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Cherry Nurses

Studio: Cherry Boxxx » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 2/22/04

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Cherry Nurses

Cast: Mia Smiles, Dru Berrymore, Monica Mayhem, Kianna, Fujico & others..

Length: 3 Hour 55 Minutes

Extras: Slide show. That's it.

Audio/Video: This picture is nowhere near DVD quality. As you might be able to tell from scene 15, it's rather soft. There's no pixelation or artifacts, but to be honest, it looks like a subpar port of a VHS tape. The audio displayed a slight background noise in some scene


Scene 1

Two girls who are convicts pick Mr. Man up as he's walking down the road. They ask him if he lives alone. When he refuses to answer, they strip him down and deliver a dual blowjob. After five minutes of back and forth head, the blonde gets on top for some condomless reverse cowgirl while the brunette is playing with a blue vibrator. They switch places and some time later, the brunette says "I wanna fuck you in my ass". [Did I mention that english doesn't seem to be the girls first language?] Anyways, the gentleman complies for bit and they switch positions - this time anal from behind. Then it's the blonde's turn as he gives he does her from behind while she's on her side. We end the scene with a dual blowjob and a shot to both girls faces. Didn't care for this scene. The brunette was kinda cute, but I wasn't feeling the blonde at all and the sex was merely average.

Scene 2

As we join this scene, the blonde is holding a tennis racket-sized paddle while the guy is in the middle of this weird chain-link fence contraption with pipes strategically placed throughout [think Foosball table]. As he's laying in between this mess, she starts fondling him while rubbing up against the pipes. A quick cut and now he's out of the contraption and pulling down the nurses' panties. She then gets inside the contraption and bends over so he could rub, lick and finger her. It only lasts a minute before she's giving him a blowjob through the fence. She then reclines on the pipe so he can deliver some missionary [with a condom]. The next shot has the fence on its side and she's standing up in the middle bent over so he can do her from behind. The scene ends with them standing next to the contraption as he gives her a weak shot to the mouth. The blonde was attractive and the nurses outfit enhanced her hotness. The finale was weak and there could've been a lil bit more sex. But i'll let it slide. THIS time. Pretty good scene.


Scene 3

The nurse tells him that Todd always requests the back room for a reason and if he was like Todd, he's gonna want the backroom and he's gonna want it deep. She tells him to turn over and she removes his towel and starts blowing him. She then sits on his face for a brief 69. After this, she gets on the table and lies back for some condomless missionary. Next up is some doggystyle and then some lengthy anal doggystyle until the scene ends with a shot to her mouth. This girl was HOT and pushed all the right buttons for me [lumpy breast job aside]. And, as above, the tight nurses outfit made her all that much hotter. This scene was average in length, but I would NOT have minded it going on MUCH longer... 


Scene 4

Remember what I said about scene 3 going on longer? Well, it DEFINITELY could've replaced THIS scene. As you see in the picture, the two girls are sitting on a couch wearing robes while watching some guy get naked. The girl on the left stands up, drops her robe and walks out. The other nurse opens up her robe and spreads her legs so that guy could start licking her. Eventually, she sits up and gives him a noisy blowjob. She lays back and spreads her legs for some long missionary. She then gets on her knees for some anal doggy [did the prop guy forget the clearasil? ugh.] This goes on for a while. Afterwards, she gets on top for some anal cowgirl before receiving a shot to the face for her trouble. Didn't care for this scene. Not. One. Bit. Didn't find her attractive no matter HOW much she tried to make it seem as if she was into it [HINT: unnecessary loudness does NOT convince a viewer that the scene is hot.].


Scene 5

When we begin this scene, the "head nurse" is wearing a gas mask while prowling around the guy strapped to the table. After using the stethoscope on his dick [umm...while he might be THINKING with it, the place to check for a pulse would be higher up], she begins giving him some head. He gets back on the table and she gets on top of him for some cowgirl [with a condom]. She then switches to reverse cowgirl. We see some VERY SHORT doggy before he shoots on her ass. The loud, generic techno music was annoying, but this scene was not. She was attractive and the outfit looked great on her. The sex was good too. The only negative I could think of, besides the music, is not enough doggy. Otherwise this scene was HOT.


Scene 6: Dru Berrymore

-- sponsored by --

Dru is HOT. She's got a nice ass, some thick thighs and those EYES. Ok. Breathe. So...it looks like this scene might be related to Scene 3. She's dressed as a nurse and she's massaging some guy who's talking about Hershel being "reluctant at first since he didn't believe places like this really existed." Perhaps this is the Todd mentioned in Scene 3? Ah...who cares?!?! Make with the sex. With a smack on his ass, Dru tells him to "Shut up and roll over." Glad to see we're on the same wavelength. After some conversation back and forth, she begins with a blowjob. Then we fade right into some condomless reverse cowgirl. She gets off and lies back on the table so he could give her a licking. When he's done, he stands up and delivers some missionary anal. She then gets on her side as he continues to do her anally. We end the scene with a shot between her legs. This was a HOT scene. If I was pressed, I could think of only two negatives. One, her shoes. Dru had sneakers on. Since this is a porn flick, they should've been heels. If I wanted realism, i'd watch the Health Network. Second, apparently, most of the action was shot using a Gyno-Cam. By this, I mean the majority of the action was shot CLOSE UP. I would've preferred some wider shots so I could see more than just the penetration. But, that's just me. Other than that, this scene gets a hearty recommendation. [And if it IS related to the third scene, I wouldn't mind checking out the ENTIRE feature.]


Scene 7

Oh goody. Look who it is. The chicks from Scene 4. Ugh. And with the guy from Scene 1! I guess they're from the same flick. So...the doublemint twins take off their uniforms and begin stripping. After they're wearing nothing but a hat, they begin kissing and feeling each other while brandishing a 2 foot purple double-headed dildo. The brunette starts the action off by diving between the other chicks legs to give her tongue a workout. She then lubes up the dildo and slides it in her friend [both missionary and from behind]. Now it's the brunettes turn. She spreads her legs wide and the other nurse [the one on the left in the picture] gives it to her the same way -- missionary and from behind. She slides it out of her so they can share the dildo. Well, i'm assuming they're sharing the dildo, since the cameraman decides to NOT show any close-ups of the purple penetration. Perhaps he should take some lessons from the director of the previous scene. Didn't care for this scene at all. Well, at least the guy from the first scene didn't get involved.


Scene 8: Kianna

After telling us that her job is to "make sure everybody feels better", Kianna asks her patient how he's feeling. He says "i'm feeling kinda better." She replies "No you're not. You're a sick, sick, sick individual." As she's saying this, she smacking him with a riding crop. "You don't feel better until I tell you." This goes on for some time until she goes down to administer some head. We cut to Kianna on her back getting some condomless missionary. Next up is some doggy. We finish up the scene with some more missionary right before the shot to Kianna's chest. [Where else would YOU shoot if you were with Kianna?] Kianna's a favorite of mine, but I wasn't really feeling her "dominatrix" act. Once the sex started though, she brought the heat. The camera work was good, but for some reason, the scene ended rather abruptly. Other than that, this was a good scene.


Scene 9

The blond is on the table to get her x-ray taken. Once it's been taken, the tech says to her " the women therapists give a little extra when they get a little extra." Her response is " you're gonna get a little extra...you're gonna get me." The next thing you know, he's between her thighs giving his tongue a workout. It's not a long workout though, because shortly after she's bending over to return the favor with some head. Right after that, she lays back for some deep missionary [with a condom]. Next, we see her bent over on the examining table for some doggy that eventually turns into anal missionary. The scene ends with a shot to her mouth. I liked this scene FAR more than I expected to. Though she had one too many "oh god"'s, she still brought the heat.


Scene 10: Mia Smiles

Mia walks in and starts teasing this guy sitting on a chair. She starts by kissing him and then making him lick her small breast. She kisses his chest and then stands him up and takes off his bicycle shorts so she can give him head. Apparently, Mia thinks he isn't taking that much of an interest in what she's doing. She stops, takes his hand, puts it on her head as she begins sucking again. Next on Mia's agenda is some condomless missionary on the wood table. That's followed by some doggystyle which is the last position before the scene ends with a shot to Mia's mouth. Pros about this scene? Mia. I liked her more than I thought I would. She's cute and looked damn sexy in that nurse's outfit. Cons? Could someone please wake this dude up?? I mean, damn, if I had someone like Mia standing nearly NAKED in front of me, she would definitely NOT have to put my hand on her head to get a lil freaky. Jeez...these porn guys.


Scene 11

No talking. Just down to business. She blows him as he's undressing and once he's done getting naked, he spreads her open wide so he can get a taste. Next thing you know, he's up inside of her for some condomless missionary. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, another guy magically appears! Of course, his fly is down and his dick is hanging out. And, of course, as soon as he walks over to her while she's getting done, she grabs him and starts sucking him. This goes on for a bit until the first guy [that's fucking her], tells her to sit on his buddy's dick. And while she's doing that, he makes her suck him too. Later on, they switch places and now she's giving the first guy [in the pic] reverse cowgirl, while her mouth is full of the second guy. The first guy then tells her to bend over and he does her anally from behind. It doesn't last long though. She then sits on guy #2 for some anal reverse cowgirl at least until guy #1 gets involved and turns it into a short double penetration. The scene ends with a double facial. She was definitely eager and into it. So were the guys. The only person who wasn't was ME.


Scene 12

We begin our scene with this cute blonde sitting poolside on some guy's lap. She quickly does away with her bikini which allows Mr. Man to let his tongue do some licking. When he's done, she gives him a blowjob to return the favor. The next shot has her back on the patio chair with her legs up and the guy delivering some condomless missionary. It went on for a while, until he gave her some anal from behind as she was lying on her side. The scene ended with him shooting on her stomach. Surprisingly, the lack of variety didn't bother me much. This chick had a tight, sexy, tanned body. While she might need to go a little easier on the makeup next time, she still brought the heat for me. Another good scene.


Scene 13

The patient is strapped to a chair as the nurse walks in and starts grinding on his lap. After grinding on his lap, she taunts him by bending over to show him what she's got between her legs. Eventually, she unzips the dress and opens it so he can get a better view. As she walks behind the chair, the uniform drops and she pushes the chair forward. She unstraps the victim's arms and then begins giving him head. Would "victim" be the right word to use? I don't think too many guys would have a problem with this scenario. After working on him for a bit, he returns the favor. She then kneels on the chair so he can do her doggystyle. The chair disappears in the next shot as she's on her back with her legs spread wide while receiving some brief missionary. The scene ends with a shot to her stomach. This was a pretty good scene. The blonde was sexy and appealing. However, the scene felt VERY rushed.


Scene 14: Fujiko Kano

After making sure everyone was gone, Fujiko decides to deliver some after hours medicine. It begins with her on a desk getting a licking. She gives him some mammary-assisted head until he's ready for some condomless missionary on the desk. Next up for Fujiko is some anal doggystyle followed by some anal missionary. That's the last position of the scene as she bends over so he can shoot [rather weakly] on her back. This was a pretty good scene that only suffered from bad camera shots [in other words, the Gyno-cam was back].


Scene 15

This twelve minute scene has an attractive, busty sista working herself over with a silver vibrator. Judging by the background music, there are some cuts in this scene. If you're into solo masturbation scenes, then this is one for you. I just kept thinking that it was a shame that she didn't get a proper workout.


Scene 16

A couple is in bed. She's attractive. He looks like the same dude from scene 11. After some kissing, he gives her some head and even sucks on her toes. Wait, I take it back. He was just wetting her toes down so she could rub 'em on his crotch. Next shot has them engaged in a 69. This turns into a blowjob for him and a fingering for her. He rolls over on his back and she gets on top for some hard condomless cowgirl. Next is some reverse anal cowgirl. The scene ends with some head for him until s he gets a facial. Not a bad scene. 


Concluding Words: This would be a passable CherryBoxxx release if it wasn't for the picture quality. As I stated in the audio/video part of this review, it seems like a poor VHS transfer [in my opinion]. Don't get me wrong, it's not unwatchable, I guess I was just spoiled by the sharpness of their previous discs that i've reviewed. I'm also disappointed by the lack of extras on this disc too. Granted, there are 16 scenes on this disc, but would some trailers for other CherryBoxxx discs be too much to ask for?

Oh, and one last thing. If there are any CherryBoxxx execs that happen to read this review: I IMPLORE you. Please. For the LOVE of God. Borrow a page from Vivid and list the "credits" for each particular scene as it begins. I realize the guy's names don't matter that much [unless they're industry vets], but it makes for a boring review when we have to resort to pronouns like "that guy" or "guy #1" or "Mr. Man". While it might keep us on our toes creatively, in the end it makes our job harder and it might be more difficult for someone to follow an actress who isn't a "brand name".

Final Verdict: I'd like to think I have some sort of "formula" for every DVD compilation that I review. Unfortunately, I don't. This disc had a number of good scenes and the length of the feature alone outweighs the lack of extras. However, the picture quality knocks all of this down quite a few pegs. So...if a slight softness and occasional background hum doesn't bother you, you'll enjoy this disc based on content alone. With those flaws in mind, i'm going to bump this disc down from Highly Recommended to a mere Rent It.

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