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Welcome to America. Please spread your legs.

       Today I shot a beautiful Japanese girls very first porno scene for Brand New Faces. She hardly spoke any English , which I though was going to suck, since I do about a fifteen minute interview with every girl. Every-time I would say something to her she would bow and thank me. When I shoot these first time scene's I try to let the girl be herself and capture the best parts on camera. So I took her into the make-up room and started the interview. Here's what I learned today from this cute Japanese girl.

1. They do not shave their pussy's in Japan. 

This girl did shave, but she wasn't really sure how(see photo). When she asked me if I can show her how to shave her pussy like a porn star in her cute accent, I wanted to instantly fuck her. I told her she probably couldn't go wrong with a patch on top and smooth on the bottom.

2. In Japan woman do not masturbate. She said you are not considered a lady if you do. I asked her to masturbate for me on camera and she was so embarrassed and couldn't stop laughing. I gave her a pocket rocket when she left and told her to practice.

3.Japanese people really love Karaoke. Out of everything we talked about she was the most passionate discussing Karaoke. I had her sing some songs while she was naked. She actually sang really good.

       Not only was this her first scene, but it was the first time she had been with someone other than a Japanese guy. The sex was great and she sounded so fucking cute when she talked dirty and moaned. At the end she asked me how I thought she did, and when I told her how much I liked it she was thrilled. She was smiling, bowing, and thanking me over and over again. When she was leaving I started to think about how strange it must of been for her to fly from Japan to LA , have sex with a stranger on camera, and not really understand what anyone was saying. She is a pretty determined twenty-one year old. You learn something new everyday.

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