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Video Games and Blow Jobs

 I'm a sore loser when it comes to losing games and I'm sure it doesn't help that I am a very competitive person (as most of my friends and family well know). I used to cheat when I was younger even at Monopoly just to win and sometimes then it would backfire on me. Now that they have the new game of Monopoly with the credit card it makes it a lot easier, but I'd rather try & beat them on my own now, though when I played the other day I still got my ass handed to me. Instead of the properties like "Boardwalk" they have "The French Quarter, New Orleans", "The White House", "Madison Square Garden", "Disney World". I'm sure you start to catch my drift. Well, the person got hotels on the MAJOR properties and the rent was $12 million. Oh, I forgot to mention that instead you start off with $15 million and it's dealt in large numbers instead of the measly $500,000 that the old game had.  I tried to persuade my way on paying half of the rent with sexual favors but alas it did not work due to me already giving them sexual favors earlier that day for FREE!.. What a crock. I should've waited and used it as leverage..Silly me didn't think about that. I guess the old saying "Giving the Milk For Free" really does mean something in certain instances.
Now, I've come across the newly released game "Soul Calibur IV".  I was playing it all last night and tonight before I head out to Los Angeles to shoot for Holly Randall.  
Well, while I was taking turns beating the levels with a guy. I was actually quite horny because we've had people in from out of town so I haven't been getting my necessary sex at least 3 times a day..yes it's like meals. Whether it's a quickie or  long, vigorous, rough sex, I'm happy no matter what as long as I'm getting it or I tend to get quite bitchy. I've been fiending for sex quite a lot lately due to me being such a little sex addict and nymphomaniac that I am...And yes there is a difference between the two. The house guests had ended up running to go get us food and while we were preoccupied with the game and not realizing that that was my opportunity to have sex, I had come to the conclusion since I had already fucked with that idea that I might as well give my boyfriend, Josh a blowjob. I mean those are quick and easy, well, they can be quick if the person is paying a little bit of attention because if they are completely in another world it may take a little longer depending on how powerful their mind is and depending on how good you are at it. I've given blowjobs in lots of different scenarios, but never like this. So, let's just say that was a first for me and I was very pleased to give it a go. Just like I've never gotten to fuck in an alley, or on a stairwell in a parking garage. Let's just say that this guy had no problem when I started undoing his belt to go down on him.  He was quite distracted that I'm sure he might have lost a few matches here and there while playing "Soul Calibur". But the end result was great, right when he was finishing the match on the videogame and "KO"ed the guy, he finished simultaneously by blowing his cum down the back of my throat. Now that's what I call a trophy for a job well done for both of us. It was just enough of sex to satisfy me until I get to Los Angeles tomorrow when I can get fucked the proper way that I usually do by this guy. Until then...wish me luck with my horny self sitting for 5 hours on a plane to Los Angeles.

I never knew that playing videogames could be so arousing and that giving blowjobs during them would be as entertaining as playing the actual game. Revelations are made each day by me, that opens my eyes. 

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