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Tricia's Thoughts

Tricia Devereaux

Tricia Devereaux

XBiz Summer Forum (excellent) and my daughter's burn (not so excellent)

Evil Angel Cash is the affiliate program for Evil Angel. It's been in existence for awhile now, but this year we had a big relaunch of the affiliate program and of the paysites, and so during the summer internet shows, we're making a point of doing as much branding, networking and business as possible.

The first major show that we were a sponsor at was the XBiz Summer Forum in Las Vegas in July. The most fun sponsorship with the most exposure at the summer Webmaster events is the pool sponsorship. Here are some pics:
Evil Angel Cash banner by the bar at the pool. Like our new slogan?
Life's too short for soft porn

Our awesome Evil Angel Cash banner at the bottom of the Hard Rock pool. We had ordered Evil Angel Cash beach balls, but the order got SERIOUSLY screwed up, so I made the company that messed up ship us black and red beach balls for free overnight so I at least had a color scheme in the pool.

John with Kelly and Tiffany, who were dancers in his Las Vegas show, Fashionistas.

John also spoke before the legal panel on obscenity, and then participated in the Q&A at the end. Here's the article on XBiz.com.

Allan Gelbard, John Stagliano, Louis Sirkin

Later on Friday, Evil Angel Cash was going to be playing pool volleyball in a tournament. I wasn't on the team, because me on a volleyball team is going to do nothing BUT help the OTHER team. So it was Kristin, John D, Nick and John S. I kept hearing the DJ say "Team Evil Angel to the stage." I couldn't imagine why he wasn't calling them to the pool, but I wandered over to the stage. I see a huge table with Bud Light in the middle of the stage, and John S, John D, Nick and another chick up there with a bunch of guys. I realize it's the beer drinking contest that Penny Flame had been talking about, and she's up there to cheer on her team. I ran up and told John "No... I'm a MUCH better drinker than you. Switch places with me." Turns out that we were short a person anyway, so I joined the beer pong team.

The girl that I didn't know was up first on the Evil Angel team before me. When the whistle blew, she started sipping her beer. I'm using the PERFECT word when I say 'sipping'. Nick and I started yelling at her to chug it. I had the worst urge to grab her cup and shove the thing down her throat. LOL  By the time she finished, Team Flame was on their third person. I chugged, but we still lost because their team was comprised of life-long drinking partiers. OH well. Next year, we'll beat you, Team Flame.

In better athletic competition, Evil Angel beat Kink.com in pool volleyball. You can see a bit about it at BehindKink.com.

Penny Flame was walking around the pool area doing web video coverage (I think for Brazzers). She interviewed John for quite awhile. Penny is seriously hilarious, and earlier in the day, one of my friends in Vegas said that if Penny was ever interested, he could get her into a comedy night at the Riviera or Tropicana.

The business at the show was really good for us at Evil Angel Cash. We made a lot of contacts, re-connected with people we were already doing business with, and definitely got our name out there in a HUGE way.  Thanks to everyone at XBiz for all the amazing help. You guys are so awesome to work with. Moe and Kristen - we appreciated all of your hard work.

On a personal level, I enjoyed seeing friends like Moxxie Maddron, Joanna Angel and Monstar. Webmaster events always have sponsored happy hours, which is a big plus for a French-Irish chick like me who can drink with the most hardcore drinkers.

Thursday night was the Player's Ball at Planet Hollywood. John and I ducked out for a minute with a friend to go hang out at John's club Krave next door. When we got back to the Hard Rock later on, I received a wonderful proposition to get tied up by a very hot guy. I may or may not blog about that later.  ;)

Oh, and on Friday morning, John was doing this interview for the Las Vegas Weekly with Richard Abowitz. It was a wonderful interview that lasted approxiimately 45 minutes. Richard had some great questions that showed a lot of thought and insight. Unfortunately, the final edit of the video is a very superficial cut that doesn't begin to get into the issues that Richard brought up.

During the interview, I received a call from my assistant Sarah Doom. Sarah was bringing my daughter to Burbank Airport so my daughter could be in Las Vegas with John and I. That night we were going to see the Sirens show (the pirate ship show) at Treasure Island and then see La Reve at the Wynn.

I was expecting to hear Sarah tell me that my daughter was getting ready to get on the plane, but instead I heard my daughter screaming in the background. Sarah was (fairly) calmly telling me that my daughter had spilled really burning hot chocolate on her legs and that everything would be ok, but that first aid was going to look at it and she'd call me back.

I didn't want to interrupt John's interview because it was going so well, and besides, there was nothing we could do from Vegas except wait for the next phone call. The next phone call came 15 minutes later. "Kare, first aid paramedics say it looks like second degree burns and we have to take Belle to the hospital. We're in the ambulance right now." My daughter sobbed into the phone as I spoke to her. She said she just wanted me to be there with her, and it broke my heart. I spoke to Sarah again, and asked her if I should get on a plane back to Burbank. She said she didn't know, but would call me as soon as the doctors gave an update. So I talked to Belle again and told her that no matter what I was going to see her in a couple of hours. If she couldn't still make it to Vegas, I'd get on a plane to come back to Los Angeles, and daddy would drive the car back.

Within an hour, a nurse at the hospital called to tell me that my daughter could fly, but that when the Tylenol w/Codeine wore off, she'd probably be in pain. She made sure that I understood the aftercare instructions and assured me that I could call back with questions if I had more once I saw my daughter.

Back at Burbank Airport again, Sarah sent me this pic by text. I talked to my daughter, who sounded quite sedated by the Codeine (poor thing) and told me "mommy, I feel MUCH better".

We went to see the Sirens show (which ended up being cancelled at the last minute due to wind), but as the pain medication wore off, my daughter's legs were in so much pain that we had to carry her through Treasure Island.

We also carried her across the street to the Wynn to see La Reve. The blond lead dancer in John's Fashionistas Vegas show is the current lead in La Reve (the girl in the red dress), and she was fantastic. I was surprised to hear that despite the amount of time she spends in the water in the show, they never asked Marceea once during the audition process if she could swim or even if she was afraid of water.

The next day, we went to Rainforest Cafe to eat, but my daughter was tired and hurting, so we left Vegas early instead of going to someplace like Circus Circus.

Since then, her burn has gotten much better, and most likely won't scar, and she only missed 2 1/2 weeks of swimming during the summer. The doctor visits were very traumatic and painful for her during the first week, and it was heartbreaking when they had to hold her hands down to get her to let them change the bandages.

I'm going to post the pictures of her burn, so if you get queasy or squeamish easily, don't scroll down.











3 days after the burn:

8 days after the burn:

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