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Not So Innocent by Troy Michael of IWAdult.com

Wedding Bells and Bathroom Sex

I always considered weddings to be like funerals. Everyone is weeping and wearing their formal black attire. Then there is the bride and groom and we all know where that is headed.

This weekend I dreaded going to a friend of a friend's wedding, but I knew me and my friend would have some laughs because she is a great girl and we get along so well and besides, I didn't want her to go alone.

The car ride was long and lucky for everyone at the wedding we brought the rain with us. Much to our dismay, when we arrived we found out it is a CATHOLIC WEDDING! Immediate fear comes over us. A Catholic fucking wedding? This means Mass with a wedding attached or vice versa? Fuck, we are in it for the long haul. However the God's of wedding bliss must have heard me and my friends prayers when it was told to us there wouldn't be a Mass with the wedding. WOO HOO, I felt like dancing a jig right then and there.

Dancin' the Jig

But still it's a fucking wedding - an hour of fake smiles and handshakes occasionally with a kiss on the cheek. But I didn't know these people, I was just along for the ride to keep my friend some company because, and I really realized this on the way, she didn't really want to go. It was a family thing and she was being the good daughter. And amongst the stress and apprehension of it all, I felt bad for her, so I am glad I was there to lighten the mood a little bit.

We get there the night before the wedding and do some meet and greet with people I have never seen before in my life and most likely will never see again in my life. I am not a social person in large groups so I went with it and enjoyed it the best I could. I felt a little bit like a wedding crasher, even though I wasn't crashing anything and I never really saw that movie anyway so I guess that is a bad metaphor.

At the end of the night we went back to the hotel, watched some television and vegged out after a long day.

The morning came and this was the big day for one lucky or unlucky couple depending how you see it. And it was an early start for me and my friend, but it was more of one of those hurry up and wait situations. So at the hotel we were joined by some of her family and friends with people sitting around laughing and have a good time. My friend and I were innocently flirting as people came and went from the hotel suite until the flirting became something more.

My friend looked absolutely gorgeous in her nice dress, new shoes and her hair done up. She looked better than the bride in my opinion. And frankly the waiting game was getting boring for the both of us. We snuck off to the bathroom in the suite. She went first, then me and I pulled up her dress, pulled her panties aside and began fucking her without saying a word. I don't know what came over me or her for that matter, but it was the most intense sex I think I ever had. She watched me watching her in the mirror as I took her from behind.

We had to be quiet, which was tough because we both love the dirty talk and we both get pretty loud when we cum. That didn't detour us as we went at it and we could hear people outside the door. It got us both really hot thinking we could get caught at any minute. This made her cum really fast and it took everything she had to not to scream out.  Then someone called out for my friend and I had to be very very quiet (insert Elmer Fudd voice here) and my friend hollered back that she was in the bathroom.  We went back at it and she whispered dirty talk in my ear with her head bent back into mine and I couldn't hold on much longer. I came really hard and there was a lot of it. I think the fact that it was so dirty and we had to have it right then and their only enhanced our orgasms.

Then she looked out the bathroom door and the coast was clear. We both exited and checked each other out to make sure we looked presentable. We joined the rest to go to the wedding, which I am learning aren't so bad when you bring a long a friend.

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