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Teanna Kai's Perfect Pink

Studio: Baby Doll Pictures » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 2/25/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Rick Davis

Cast: Teanna Kai, Serena South, Jolean, Riley Roberts, Gina Ryder, Faith Grant, John West, Sergio, Brian Heston

Length: 2 Hours 1 Minute

Date of Production: November 5, 2003

Extras: Slide Show, Behind the Scenes at the end of the feature

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality for the majority of the feature seemed pretty good. However there were parts of the feature were the picture was slightly fuzzy with traces of a washed out picture. For the most part it did seem slightly grainy. This most likely won't affect your viewing pleasure. The audio was presented in 2-channel stereo and seemed to be fairly good. There were some points when the dialogue was difficult to hear, but that really isn't what you're after, now is it?

Body of Review: Well apparently Teanna Kai has been told that she has the perfect pink, uhh, southern region. Well I'm not quite sure about perfect, but it sure is nice! So there really isn't a point to this film, except to show off Teanna's perfect pink in three girl/girl scenes and supplement that action with three boy/girl scenes. Well if you like Teanna, why wouldn't you? Check it out. For those that don't know, this hot Asian chick only does girl/girl. The only boy/girl action I've seen from her was in Don Fernando's Asian Dolls 1 Uncut, where she took on some dude and Don. Very hot. Anyways here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Teanna Kai, Gina Ryder
Acts Included: Oral, Toys
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
This scene features two very lovely gals, both attractive in the face with great bodies and large racks. Anyways they open with a little dialogue, not really saying much though. We find the two girls completely in the buff on floating devices in a pool. Well the two girls get out of the pool and head off to the side. Once there they embrace, kiss, and suckle each other's breasts. Gina is the first to get pleasured, as the Teanna sticks her lovely face in Gina's muff. Teanna then gets her turn with the oral action. Next up a dildo/vibrator gets put into the mix. The action continues with the girls continuing to get each other off with fingers, mouths, and toys. Now the question here is, was that a hot scene? Hmm... I don't think I have to think about that! Yes it was. In my opinion one of the key factors to a good girl/girl scene are the actual girls. While that seems obvious there are two aspects here. One the girls are hot. Second they knew what they're doing. Both Teanna and Gina are hot and they are veterans in the girl/girl world. Needless to say it was very hot.

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Scene 2: Sabrina Snow
Acts Included: Oral, Titty Sex, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Sabrina wearing a tight shirt that reads "Mirror, mirror on the wall, make 'em big, make 'em crawl." In reference to the dude's that appear to see her? Anyways she has a bit of pointless dialogue, spreads her legs and shows off her "perfect pink." Then the point man John West appears and goes to town on her. After fingering and eating her out, she gives him the traditional pre-sex cursor, a blow job with a little titty sex. Then they get into straight sex via cowgirl. Next they take a brief oral interlude and move back into the action. The scene ends with a facial. This was a fairly decent see, the oral was fairly decent. Similarly the sex wasn't too outstanding.

Scene 3: Teanna Kai, Jolean
Acts Included: Oral, Toys, Strap-on Dildo
Positions: girl/girl, Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
This scene opens with Teanna and Jolean playing table tennis. They don't seem to be professionals. The camera shots reveal more than one upskirt shots. After a bit of messing around they kiss and move indoors. Once on a loveseat the two girls get each other's tops off and do some suckling. The real action kicks in with the two gals fingering and eating each other out. Then Teanna steps out of the room to get some toys, a vibrator and a strap-on dildo. Teanna puts on the strap-on and engages Jolean in straight sex. Meanwhile Jolean plays with the vibrator, sucking it and rubbing it against herself. So I really didn't like this scene. It opened fairly good with two hot looking gals. Jolean looked a bit too musclar for my tastes, while Teanna looked great. Anyways the moment that Teanna put that strap-on on, I lost all interest. If you've read my reviews I'm really not a big fan of that kind of girl/girl sex. Too much like she-male stuff, that's scares me.

Scene 4: Serena South
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Serena starts off with a little useless dialogue and reveals her perfect pink. Then she states that she's going to use it as she moves over to the couch. Magically Sergio shows up and they get naked. Sergio then takes a seat on the catch and let's Serena suck him off. Next he goes down on her. Then they engage in straight sex with more than one oral interludes. The scene ends with Serena receiving a facial. This was another fairly decent sex scene. It just really didn't appeal to me. Serena is a cute gal, but her bedroom skills just weren't off the wall. Better than some stuff I've scene, just not great.

Scene 5: Faith Grant
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Unlike the other gals she doesn't use the phrase perfect pink, but simply uses the regular slang of pussy. After a bit of trash talking and self pleasuring, Brian Heston shows up and gives her something to blow. Afterwards he fingers and eats her out. Next they engage in straight sex and include more than one oral interludes. The scene ends with Faith taking the facial. My first experience of this girl was in Slut Seeker, an experience that I didn't really care much for. However in this scene my opinion changed. She had quite the hot scene with a tremendously hot opening oral bit and some very heated sex to back it up!

Scene 6: Teanna Kai, Riley Roberts
Acts Included: Oral, Toys
Positions: girl/girl, Sixty nine
Condoms: No
Riley and Teanna, two delicious looking babes open their scene with a game of billards. Riley decides to go on the offensive and plays distraction and rubs Teanna's ass as she shots. It of course screws up her game. When Riley's turn is up Teanna does the same. This distraction deviates their attention from the game at hand, as they move on to another game. The girls get a bit naked and kiss, fondle, and suckle each other. Teanna's the first of the two girls to spread her legs as Riley tastes her perfect pink. Next Teanna does Riley, but midway through breaks out the dildo. The scene continues with girl/girl action with toys and concludes with the gals in a sixty nine position. The scene ends with the pair passionately kissing. This was a pretty heated scene, being that two attractive gals went at it.

Concluding Words: Well if you're looking for that perfect mix of boy/girl and girl/girl sex, you've come to the right place. For myself, I'm not a huge fan of that girl/girl stuff. In fact I don't like it. However there are those few occasional scenes that just get me going. It just happens that Teanna Kai is generally at the heart of those scenes. This feature housed two Teanna scenes that I really enjoyed, plus one more that I didn't get a kick out of. Though if the strap-on dildo doesn't bother you, it may be for you... Now as for the boy/girl scenes of this feature, for the most part they were decent, nothing special. However Faith Grant had her self a very hot scene indeed. Anyways with the mix of the lovely Teanna Kai, Gina Ryder, Riley Roberts, and Faith Grant, you can't go wrong. This was a pretty good title, I'm going to have to recommend it.

FYI. Jackie Moore is listed on the box credits, but isn't actually in the feature.

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