribblings on her face she and Mike get back into straight sex via missionary. Next the big breasted beauty rides Mike in cowgirl with oral interludes. They continue in straight sex before the scene ends with Mike unloading on her adorable face. This was a pretty hot scene, very enjoyable. It's too bad it didn't make it in the release's lineup, but we're very fortunate that it was included in the release.
Rating: 10/10

Concluding Words: Another extremely satisfied customer! I was really excited to review Mike John's POV Pervert #2. I'm a bit partial to the POV concept, just because that's the camera angle I like the most. I feel it brings out the most excitement in a scene. Especially for the oral action which in this feature was played out very well. Pretty much the POV Pervert #2 was a title done fairly well. The cast was all pretty good to look at and they warmed my heart as their presences graced my television screen. Anyways POV fans, rain coaters, and the likes this is a must own. Everyone else it still wouldn't be a bad idea to pick it up. I'm highly recommending this title.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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