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Real Raylene, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 2/26/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

the Real Raylene

Genre: Compilation

Length: approx 1hr 30min

Extras: The standard Vivid set of extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One ["Artemesia" featuring Bobby Vitale]: Starts out with some heavy kissing between Raylene and Bobby. Cut to Raylene with her legs spread wide and Bobby licking in between 'em. Next up is some head expertly delivered by Ray. Before you know it, she's on her back getting some missionary [with a condom]. Cowgirl is up next [Raylene's thick ass makes this position a joy to watch]. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long as we cut to Raylene on her side getting some anal from behind. After some brief anal while Ray's lying on her stomach, Bobby shoots on her ass. This scene was edited. Badly. Not to mention that Raylene & Bobby's bodies had a red tint during the entire scene. I'm thinking this was a part of the movie since it didn't seem to be a camera malfunction nor was it a defect on the disc. Otherwise, this was a pretty good scene.

Scene Two ["Bad Wives 2" featuring April, Ryan Conner & Randy Spears]: Our scene takes place in a women's penitentiary. Raylene's asleep while April & Ryan begin playing with each other. Both girls are fairly attractive and have tight bodies. After much kissing and caressing, Ryan gets down to business by licking April who lets loose a loud moan. She's worried about waking the inmates. Ryan tells her not to worry and that she's "taken care of it." From there, April walks over to wake Raylene and to tell her to "come have some fun with us." Cut to Ray with her legs spread and Ryan eating her out. It turns out to be a brief snack, as Ryan lifts her head and opens her mouth up to reveal a forked tongue! This scares the hell out of Raylene, but Ryan moves up to kiss her. While she's doing this, we see a shot of a stiff dick being slid into Ray. Suddenly, Ryan morphs into Randy who continues pounding Raylene missionary style. Once he's done shooting on her chest, he turns back into Ryan as s/he moves up to kiss Raylene. She pushes Ryan/Randy away and runs to the cell door screaming for the guards. This is where the scene ends. There could've been more sex, but the sex that WAS there was hot.

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Scene Three ["Couchtails" featuring Ian Daniels & Mark Davis]: We begin this scene with Mark already giving Raylene some doggy [with a condom] while she's giving Ian some head. Ray is wearing a sexy body stocking that just enhances her natural curves and the thigh high boots she's wearing makes her even HOTTER. Next, she's on her back with her legs spread while still sucking on Ian. Mark rips open her stocking a bit so he can lick her properly. Since she's already on her back and has her legs spread, Ian figures "Why not?" and takes a turn with some missionary [wearing a condom, of course]. The next cut sees Raylene riding Mark while sucking on Ian again. She still has on those stockings. And this particular position combined with her tan and the stockings has just INCREASED the sexiness of her ass. I can't describe it. You have to see it for yourself. It doesn't last that long, since Mark rips them off of her while Ian's now smacking her in the face with his semi-limping dick. One position change later, and now Ian's doing her doggy while she damn near devours Mark. This scene ends with a double facial. At the risk of repeating myself, this scene was HOT. Through thick and limp, Raylene handled both guys like the pro she is. A pro with a nice ass wrapped in sexy stockings, that is

Scene Four ["Dangerous Intent" featuring Ian Daniels & Pat Myne]: As the scene fades in, Raylene is on her knees with Ian in her mouth and Pat licking and fingering her from behind. Eventually, he starts giving her some doggy [with a condom]. Ian gets a brief turn before another cut reveals Pat giving her some anal doggy. Ian looks very bored. I can't imagine why. I think Raylene on her knees giving him head would be enough to keep him entertained. Guess not. This scene ends with a dual shot to Raylene's chest. I was slightly disappointed in this scene. It had nothing to do with Raylene. It was the combination of a weak co-star and bad camera angles.

Scene Five ["Devian" featuring Chennin Blanc, Taylor Hayes, Billy Glide, Cheyne Collins & Evan Stone]: I have just seen the hottest scene on this disc. It begins with Raylene and Taylor going at each other with a fierceness while Chennin is taking on Billy, Cheyne & Evan. As Taylor and Raylene begin undressing each other, Chennin is giving Billy head while Evan is doing her some doggystyle [with a condom]. Back on the loveseat, Raylene is giving her tongue quite the workout as Chennin has started sucking both Billy and Cheyne. Next we see Raylene doing Taylor with a strap-on. HOT. Chennin is now on her back and a goggle wearing Billy is giving her some missionary [with a condom] while Taylor is riding Raylene. The guys switch up and now Cheyne is doing Chennin from behind. Raylene, on the other hand, has Taylor bent over and is doing her doggystyle. The scene ends with a dual shot to Chennin's chest and one to her stomach while Raylene and Taylor are licking off each other. This scene was VERY HOT. And this is coming from someone who isn't that interested in "Lesbian" porn.

Scene Six ["Hidden Desires" featuring April & Eva Vincent]: The scene starts with a fully clothed Raylene moving her hands over her body. A guy walks in talking about his "work". He then leads Raylene into a room where two attractive females, April and Eva, are going at each other. While watching April give Eva a pretty good licking, Raylene resumes her conversation about "hidden desires" with the guy and tells him that she wants to know "the truth". One flash of light later, and Raylene has now joined April and Eva on the floor. There's a double licking here, as Ray licks April while Eva's licking Ray. This goes on for quite sometime until Ray starts licking Eva and April begins licking Raylene. This scene ends rather abruptly. No post-coital moments here. It showed potential, but thanks to the abrupt cut, it left me wondering how long it actually was.

Scene Seven ["Mi Vida" featuring Bobby Vitale, Erik Everhard, Mr. Marcus & Tony Tedeschi]: Raylene, wearing a wife beater, is giving Mr. Marcus head while Bobby and Eric are stroking themselves and Tony's fingering Raylene from the back. It seems like he's trying to fit BOTH hands up there. Cut to Erik doing Raylene [with a condom] doggystyle. Next up is some brief missionary from Tony. Then Raylene gets a doubly penetrated by Bobby and Erik while Tony and Mr. Marcus watch from the sidelines. Mr. Marcus then steps in, replacing Bobby for the "anal" part of the DP. I think he might've been too much for her since we get another cut and now Tony's in there. The rotating DP takes up the majority of the scene until it ends with multiple shots to Raylene's chest. Save for the bad camerawork, which was too close at times, this wasn't a bad scene.

Scene Eight ["Sex And the Stranger" featuring Buck Adams]: Wow! Buck's still alive?!? Yep, It's true. In fact, he's on the bed right behind Ray, who's wearing as sexy white lingerie number with matching stockings and feathered boa. After doing away with the boa, he goes straight for her chest, licking and sucking her nipples. As Ray is taking off her lingerie, he moves down between her legs to give her a BRIEF licking [blink and you'll miss it]. They switch positions and Raylene starts giving Buck some head, until she rotates her body and turns it into a 69. Next up is some missionary [with a condom]. A couple minutes go by and now Raylene is bent over on her knees with her ass in the air. Buck immediately dives in for some doggy [i'm sure that must've been a tough proposition to refuse]. Unfortunately, we don't get to see too much nor does it last too long. Quickly afterwards, Buck is still behind her, but this time she's lying flat against the bed and he's doing her anally. The scene ends with Buck shooting on her ass. This was a fine scene, but towards the end the camerawork deteriorated.

Scene Nine ["Unconscious" featuring Dasha, Lola, Vince Vouyer & Erik Everhard]: Remember the way Lucy's bedroom was situated on "I Love Lucy"? With the twin beds side-by-side? Well, this is the exact same way. On one bed, we have Vince who's licking Dasha. On the other, is Erik who's getting head from Raylene while she's being licked by Lola. After a quick cut to Dasha sucking on Vince, we see Raylene bending over so Erik can do her doggystyle -- with a condom and some encouragement from Lola. At this point, Dasha begins riding Vince [with a condom]. Up next is Erik doing Lola missionary while Raylene is riding her tongue. One cut later and Dasha is now on her back getting a missionary fucking from Vince and giving Erik a blowjob while Raylene & Lola watch. This scene ends with Vince shooting on Dasha's stomach and Erik shooting on her face. Not a bad scene.

Scene Ten ["Where the Boys Aren't 19" featuring Alexa Taylor, Dyanna Lauren & Taylor Hayes]: After stripping off her dress, Alexa begins rubbing her body while walking over to Dyanna. On a couch nearby, Raylene is on her knees and her tongue is working Taylor over while Dyanna heads straight between Alexa's legs and begins licking until it turns into a 69. Taylor strips off Raylene's jeans and begins fingering her while Dyanna is bent over getting licked by Alexa. After Taylor stands up and strips off her dress, she bends over so Raylene can finger her. And while Raylene is fingering Taylor, Alexa is fingering Dyanna who's fingering Raylene. Got that? The scene abruptly ends while Alexa is licking Taylor and Raylene fingers Dyanna.

Bonus Room:

Scene One ["Where the Boys Aren't 14" featuring Briana Banks, Dasha, Chelsea Sinclaire, Cheyenne Silver, Dayton, Kira Kener & Taylor Hayes]

Scene Two ["Where the Boys Aren't 15" featuring Briana Banks, Dasha, Chelsea Sinclaire, Cheyenne Silver, Dayton, Kira Kener & Taylor Hayes]

Scene Three ["Zoom" featuring Mark Davis]

Behind the Scenes of "Where the Boys Aren't 15"

Summary: This was a hard disc to get through. And I don't mean that in a negative way. Throughout these ten scenes, Raylene most DEFINITELY brought the heat. She's one of the finest Latinas performing in the porn industry and this disc demonstrates why. If there's one negative aspect about her, it would have to be the moaning. At times, it's very abrasive and annoying. Fortunately, the heat she generates softens the annoyance.

This disc definitely gets a Highly Recommended..

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