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Biggz and the Beauties 6

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 2/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Big Dick/ Series
DIRECTOR: Tyrone Shuz, Jonni Darkko
LENGTH: 129 mins with bonus material

Sometimes, nothing satisfies your porn pleasure centers better than a good old-fashioned dose of full on fucking. Sweaty, nasty, intense and straightforward. No faux fantasy histrionics or cobbled together compilation crap. Just a guy, a gal, a dick and some orifices. Turn on the terrible background music and cue up the cum: it's ass-hammering time! Sure, some could argue that the lack of romance or softcore sensuality renders these pork fests fetid, reducing an act of love to a hole filling frenzy. But sex is not always the caring, caressing procreation process we've come to know and nullify. Sex can be dirty. Sex can be wild and full of abandon. Heck, sex can still be fun. And that's what a good ma'am wham bam can personify. Two (or more) people playing piggish patty cake for the sake of endorphin-provoked piston (or pussy) popping is the occasional analgesic for the sick sin lifestyle of the average, addled adult. For all of its fuzzy focus glamour and female friendly facades, Biggz and the Beauties 6 is really all about the banging. Peel back the palacial settings, the stripper meets seductress setups by the actresses and the overall feeling of class that emanates from this production and what you have left is a black man and his booty calls gettin' it on, freaky style. While it's the titanic tool of Mr. Biggz that gets all the attention (even Genoa salamis hanging in local ethnic markets have penis envy after seeing him) this five scene sex spectacular offers enough passionate pussy pumping to gratify even the most fuck hungry adult film fan.

Set up as a series of female initiated fantasies, the five 20-minute plus portions that make up Biggz and the Beauties 6 are uniform in theme and sequence. The women always offer a few minutes of come hither action. Biggz arrives like a black knight, complete with elongated skin saber. There is some extended and intense sex. And the money shot is always a close-up on the head of Biggz's dick as he squeezes off a load onto his lady. As a porn star, this known for his 13" monster meat man is really nothing special. He is a thin, tattooed hood homeboy that gives off an aura of moxie mixed with menace. He is suave without being slick, but tends to under whelm with his average, only slightly pleasant features. And the women he woos are sometimes a few light years removed from the concept of "beauty". None are unattractive, but a couple of them do push the boundaries of truth in title advertising. Yet there is an upside to the less than Vogue value. The women are above average, full-bodied and even Rubenesque at times and the extra mass amazingly ups the fuck fun factor. When fake tits tumble with deep thrust abandon, when Biggz has an ample ass to grab onto or a zaftig belly to fondle, the sensuality of the scene is increased incrementally. These are no stick figure fucks here, but juicy gemstones waiting for Biggz's pick axe to prod and poke them. Individually, the scenes consist of the following:

Scene 1: Bella Maria Wolfe and Biggz
20 mins
You'll be feeling hot, hot, hot after Biggz and Bella finish their full on fuckfest. Rarely in straight, non-fetish pornography do we witness a full-on g-spot orgasm, flowing like a fountain from out and around the penis. But when Biggz gives this horny Havana bitch a deep reverse cowgirl, it's Niagara Falls. Ms. Wolfe is the kind of woman that you'll either want to mount immediately, or just slap silly. She can be either enticing or annoying, depending on how well you cotton to her ersatz Hispanic come-ons and fancy her round, pot-bellied body. Once Biggz fills her with cock, however, all bets are off as she becomes a raging Latino horndog, sucking and shucking with unbridled abandon. There is male and female oral, some ass eating, tit fucking and slapping and very intense sessions of doggie, female superior and deep penetration. Then we move on to anal in all manner of positions with each change being celebrated with a little ass to mouth. Biggz finally shots his semen all over Bella's sweaty, satisfied face and it makes for a truly erotic experience. Score 9/10

Scene 2: Miss Arroyo and Biggz
21 mins

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The heat just keeps on coming as Biggz and another Latin honey get hot and heavy in an intense, well shot scene. After the standard ass play by Biggz (he loves to finger and fondle his soon-to-be booty) there is a long session of doggie, where our main man real drives the pile into the pussy. He spins Missy around and does the same deep penetrating from a missionary position. Any member of the faith performing this act of plunging passion would be drummed out of the corps immediately, though. Missy then shows her gratitude by giving Biggz's bulbous bruiser a long, slow sucking. She soon mounts him, reverse cowgirl style and pounds his penis like cheap veal. Biggz moves to the anus, plugs that sucker up doggie style and sends his massive sperm spike home. After a little more ass to mouth and anal saddle bagging, Biggz blows his bounty all over Arroyo's face and mouth. Again, this is aggressive and erotic stuff. Biggz's huge cock can be a distraction (it does seem to stretch some pussies to the absolute maximum) but ignoring the dick, the action is very sensual and steamy. Score 8.5/10

Scene 3: Venus and Biggz
20 mins
Venus starts off this session by playing with herself in the mirror. She enjoys touching and exploring her private places. Like an answer to her cunt stuffing prayers, Biggz appears to get down and dirty. He starts by fingering her and caressing her ass. Venus shows her satisfaction by blowing the holy Hell out of him. Once upright and ready to go, it's doggie time. They switch positions and Biggz takes his tool and grinds into her, deep penetration style with scissors and sideways action. There is reverse cowgirl shot from underneath to emphasize the pussy filling factors at work. The penetration ends and it's now time for a sensual session of 69. Both participants give it their all and you anticipate that the sequence is just about to end. Oddly, the movie then switches from film to video and continues with even more sex scenes. Biggz and Venus lay side by side and he slips that paramount peter into her waiting womb. They embrace and kiss in a fervent manner as the hog hammering continues. Finally, cum explodes all over V's face and chest and another certified Biggz and the Beauties session is complete. Not quite as electric as the other sex installments in the film, yet this is still an arousing action scene and definitely keeps the engorgement going. Score 8/10

Scene 4: Mandy Bright and Biggz
20 mins
Again we begin with some seductive stripping and masturbation. Mandy takes her time getting undressed and this added tease incentive is really enticing. When Biggz appears (again, to answer the vagina-filling fantasy call) Ms. Bright immediately makes for his jock and jones on it for a while. Mr. B spins her and takes her from the rear, while standing, doing a little upright bow wow. Another round of oral ensues and then it's back to the backdoor. As Biggz pumps her powerfully, Mandy plays with her own ass, inserting fingers in between her juicy cheeks. We cut to a shot of Biggz on top giving Mandy a mighty stake stomping. Places are reversed and we get the usual amalgamation of female superior positions. Reverse cowgirl, regular cowgirl, and the famous layback. The cock moves from the cunt to the ass and it's time for more DP. Lying side by side, Biggz still works that sphincter until he is ready to blow. He then gives Mandy a face full. This is a very intense, crackerjack scene. There is a sequence when Mandy is laying back on Biggz, cock ramming in and out of her and the light catches her sweat soaked chest. The glow of the light off her tits and the heated motion between the two raise the caliénte factor five fold and will make any male "member" stand up at attention. This is one of the reasons Biggz and the Beauties works so well. There is a artistic knowledge of what looks erotic on screen mixed with some amazing straight ahead fuck footage. Score 8.5/10

Scene 5: Mya Mason and Biggz
20 mins
Mya Mason, a petite little ebony beauty, is on the phone. She is complaining to her boyfriend that he never gives her enough sex. After a few minutes of arguing, our magical man with the peter of platinum shows up and grabs the phone. "I'll give her what she needs" he says and proceeds to live up to those proclamations. A grateful Mya sucks on Biggz's dick and balls for a while, priming him for a long session of salami sliding. The minute Biggz puts his penis inside her, Mya is maxed out and the walls of her vagina stretch to almost uncomfortable extremes. This may explain why, every few minutes, the position changes with the occasional oral session added in between. On the menu are doggie, scissors with some deep penetration, standard female on top and more DP spooning. The sequence ends with Mya taking Biggz's massive member reverse cowgirl style and the pussy filling features of this man's dick are offered in extreme close-up for your perusal. Biggz finishes the scene, as he usually does, by cumming all over Mya's face and mouth. If there is a factor that may keep couples from enjoying this DVD, it's the incredibly huge cock on Biggz. While not the largest in porn by a long shot, it is very thick and in Mya's case, stretches things to passion-breaking levels. The set up for the scene is fun and Biggz has more dialogue here than in the other sequences put together. Score 7.5/10

As stated before, if there is one downside to this otherwise erotic offering, it is the absolute largeness of Biggz's dick. This man's member may not be Long Dong Silver sized, but he makes up for it in the girth and dearth department. When he plugs a hole, he really plugs it and the intensity can border on discomfort. Still, the gals are all game and sell the sex extremely well. There is never a moment where you feel they are faking it. These scenes are also well directed, as mentioned before. Shots are well composed and the actors are expertly framed with the action front and center. But there is also a series of captivating artistic touches, angles and atmospheres created in the compositions that enhance the mood and accentuate the sensuality. Biggz and the Beauties 6 is probably one of the few fiery fuck festivals that tries to find as many differing ways as they can to make their movie hypersexual.

The Video:
Shot on a combination of film and video, Biggz and the Beauties 6 looks equally mixed. Sometimes, the scenes are bright and vibrant. Other times, the 1.33:1 full frame appears overly soft and fuzzy. This may be because of aesthetic reasons (creating a passionate, playful atmosphere) or the lack of cinematography skill. But overall, the images are clean and detailed with plenty of heat coming off them.

The Sound:
Frankly, who cares? This is mostly non-vocal porn we're dealing with here, and aside from the interesting hip-hop slow jams that fill the soundtrack, the Dolby Digital Stereo doesn't have much to cling to. Bella Marie Wolff can really howl with the best of them, but most of the other scenes lack her intense aural element.

The Extras:
What we get here is the standard adult DVD fair. A gallery of stills, some company info and a trailer (?) for their website. There is a nice selection of previews for the following titles:

Erotica XXX, Girl Crazy, Anal Trainer, Young as They Come, Sex with Young Girls, Biggz and the Beauties and Good Girls Doing Bad Things

These ads really offer some mind-blowing previews of the hardcore action in each title, and a couple (Anal Trainer, Good Girls) of them become interesting must-sees.

In addition, there is a 30-minute bonus scene that fails to feature anyone from this particular disc, which is really too bad. It would be nice to see Biggz or the other girls in a different setting. What we do get is the following jump cut filled ADD inspired offering:

Bonus Scene
From: Erotica XXX 4 (2003)
Featuring: Katrina Kraven, Manuel Ferrara
Director: Tyrone Shuz, Johnnie Darko
29 mins
The setting is the stairwell of some mansion. Katrina is coming up the stairs when she and her man start kissing, slowly and sensually. Before you know it, she's puffing on his peter, polishing the knob with gusto. Things get a little more aggressive and we suddenly de-evolve into a mindless menagerie of positions and shots. Among the sex acts you'll witness are cunt sucking, foot licking, male rim jobbing, vaginal spooning, sitting missionary, doggie, female rimming, fingering, ass to mouth, reverse cowgirl, anal, standing, kneeling, a tiny smidgen of S&M (Katrina gets lead to an adjoining bedroom by her hair) and even some spanking. With all this "ing"-ing goings on, there is really no flow to the scene. It seems more like a game of sexual one upsmanship, the couple's competing to hopefully top the last position performed. Both actors are really into it, but they actually have very little chemistry together. At 29 minutes, this is almost like having another short film as part of this DVD package. That makes it a welcome inclusion. But the scene itself is manic and all over the map. Score: 5/10

Final Thoughts:
Biggz and the Beauties 6 continues the trend that other titles in the series started, offering rather erotic females getting funky with the colossal cockmaster himself. The reason this installment works with less than stellar non-supermodel types is that this bevy of babes know how to fuck like there's no ice cream at the end. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Biggz gets a girth growing 8.5 out of 10 and is highly recommended. The size of Mr. B's baton aside, couples should find this frenzied frig fest a welcome bit of boffing. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is awarded. But be warned. If you have size issues with your significant other, Biggz's manly meat stick may just give you an unimaginable cock complex. It's hard to envision anyone measuring up to this penile powerhouse, at least in the Johnson department. But this is not to say that this DVD is a perfect porno offering. The bonus scene feature is flummoxing and the trailers, while enticing, don't make up for a lack of any behind the scenes or interview material. But if you need your pipes purged and have the desire to witness crazed fucking in wild abandon, Biggz and the Beauties 6 will fulfill your fantasies well. Just remember that no matter how many spam emails you respond to, you can never achieve chemically what Biggz got naturally. But his erotic adventures will definitely give you the "wood" that the Internet advertisements promise.

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