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Washing my hands with Sasha Grey

Today I had to do a photoshoot for the cover of Vivid's remake of the classic porno Deep Throat that was directed by Paul Thomas. The girl for the cover was Sasha Grey. I have been directing so much lately that I haven't been able to do many still shoots, so I was looking forward to doing something different. Sasha is one sexy fucking girl. I have never seen one of her movies yet, but I hear her sex scenes are really over the top. She showed up exactly on time, which I love, because for some reason it really bothers me when people are late. I wish it didn't bug me so much, because in porno almost nobody shows up on time(especially Mr. Marcus). She was in make up for about an hour and then we did a couple of test shots and had lunch. I am really germaphobic to the point were I wash my hand about 500 times a day and that just the beginning. At lunch I found out that Sasha is also pretty germaphobic, because she was telling me some pretty disgusting stories that made me feel sick. She also washes her hands constantly and always carries hand sanitizer with her everywhere she goes. If everyone would just stop shaking hands and start washing them we would all live a lot better and it would save us millions on health care. Ok, enough about germs, I could go on for pages and pages. Lets me get back to how sexy this girl is. She was a pleasure to shoot, she took my direction and gave me everything I wanted. I found her even more sexy while she was just walking around the studio in her tiny bra and panties. There was one point were she was on her phone in the kitchen leaning against the counter and her ass cheeks looked so fuckin good I really wanted to just stick her head in the sink and fuck the shit out of her, but I always act professional, so I just yelled at my assistant for no reason instead. sometimes it drives me crazy shooting and directing nude girls and watching them fuck everyday. I try to use my frustration when Im shooting tease scene's in my movies and I think it works pretty well. Sasha was fun to shoot and the box cover came out great, so keep an eye out for it. I have to get home and walk my dog now so here are some pictures from today.

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