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It Tastes Like Candy

Studio: Baby Doll Pictures » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 2/12/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

It Tastes Like Candy

Cast: Domino, Sabrine Maui, Sabrina Snow, Cailey Taylor, Zoe Belmont & Stephanie Tripp

Length: 2 Hours

Extras: Slide Show, Trailers [which are actually PHONE SEX ads] & "Enlarge Your Penis" [which is actually a slightly amusing 3:30 mini infomercial]

Audio/Video: The video is full frame standard. The picture is sharp and consistent with a shot on video effort. The audio is clear and in stereo. It doesn't really have to be THX quality since there's no background music during the entire flick, only dialogue.




Scene 1: Starring Domino & John West

We're introduced to lovely latina Domino, who states that she is going to explain "the power that the pussy holds". I was never good in school so, looking the way that Domino does, this might be one lesson she'll have to explain to me over and over. Her "wish comes true" in the form of John West, who magically appears in her hotel room bed. She wastes NO TIME getting down to business before she dives in delivering some gagging, slurpy head. It's not long before John wants to see if Domino does, indeed, "taste like candy". After sharing a taste on his fingers, they both agree that she does [in case you folks at home were wondering...]. They both take turns with oral until Domino lies back for some condomless missionary. A quick tongue lashing from Domino and then  it's back for some more missionary. Next up is doggystyle, followed by reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with a shot to Dom's mouth. A shot that I didn't think John was going to deliver in time.

In conclusion: Domino is a sexy latina that's willing to please. When you put these two things together, you have a "can't miss" scene that brings the heat. The ONLY negative thing I could say about her is...she's TOO VOCAL. The ENTIRE scene she's either moaning, screaming, talking dirty or a combination of ALL THREE at once. There's no music during the scene, so you only hear Dom and John. Now, she's NOT Teri Weigel annoying, but she comes [no pun intended] dangerously close.



Sabrine Maui

Scene 2: Sabrine Maui & Adam Wilde

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After a brief conversation where Sabrine discusses how it feels to have "the power", she tells the interviewer she's ready to fuck. In walks Adam. He immediately begins exercising his tongue on "the power" while Sabrine gives him some encouragement. Afterwards, she returns the favor. Adam didn't seem all that interested. Sure, he was "moaning", but it seemed as if he was just going through the motions. Hell, watching Sabrine do her stuff had me wondering if it's true what they say about the size of someone's dick in relation to the amount of muscles one has. [If you know what I mean.] So we mercifully fade to Sabrine on her back and Adam between her legs delivering some condomless missionary. After a quick blowjob interlude, there's more penetration -- this time it's doggystyle. Four minutes later, Sabrine is once again giving Adam head. Scissors is the last position before Sabrine takes a shot IN her mouth. Now, even with my limited porn knowledge, i'm pretty sure the money shot is everything. It surprised me that the scene ended as it did. Not a BAD surprise, but a good one. As with the scene before, there was no music playing and Sabrine, too, was moaning and talking dirty. But it wasn't as annoying as Domino. Another HOT scene.



Sabrina Snow

Scene 3: Sabrina Snow & Tyce Bune

Sabrina chimes in about the benefits of "the power of the pussy". However, according to her, it's even better "when it's on the right body with the right face". Right after that statement, she bends over on the couch showing us her sexy ass and goes on for a little bit more about "the power". Blah, blah, blah...ENOUGH...get a dick in the room already! Jeez. Well, whatdaya know? Tyce steps up to the plate and starts licking her"power". After one or two licks, he looks at the camera, and surprisingly enough, says "Not only is it powerful, but it tastes like candy!". [I'm beginning to notice a theme here]. Anyways, it's Sabrina's turn to deliver some head. When Tyce decides he's had enough, he makes Sabrina bend over for some condomless doggystyle. Did I mention she had a sexy ass? Did I also mention that it's really weird to see a guy with a heart tattooed in his groinal area? A couple minutes later, after Sabrina lubes him up a little bit, she lies on her back and spreads her legs WIDE for some missionary. [Is that a set of lips this dude has tattooed on his ass? WTH?] Next position...cowgirl. Thanks to Tyce smacking it, Sabrina's ass is now almost as red as his skin complexion . Five minutes later, she's deep throating him before getting back on top for some reverse cowgirl before taking a shot to the mouth. Sabrina, sexy ass, pierced nipples and all, was DEFINITELY into it. That enthusiasm is what brought the heat to this scene.


 Cailey Taylor

Scene 4: Cailey Taylor & Dic Tracy

Wow. Guess what Cailey wants to tell us about? Yep. "The power of the pussy". After some tedious banter between Cailey and the cameraman, Dic finally gets into the picture and starts licking her. Sorry guys. At this point, there's  no confirmation on what  her "power" tastes like. After a brief licking, he starts fingering her. She tells him to lick his fingers when he's done and when he does, she asks him how it tastes. "Like peaches, huh?" He agrees. Some brief head follows until Cailey lays back for some condomless missionary. Immediately after that, we see Cailey playing with an anal vibrator [which she leaves inside her ass] as Dic starts up with the missionary again. Fade to Cailey on top of Dic with an anal reverse cowgirl. At times while this is happening, Cailey is also providing some manual stimulation. She continues when the shot fades as we now see Cailey on her back with Dic giving her some anal missionary. The scene ends with a shot to Cailey's mouth. This scene was the only one that featured anal penetration. It was merely "alright". Not as good as the previous three.


 Zoe Belmont

Scene 5: Zoe Belmont & Sergio

Zoe's cute. She's 25 and up 'til this point, she's only done 6 scenes. Unfortunately, IMO she looks dangerously close to anorexic. Any chick whose ribs I can count, i'm really not feeling. She does have a nice ass, though. After some "witty" banter with the cameraman, Sergio walks over and sits on the couch so Zoe can make with the head. Some time later, Sergio tells her to lay down so he can "give back the favour". When Zoe's satisfied, she gets on top of him for some condomless cowgirl. Now, if you've read past reviews of mine, you'd know that i'm a fan of tanlines. Zoe has them too. A total of three. The triangle shaped one right above her ass, I can figure out where that came from -- her thong/swimsuit. BUT...she has these two weird tan"blocks" right below her ass on both thighs. How she got those, i'll never be able to figure out. Ok....Back to the sex. After spending some time riding Sergio, Zoe gets off to give him some more [weak] head. Then she bends over so Sergio can hit it from the back. Once again, when Sergio's done, Zoe gives him a little head before lying back for some missionary. While this is happening, there's a weird 2 second pause and the screen goes black. It's not the DVD, it's ON the DVD. Don't know why. Anyways, the action resumes until Zoe gets on her knees again for some more doggystyle. This doesn't last too long before Zoe gets a shot to the face. This scene wasn't too bad. While it didn't have much of the same heat the first three did, it wasn't as bad as the fouth. Zoe wasn't bad. She was into it the entire time. Unfortunately, I think she needs to eat a couple of sandwiches to cover up her collar and pelvic bones.. 




Scene 6: Stephanie T & Benjamin Bratt

Stephanie is a SEXY 21 year old latina. She begins the scene wanting to talk about her pussy. Talk away! She gives a laundry list of what she likes to do with it. [If you wanna know, you gotta buy the disc]. Dressed in a red bra & panties with some sexy red high heels, she is just too hot. Ok. Onto the action. Benjy walks over and after kissing Stephanie for a bit, makes her bend down to give him head. I forgot to mention -- during the "pre-game" conversation, the cameraman states that Stephanie is one of the top 3 blowjob queens in the industry. She DEFINITELY lives up to that hype. Benjamin then stands her up, pulls down her panties and makes her bend over to give her a licking. Up next is some condomless missionary followed by cowgirl. Some more deep throating by Steph, and now she's bent over so Benjamin could hit her from behind. After some more head, Benjamin is back for more missionary. The scene ends with a shot to Stephanie's mouth. One word -- HOT.


Concluding Words: This is the first Baby Doll Pictures feature i've reviewed. Some of the scenes suffered from the lack of background music, but the camera angles were pretty good -- they weren't distracting nor were they claustrophobic. Most of the actresses were attractive and seemed to enjoy what they were doing [VERY much].

Therefore, I would definitely give this disc a highly recommended.

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