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When I started my writing career at a newspaper in my small hometown I got tagged with the title of "journalist" and that title gave me the creeps. Most likely I was freaked out by this title because the office I worked in had people coming and going after they found bigger and better paying jobs. Then there were the handful of lifers there.

 One guy/lifer was the quintessential child molester who  had a bad gray hair comb over and a complete slob. His shirt was always half tucked in like he was escaping from getting caught jerking off in the men's room, which in reality he probably was. Come to find out after I left that job he got busted down at the local gay park looking to get a blow job. He kept his job however.

There was this other lady/lifer who was Asian. She was balding and literally had newspapers from her ten-year career stacked on and under her desk. Rumor had it she was one of those pack rat ladies who only had pathways in her home because she saved everything. Come to find out, the rumors were true.

I didn't want to be a lifer at a newspaper in a small town and I didn't want to bounce around from newspaper to newspaper to become a "journalist." Those people have a bad rap and rightly so for some of them. I don't have the nerve to invade someone's privacy to get the next big story. That's not my thing.

I only took the writing job at the newspaper to get my foot in the door at a real writing job and learn more. I am more hands on, self taught rather than book taught. So I am not the best writer, but I think I can hold my own...just like masturbation.

So I parlayed a shitty small town newspaper job to become a publisher of my own indie music magazine (innocentwords.com) and my porn writing career. I freelance write like crazy to make ends meet and so far so good after ten years.

As much as I don't like to think of myself as a journalist, I try to my best ability to be professional. I am always on time for interviews and am always done with my interviews/reviews before deadline. I think it is just a courtesy for those who work for me and for those who I work for.

Over the five years I have been writing in the porn industry I can't even fathom how many performers and management companies who have promised me interviews only to flake out on me. Maybe it's me? I don't know, but when they give me a day, time and phone number to call and no one is there to do the interview I don't think it is me. That's just being unprofessional.

I am not a gossip writer ala Luke Ford or Cindi Loftus. I am just a writer having fun in an industry I have always loved, but I'd like to think I am professional at it.

I remember something very poignant Kylie Ireland once told me when I interviewed her about the changing industry. She told me (and I am paraphrasing here) that a lot of the girls coming into the industry now think everything is owed to them because they are going to be the "next big thing" and if they missed a call or a shoot or whatever, they didn't think it mattered.

I think Kylie is pretty dead on with that. For as much good that Stormy, Tera, etc has done for the industry by branching out in mainstream work I think it also brings in some bad. These girls coming in think it will all be handed to them on a silver platter, but it's not. They don't realize that Tera, Stormy, Kylie, and a handful of others had to kick and claw their way in the industry and it took them years to get where they are. Nothing in life, especially in porn is ever owed to anyone or handed over just because you have a pretty face and will fuck on camera.

This made me think that new girls coming into the industry should have to take a class, not a long class, but maybe like a 4-hour class and have people like Nina Hartley, Tricia Devereaux, Kylie Ireland and Belladonna talk about how the industry was in the 1980s-90s. Tell these kids, and some of them are still kids at 18-19-years old, what could happen to these girls. It is not all glitz and glamour. And maybe they could tell these girls to always be on time and return interview request.

Thanks for reading,

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