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Bad Kitty

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 2/25/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: David Stanley

Cast: Kira Kener, Michelle Michaels, Cherokee, Chris Cannon, Nick Manning, Eric Masterson, and non-sex role Ashley Blue

Length: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Date of Production: June 23, 2003

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Multiple Angles, Bonus Scenes, Photo Galleries

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality seems to border the Vivid standard, a somewhat washed out picture with high amounts of grain and slight color defects. Though not nearly as bad as some other titles I've scene, on the whole it was fairly decent. The audio was presented in 2-channel stereo and was fairly good. All dialogue could easily be heard throughout the feature, though during sex scenes the background music could get slightly obtrusive.

Body of Review:

Kira Kener as Kate
Cherokee as Abigail
Michelle Michaels as Bello
Chris Cannon as Henry
Eric Masterson as Dr. Bob
Nick Manning as Crawford

Abigail (Cherokee) isn't being faithful to her husband. In fact she's being unfaithful with her husband's brother Henry (Chris Cannon). On the couple's latest visit together, Henry seems more concerned with his lost cat than the lovely Abigail. The cat though isn't what she appears to be. Kate (Kira Kener) is a shapeshifter, half-woman and half-animal. In order to keep her unholy immortality, she must suck the life out unsuspecting victims. Kate tends to find a caretaker, transform into a woman, and literally (and sexually) suck the life out of them. After the murder of Henry, detectives Crawford (Nick Manning) and Bello (Michelle Michaels) are hot on the trail of the murderous creature. During their trails they have a run in with an animal loving (in the gross way I suppose) veterinarian Dr. Bob (Eric Masterson). Will they ever catch the murdering shapeshifter?

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Scene 1: Cherokee, Chris Cannon
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Spoon, Scissors
Condoms: Yes
Apparently Chris has lost his cat. He's a little worried going around the room saying "here kitty kitty." Cherokee there with him, a little annoyed at the prospect. She doesn't care much for the cat and decides to get his mind off of the lost creature by showing him her hot body. Before you know it, they're on the ground and she's sucking him off. After a very enjoyable blowjob, Cherokee moves up and engages Chris in straight sex. After riding him in cowgirl, Chris pounds her in spoon and scissors. The scene ends with a facial. A pretty damn hot scene. Cherokee has been one of the luckier gals in the world to be blessed with a great body, cute face, and some very nice bedroom skills. Very enjoyable.

Scene 2: Kira Kener, Chris Cannon
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Sixty Nine, Spoon, Doggie
Condoms: Yes
Kira completely in the buff crawls toward her target, that being the sleeping Chris Cannon. She awakens her victim, who seems to know what's he's about to get into, where Kira blindfolds him. They kick into the action with the pair in a sixty nine. Then they engage in straight sex via spoon. Following it up Chris decides to do his gentleman duties and eats her out. They finish up the action with anal sex. The scene ends with Chris unloading all over Kira's luscious rack. This was a quite good scene. Definitely not the best of Kira's work, but it had a fairly decent oral bit and was supplemented with some nice ass pounding sex. Unfortunately just not a topper in the excitement arena.

Scene 3: Michelle Michaels, Nick Manning
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
Nick and Michelle just had lunch together in regards to their current case, the death of Chris. Michelle's a little skeptical about the good detective's idea of crime. In fact she outright calls him at a bluff. However Nick takes to strong ground and sets her in her place. Not too long after, Michelle's clothes are coming off and they're locked tight in a sixty nine position. Next Michelle hops on Nick and rides him in cowgirl. Then taking a brief oral interlude, she sucks him off before they finish up in missionary. The scene ends with a facial. This was a pretty decent scene, not a whole lot of outstanding excitement. Michelle gave a pretty good blow job, but I was really satisfied with her sex scene.

Scene 4: Kira Kener, Eric Masterson
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Doggie, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Nick and Michelle, the two detectives question Eric who plays a veterinarian with an odd affinity for animal sex, if he's seen a leopard cat recently. He plays dumb and diverts their attention. Little do they know that the culprit is actually there. Well Eric then patches up a slight cut Kira endured, removes the gangly clothes she's wearing. Eric then goes down on Kira, followed by Kira sucking him off. Next they engage in straight sex via doggie and missionary. The scene ends with Eric unloading on her stomach. This was a fairly good scene with Kira giving a fantastic blow job, but the sex was pretty limited and short.

Scene 5: Kira Kener, Nick Manning
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
With the murder caught and the case now closed, Nick sits in solitude with the murderer, Kira. Unable to contain himself he locks himself in the room and strips down. While she's just been shot and murdered a few people, Nick seems to think it's a good idea to take off her hand cuffs, kiss, and then have sex with her. Well just as said, he wakes up the sleeping beauty by kissing her, sucking on her breasts, and then going down on her. Then Nick gets his turn as Kira sucks him off in a fashion that only she can. After a very heart warming oral bit, the two engage in straight sex via missionary, doggie, and cowgirl. The scene ends with Nick unloading on her ass. This was a much better scene. The sex was fairly good with a very hot oral bit.

Concluding Words: I'm a big fan of Kira Kener and she's probably my favorite gal in the adult industry who sticks to the fairly clean and straight forward sex. However because of my total awe with her, I have quite high expectations. Especially her wonderful performance of Rack 'Em, a feature that made it onto the DVDTalk's Top Ten Adult DVDs of 2003. Well on that note I was slightly disappointed in this title. Being that the hottest scene in the feature should have been Kira's, but it turns out that Cherokee had a very great scene. While Kira's scenes tended to be better than good, but not flaming hot. Anyways it was still a pretty good feature in terms of the content. I did enjoy it, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed her other work like Rack 'Em. The story seems pretty hollow and stupid to me. Oddly another thing I enjoy from the Kira featured titles is seeing her dressed and then getting undressed. This fetish isn't really touched upon in this feature, as she's pretty much naked all the time. Anyways hot hot Cherokee scene, decent Michelle, and three better than average Kira scenes makes a worthy title to own. Fans of Kira, couples, and those just looking for some clean sex with a bad plot need apply.

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