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Sci-Fi Sex

Studio: Private » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/29/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


DVD Set: The Sci-Fi-Sex dvd set from Private combines four of what they consider to be the cream of the crop of their science fiction tinged features. Alternate universes, virtual sex, cloning and designer DNA fill up this four disc set and set the stage for some hot sex along the way.

The DVDs: Private dvd's have basically been the same since they first started producing them. All have been put together well with the design and look getting better as time goes along. This set shows how the graphic design has evolved and improved as far the interface and menu screens go. The dvd's contain several subtitle languages for various languages in case you're hard of hearing or watch with the volume muted. One thing that needs to be changed is the lack of chpater breaks within the scenes. All four of these features have one chapter stop for the begining of each scene, so getting to a particular act is not the easiest thing to do.

DVD Breakdown:

Sex Slider Shag-a-Rama!
Director: Kovi

Date of Production: 10/1999

Length: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Genre: Feature

Cast: Nikky Andersson, Offilia, Dru Berrymore, Caroline Cage, Noemi, Sheila, Cassandra Wild, Jenny, Nick Lang, Robert Rosenberg, Frank Major, Freddy Dalton, Steve Holmes, Chris Charming, David Perry

Video/Audio: A 1.33:1 full frame image is used for this release. The video is pretty good, but I did notice some artifacts occasionally. The audio is stereo with live and dubbed sound being used.

Extras: Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Film Notes

Plot Summary: Caroline, Dru, Steve and David are able to travel through space to alternate universes. The group "slide" into one universe where sex is outlawed and they soon find themselves in trouble when the sex police capture the women. The men meet up with "The Resistance", led by Cassandra, who provide them with information and help to get the women back. Along the way, David and Steve meet "The Dictator" that has placed all of these laws into place. They do a little persuasion to get the women freed from the upscale bordello they are being held in. After everything is settled, the group still have to make it to the new portal in time so they won't be stuck in that universe forever.

DVD Highlights: The first scene is a seven person orgy and definitley stands out as a great scene. The sliders take on Offilia, Noemi and their male friend as a last minute "analcentric" group grope before jumping to the new universe. Cassandra Wilde's scene is another highlight. She has an anal heavy one-on-one romp with one of the lucky Resistance soldiers, who winds up fucking another woman just a few minutes later. The final scene has covergirl and dreamgirl Nikky Andersson in a nice double penetration finale with David and Steve.

DVD Thoughts: Sex Slider Shag-a-Rama is the best disc of the bunch. The concept is taken directly from the old "Sliders" tv show, but in my opinion, this version is better. All of the scenes are pretty damn good with a decent amount of heat being produced in each.

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DVD Rating: Highly Recommended

Computerized Sex Cravings
Director: Kovi

Date of Production: 06/2000

Length: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

Genre: Feature

Cast: Julia Taylor, Katia Love, Genevievre, Anita Black, Monica Moore, Silvia Bella, Holly, Amanda, Alberto Rey, Nick Lang, Choky Ice

Video/Audio: This dvd is also presented in the full frame ratio with a better transfer than Sex Slider. Great vivid colors that change slightly when the two different worlds are shown. Sound is stereo and like a lot of Private movies, it has poorly dubbed dialogue.

Extras: The Report, Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Film Notes

Plot Summary: Computerized Sex Cravings alternates between reality and virtual reality. The lines of what is real and what isn't blur to keep you wondering which is which when it's done.

DVD Highlights: The first scene is a mixture of two very good scenes. Mick takes on Anita in a virtual world and Alberto gets the two-for-one with Genevievre and Silvia. All of the women are super hot and the action really heats up in both. Katia Love turns in a great one on one scene that turns into a hot double penetration performance with the help of Mick added to the mix. Normally, Katja went with the bald look, but she shows up here with a full head of hair and looks fantastic! Julia and Mick banging away in the dvd finale is another highlight in my book. Julia is gorgeous as usual.

DVD Thoughts: Kovi turned in another well made movie for this release. The only real drawback is the horrible dubbed audio. The women in all of the scenes are spectacular and the sex gets the tempurature boiling several times.

DVD Rating: Highly Reccommended

Director: Kovi

Date of Production: 04/2002

Length: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

Genre: Feature

Cast: Michelle Wild, Mandy Bright, Patricia Diamond, Violet, Jyulia, Kyra, Melody Magic, Leslie Taylor, Claudio Villa, Tony de Sergio, Ian Scott, Steve Holmes, Steve Hooper

Video/Audio: The image quality is just as nice as that of Computerized Sex Cravings. Like that dvd this is 1.33:1 full frame as well. The audio is a stereo mix with the dubbed audio once again rearing its ugly head.

Extras: Making of, Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Production notes

Plot Summary: Michelle Wild plays two characters in this movie that find out they are clones. Not only are they clones, but they " feel" certain sensations when the other is stimualted. Basically, when one has sex the other feels an overwhelming need to masturbate!

DVD Highlights: The first scene is going before the credits are done rolling, Michelle grinds hard on Steve's dick then lets him fuck those wonderful big tits of hers before he plows into her backdoor to round out an outstanding opening. As a matter of fact any of the scenes with Michelle in them are highlights and there are several. Other than Michelle's four scenes, Kyra, Myli and Julia turn in a pulse pounding fourway fuck with Ian that really stands out. The final scene has Michelle Wild and Michelle Wild going at it in the same room with some decent special effects and camera tricks helping to keep the illusion together.

DVD Thoughts: MMMMMM! Two Michelle Wilds having sex in the same room. The Corsican Brothers done in science fiction porno has to be good, right? It is. I can't think of too many things that could change other than the dubbed audio, but the visuals more than make up for it.

DVD Rating: Highly Recommended

Big Member
Director: Antonio Adamo

Date of Production: 11/2002

Length: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

Genre: Feature

Cast: Julia Taylor, Claudia Jamsson, Rita Faltoyano, Seurine, Gina Callesi, Nicol, Black Widow, Bob Terminator, Karl Ben, David Perry, Mick Blue

Video/Audio: Big Member is the only title in the set to have a letterboxed presentation and other than overly processed effects during the scenes it looks really good. the audio is stereo and has the worst dubbed audio of the bunch.

Extras: Making of, Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Production notes

Plot Summary: A world where men have been genetically altered to have large dicks and women have tight pussies, but the sex has been banned (sort of) is the setting for this odd movie. A few people band together and plot to change the world back to the way it was, so sex is no longer outlawed.

DVD Highlights: The two best scenes occur towards the end of the movie.Rita gives a hot dp performance that turns the plot around and Julia and Claudia take on Mick and Karl in a hot fourway to finish out the sex scenes for the dvd.

DVD Thoughts: When I first saw Antonio's Devil in the Flesh dvd 2000, I thought it was fantastic. Unfortuantely, some of the things I really liked in that movie took away a great deal from this one. The over use of slow-mo video wasn't as bad as the blurring effect added to the slow motion. The way he would jump back and forth between the blurry slowed down video with the standard video made it jarring to watch. The sex had it's hot points and the women are extremely beautiful, so it's not a complete loss.

DVD Rating: Rent It

Overall DVD Set Thoughts: I really like these multi disk sets Private have been putting out. They are a fantastic way to pick up some really good movies at decent prices. This one is no different. Sci-Fi-Sex is a solid package deal with three really good movies and one that is just ok.Like the Superfuckers, Fetish Four Pack and Sex and Guns sets, this set is filled with a bevy of beauties that really show off the reason Private has become such a strong player in the adult business.

The Sci-Fi-Sex box set is another fine addition to Private's growing multi disk realeases.With three strong movies to make up for the fourth that isn't as strong, this one is definitley a Highly Recommended title.

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